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Napoleon Hill writes about the Sixth Sense back in 1937!

Napoleon Hill writes about the Sixth Sense back in 1937!

Napoleon Hill writes about the Sixth Sense back in 1937!

Chapter 14 – The Sixth Sense

“The SIXTH SENSE is that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination. It has also been referred to as the “receiving set” through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind. The “flashes” are sometimes called “hunches” or “inspirations.””


“Through the aid of the sixth sense, you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified of opportunities in time to embrace them.

There comes to your aid, and to do your bidding, with the development of the sixth sense, a “guardian angel” who will open to you at all times the door to the Temple of Wisdom.”


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Near Death, Explained by MARIO BEAUREGARD

Near Death, Explained by MARIO BEAUREGARD

Near death, explained 


New science is shedding light on what really happens during out-of-body experiences — with shocking results. 

By Mario Beauregard


For over 25 years I have been studying and researching Near Death Experiences due to my own personal OBE’s – Out of Body Experiences.

This article was brought to my attention this week and I found it intriguing. Although familiar with some of the points illustrated, there is some new information I was not aware of.

When I read a good thing, I always want to share it. 



***Please click the link to read the article on the original website on which it was posted. 







What Did You Do For Your Fellow Man?

What Did You Do For Your Fellow Man?

“What did you do for your fellow man?”

When I look at the news today and even observe people around me I realize to many people in this world only care about success, money and the illusion of fame or material things revolving around…self and self image. None of this is forever, none of this lasts. Our personalities are eternal, not our possessions. We are all here together, we all have challenges, issues, lessons to learn each and every day. None of us can accomplish “all” these things alone. Nor should we. We are all connected, here, now and even in afterlife.

So when do we accept this?

No pain is to great to suffer alone.

What touches you more – a person who does a good deed, or a group of people that gathered together and did a tremendous deed? These are all miracles, both great and small. Some heroic, some unnoticed. Still, they add up and are collective.

We were taught to “turn the other cheek” but now we do the opposite and even worse, we film it on our cell phones, we broadcast it across the world and we “like” it. We glorify the reactions, even entertain and Viralize the more negative the reaction for all to see. What does this do to our consciousness, and where does it settle in our subconscious? A good seed is replaced with a bad seed. A weed in our thoughts, in our reactions. My God, weeds are growing out of control.

Seth once said that the more we focus, glorify or share something, the more it becomes reality, character and who we manifest into.

What are we feeding each other, what are we feeding the world?

Jesus and others who have died for their spiritual beliefs have taught us what we should do. Yet, do we truly understand or accept it? How many more must live and die to teach us this? Our world is changing. Our hunger has changed.

There will be many blind to this, even those closest to you and yet, there will be those very aware, and even better, those that embrace “truth.”

Which one are you?

Every child, man, woman and animal, as well as every living breathing organism is apart of this same cycle. What is it that keeps it all moving? Keeps it alive.

It is more simple then we think……We all do.

Yet, some continue to choose…and move, in the wrong direction.

So what do we do? Be honest with self is a start, and even more honest towards others pain and sufferings.

Compassion and action are the two things we can do to keep the cycle of life going.

When we “stop” both of these, it will all fall apart.

Look at various aspects in the world today, and you will see the signs. The good things accomplished, as well as the bad.

So where should “you” focus? Well no one is perfect, none of us our. But we can start by first, forgiving self and then forgive others. Then replace it with compassion and action.

This is a “must” for the living…..and the dead (spirits).

For we have all heard the words…”HELP ME”
but what have we done about it?

The most important question in all existence will not be “Where did we come from?,” for it will truly be “What did you do for your fellow man?”

I promise you, with all of my heart and soul, that will be the simple straightforward question everyone one of us will have to respond to when our time comes.

Don’t live or die with guilt or regret, live with compassion and action.

-Chris Fleming 3/24/2105



“A man must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings.”

–from an interview in the New York Times, September 1952.

21 Traits of an Awakening Soul

21 Traits of an Awakening Soul


21 Traits of an Awakening Soul

originally written by Christina Sarich on 

I periodically come across articles that I find very interesting and I am certain you will find as well. 

Here is an article on how to expand ones conscious awareness and awaken your soul. Meaning, how you can get the most out of who you truly are.

This is posted on website. Since I haven’t asked for permission to post the material here. I am posting the link, so you can go directly to the website and read it in its original form and splendor. 


Costa Rica Spirit Box Session part 1

Costa Rica Spirit Box Session part 1

While traveling to Costa Rica Jan 29- Feb 4th, 2015 I did an impromptu Spirit Box Session the very first night. After traveling for almost 18 hours and enjoying a few hours parading around the city of San Jose, I headed back to the hotel, started to watch spanish TV and then jumped on the idea to do a spirit box session. Yes I brought everything with. Spirit box, evp recorder and video camera. 

I began my session with the full am/fm spirit box and my first test was at the AM setting, which I normally get great results on. This time, however  I was only getting white noise and some occasional low grade responses. They seemed more negative then anything. The speaker kept cutting off by itself, which I couldn’t figure out why. I tested the wire, took apart the battery compartment and nadda. Nothing different. You can see I continue to use the speaker with no problems throughout after switching from AM to FM. 

What I have learned with ITC in using the SB7 is if I don’t get any success on one frequency I switch to the other and go back and forth til I do. Normally,  I get responses right away, but for someone reason the AM responses were poor. Why is it that what works for us once, may not always work. Yet, what didn’t work for us before, now does. I can’t fully answer that, perhaps the location and frequencies act differently for spirit. 

While some may believe that spirits manipulate the frequencies to speak to us, I don’t follow that theory. I believe they project “thoughts” onto the carrier wave and don’t actually change or manipulate anything. Only quick bits of information can be projected due to the wave itself and or the amount of energy needed by them to project the thought, which is why we get only a few words or direct statements. A truck passes by and you throw your backpack up onto the truck. You stand still but the truck and your backpack keeps going. Did we change anything about the truck? No, we just added something to it. Various forms of energy in existence can carry many things. A boat going down a stream, you go with the current. So anything you throw into the stream will ride with the current. We did not change the current or water, we just added to it. To carry whatever it is we threw in. 


You may ask, well how to they know how to do that? Remember they have no physical body. Spirit, ghosts, or whatever you want to call them are pure energy. No physical body or form. Since they are energy and all thought. Mind, personality, consciousness. I am sure they know there surroundings and environment very well, and it doesn’t take much effort to do it. The limitations reside in our technology to receive the signals from their thought forms. You put your hand in water, you change the surface of the water, yet it is still water, it just moves differently. That is physical. But if we are talking pure energy, I would assume it blends and becomes one much more easier. Where your hand cannot become water, your thoughts with other energy can blend or mold into one. Such as the become part of a signal that is being sent. Mind you I am no engineer, but this is just a theory I have learned a long time ago when speaking with spirits via board communications and during my first tests of EVP many years ago in asking these questions. Spirits have communicated that it is easy to hear our thoughts and read our minds, because they are frequencies being sent throughout our brain but also which we don’t fully realize, into the EMF field as well. Into our environment. Something comprised of pure energy within our environment would obviously bump into that, cross paths with that or absorb that. 

Ever look at someone and they turn and catch you? How did they know? What did they feel? Your eyes staring at you or your thoughts? Think about that. Then take the brain out of the equation. Are we our brain or our thoughts? 


In switching to the FM, I received responses from the get go and they were very positive as well. In re-watching the video, mind you I know it is hard to make out some of them, and I must admit a couple I hear a few different words then I originally posted, such as “thats enough kids” I now hear as “thats enough Chris.” What do you think?

What is interesting is the speaker does not cut out anymore once I switched to FM frequency and there is a mix of DRVPs (direct radio voice responses) from the SB7 and even some EVPs recorded in the room. Which means, spirits were not only communicating from the area, but also from within the room. Spirit communication can be local and non-local. Thoughts travel and are projected. 

The unfortunate thing is when my roommate shows up and I have to end the session. The remark from the Spirit box when this happens is actually comical and I didn’t want to tell him what it actually said… because, well,  he is afraid of the supernatural and since this was day one of our trip, I didn’t want to freak him out. 😉 As you may recognize, by the remark,  the spirit was bummed that he showed up.

I will be posting part two where I perform an EVP and SB7 session on the beach late at night in Costa Rica. I am analyzing the audio and video this week. Until then enjoy, but please do not listen and make remarks on the EVPs and DRVPs “unless” you are using a high quality preferably noise canceling headphones or A grade speakers. Low quality speakers, audio from laptops and cell phones are terrible in pitch and do not properly playback ITC recordings. Anyone studying ITC research knows this. Audio output is so important. Plus we do know that regardless of how good the recording is, some people may or may not hear things differently. This becomes a psychological thing.

As I know, we could then debate who is correct and who is wrong when it becomes psychological? I plan on posting in the future on Apophenia and Pareidolia. 


-Chris Fleming 



The Bubble

The Bubble

 The Bubble by Chris Fleming

On Monday,  February 16, 2015 at approx 11:00 am I witnessed something, one might say, seemingly out of a fairy tale. 


I was on my computer, running an automatic cleanup software on my laptop and iMac. As I did this my attention was brought to a small bubble, yes a bubble that was floating in the air slowly over my desk around my laptop towards my computer and then towards me. It flew over my hand and mouse and seemed to hover, ever so briefly. I was transfixed, wondering where the heck this came from. At first I questioned was it lint, fur…no it was.. a foamy-bubble!  It sped up and ran right into my shirt and (as it seemed) disappeared. I then sat straight up and felt this overwhelming sensation of peace, calm and mindset correction. As if I, myself was wiped clean of all my thoughts for a brief moment. I felt whole, at peace, and in complete control, yet I have never felt for that brief moment so aware of my own self and sense of being. Sadly this didn’t last long, maybe 10 seconds give or take. 


I stopped what I was doing and relished in this moment. Then I began to ponder again. Was that a bubble or was that some dust that looked like a bubble? I patted my shirt, nothing. I lifted it up and shook it, nothing. Then all of a sudden I watched as this bubble came out of my chest (on its own) circled around my hand and arm and then flew very slowly up to the ceiling. I stood up in awe, dumbfounded. 


It was tiny,  half the size of your index nail on your finger. It was not clear, it had substance to it – like foam from a car wash. It seemed to be made up of that same white-slightly grey substance you see in vaporish mists, yet it was almost completely round or oval. It moved with no sound, quietly, smoothly but also sped up with purpose. 


I never saw it come back down from the ceiling. There are no drafts in my office, the heat is off at the moment. I tried rationalizing what it could be. But I had nothing. Nothing I could relate it to, except the videos I caught years ago with flying lights and orbs on night vision. Yeah I know, most of that is dust, but not all mind you. Was this something similar, but seen with my own eyes? 


So, I stood up and looked around the ceiling. I waited. Nothing came back down. I threw my hands in the air and nothing appeared. Where did it go? Up through the ceiling, through the wall, upstairs? I felt uncompelled to check. I was… in the moment of awe. 


What was it? Was it conscious thought? Was it my imagination because I was cleaning my computers? Hell no. I have seen enough in my life to know what is what.  It was clearly not my imagination. I stopped what I was doing. I watched it. I reacted. I sat up. I waved my arms. I felt an internal peace, a realignment of my own thoughts. Even if the sensation was for a brief moment, it got my attention. 


Was it a spirit? Was it? I am not quit sure. I feel it was, I felt this interest, this sense of becoming it had. A sense of love. As if it was making contact but also giving me something as well. 


The timing is interesting on this. 


Friday, February 13th I recorded an interview with Dr. Parisetti on consciousness of my podcast spirit talk. We spoke about our spirit, our mind existing outside of our bodies.  Late last night, February 15th I completed my video “Communicating with the dead Part 1 in Costa Rica” and posted it online. During the editing of that video I witnessed an elongated vaporish mist float across my bookcase towards the hallway out of my office. I jumped up in excitement after seeing that. Yelling, “I saw you, I saw you”…then for some funny reason I began dancing and singing a song of my own making, “I saw spirit, I saw spirit” and began clapping in the old gospel hymns of the old days. 


Were these encounters occurring because of my spiritual experiences I had a day before my trip to Costa Rica? (Jan 28-Feb4th) I have not spoken about this yet. The signs from the universe I continuously received during my trip.  I heavy feeling that I would not come back from Costa Rica. This terrible feeling something was going to happen on my trip and I would not return. It was so strong, that I even texted and told some friends about this. Yet, I felt I had to go anyway. I had to find out for sure, if it is truly written, then it must be done. Obviously, I made it back home, but what happened those first few days led up to a change in  my mindset, which set out to change my path on that trip. If these occurrences did not occur, my trip would have ended with a different story. You see the 2nd to  last night in Costa Rica something scary was happening. I was being followed. I could have reacted one of two ways. The choice I made, changed my future. It could have gone a different way, that would in fact fulfill the dread I had and most likely completed a different path in my life or the end of my life.  The choice was made. (I may write about what occurred in an upcoming blog).


Because of these changes, these “remarkable” things that have been occurring lately, It is with this I look back on the “flower of life” and the truth of the universe that as we (I) increase our (my) awareness, seek and expand our (my) consiousness the universe occasionally chimes in with the “you will find” letting us (me) know we (I) are (am) either on the right path “or” they are making contact lettings us (me) know they are not only listening in, but doing what they can to assist our (my) “spiritual” growth. The universal law of spirit, to grow and become one with the universe, the multiverse and all that is….is actually very simple, we (we all) become one in consciousness with the creator. It is our choice, if we do desire. 


When we are one, we are all seeing and all knowing. Collective in consciousness. We stay on this path, doors to many insights open up to us, over and over again. 


Some may say, “my god you just saw a bubble,  what is with all this spiritual stuff?” Some may see a bubble, but I say to you, the awareness becomes “where did it come from?, where did it go?” and it is a reminder that as small as it maybe, it is a fragmental reminder that we are all a part of the whole. You may stare at yourself in the mirror. Do you see “you” or do you see the billions of cells, nerves and the miraculous consciousness that runs and has created that body of yours? The universal power that has allowed you to manifest into it, for a life long experience? What do you see?


If I asked you have you ever looked into a child’s eyes? What would you say, what did you see? My life, my encounters and  my experiences have taught me to see the following……When I look in a child’s eyes, I see the very soul that occupies that space. I see the creator working through that child to show us love, trust, happiness, compassion, connection, and responsibility. 


If the child is sad, scared and gone through horrible circumstances, I say to you…what has our world done to this child? What have we allowed our world to do to the love, trust, happiness, compassion, connection and responsibility given to us with this soul by the creator himself. 


The gifts we are given and the gifts we give all have meaning. It is our choice to allow them to be for good or bad. 


Like the bubble,  it came from somewhere. It didn’t exist/originate on its own. It went somewhere, it didn’t cease to exist. Some may allow the bubble to float and continue its journey, while others may pop it and say “I have had enough.”


We are all an extension of the creator, we are all on a journey, but we are never truly alone. There are those higher up, that listen and embrace our thoughts. Want us to succeed in spiritual evolution and return to the creator. This world we have created tends to separate way to much regarding who we truly are. Diminishing our beliefs, holding us back from growth. Which is a shame. 

This journey, what occurred was only meant for me, but the message, well that is meant for us all.    It’s time for all of us to embrace and open our awareness to where we come from and where we are going. Not with skepticism, but with faith….belief, create our own bubble to carry us on our journey of truth, and guide us to reunite with who we truly are. 


-Chris Fleming

4 Alien Species Said to Already Be Here

4 Alien Species Said to Already Be Here


I may ramble, in a good way.

My entire life I have always been fascinated with the belief we are not alone in the universe nor have we we ever been.

Watching the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” at a tender age, I always wondered since I saw ghosts, how come I didn’t see aliens?

Well to answer that question, I should probably write a book because I can say back in 1999 my question was disturbingly answered. It never was “why didn’t I?” It became apparent it was more of, “why couldn’t I remember?”  Yeah, I have many things to share. 

But, sorry reader, I am not ready to let the cat out of the bag just yet. This is not something I am fully ready to discuss publicly, but I may open up about it at this years Phenomenology. I am still undecided. I do know, as life is fleeting and I am not getting any younger, I would rather share my experiences, then leave this realm without saying my peace and sharing my incredible story. What I do know is…we are NOT alone. never have been and our true origins as a human species are very unsettling. 

Knowledge is power, and those “in power” are keeping it from us. 

Time to change the channel.

Moving on, this brings me to the political and military officials that have been coming forward over the years with their stories and experiences regarding, UFOs and Aliens. Yes, since 1999 I have been paying close attention to others brave enough to come forward and share the truth. I salute them for their bravery and strength to withstand ridicule and the ignorance of our worlds critics. Science is not doing something about it, our people in power aren’t sharing the truth of our universe, so it is up to the few, the brave and the blessed. 

What I find fascinating is when we take a look at evolution. Why is it hard for many to realize that all other species on our planet may have originated or fully evolved somewhere else?  In the past,  some time,  in this or other ever expanding universes? Humans are not the only species to have evolved or have a human form consisting of arms, legs and intelligence. Far from it.  Entire creation and the multiverse is so vast, one should think “logically” that anything and everything “is” possible. 

Aliens… millions of people all over the world believe they have had first hand encounters and sightings as well as the vast data in different forms recorded throughout history, in all cultures and through all religions of such encounters. They can’t all be wrong, can they? (Ancient aliens)

Give Paul Hellyer, former canadian minister of defense some credit.

Watch this video interview and let me know what you think. The reporter could have prepared a little better with more specific and less ignorant remarks. She follows the standard ridiculous questioning of skepticism with the  “oh come on, you can’t be serious” attitude that does what it can to downplay her guest and the seriousness of his statements. He is just one of hundreds of highly trained, educated, military or political figures that has something world shattering to share, and nobody takes it seriously. Media always jokes about it. Once again humanity shows how far we have come on the evolutionary scale of, we are the center of the universe and no on can tell me otherwise. For once I would like to see the press take a serious look at this topic and show some respect to someone who has a highly respected background and comes from an area of government that obviously housed “many” dark-top secret…. secrets. 

Science still hasn’t figured out the brain entirely nor where consciousness comes from,  along with still not knowing what the hell is at the bottom of all our oceans but yet, we think we know that we are the only lifeforms out there in the universe?! That is not logic, that is ignorance. 

Paul briefly mentions Aliens that are called The Nordics, The Tall Whites, The Short Greys, Tall Greys and maybe even the Reptilians. NOTE: There are believed to be over 80 different alien species by various sources  that have been identified in one way or another. Meaning, the tally is not definite, there may be more. Yikes, blows the mind – doesn’t it?


Click link for article and video of the interview (please check it out) UPDATE as of today Feb 14 1:59pm the video on the link is now longer working- if it does not play for you- click on the link below from You Tube- it is presented there as well : 





Consciousness with No Detectable Brain?

Consciousness with No Detectable Brain?


The predominant view amongst neuroscientists is that human consciousness is a product of the electrical activity of the brain. They call it an “emergent property” of grey matter. The basic assumption there is that if you take approximately 100 billion nerve cells and you wire them together through a prodigious network of connection, consciousness somehow “emerges” spontaneously from that complexity. One neuron is not conscious, but 100 billion, taken together, are.

This materialist theory of consciousness is up against some formidable challenges, all happily ignored by the mainstream materialist neuroscientists. First and foremost, there is a fundamental logic obstacle known as the “explanatory gap”. In two words: Can a motorcycle fly? Obviously not. Can 100 billion of them fly? No, they still can’t. So then, how is it that an unconscious piece of matter – a nerve cell – becomes conscious if connected to other equally unconscious pieces of matter?

There are a lot more challenges to the mind = brain equation, and some are so huge, so self-evident that they should force a little reflection on the part of our materialist colleagues. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen much. With this post, I will tell you about one of these formidable challenges. More will come in future posts.

In April 2007, Science, possibly the most reputed scientific journal on the planet, came out with an interesting – to say the least – article. It tells about the remarkable research conducted at the University of Sheffield by neurology professor the late Dr. John Lorber.

“There’s a young student at this university,” says Lorber, “who has an IQ of 126, has gained a first-class honors degree in mathematics, and is socially completely normal. And yet the boy has virtually no brain.” The student’s physician at the university noticed that the youth had a slightly larger than normal head, and so referred him to Lorber, simply out of interest. “When we did a brain scan on him,” Lorber recalls, “we saw that instead of the normal 4.5-centimeter thickness of brain tissue between the ventricles and the cortical surface, there was just a thin layer of mantle measuring a millimeter or so. His cranium is filled mainly with cerebrospinal fluid.”

The student was suffering from hydrocephalus, the condition in which the cerebrospinal fluid, instead of circulating around the brain and entering the bloodstream, becomes dammed up inside.

Normally, the condition is fatal in the first months of childhood. Even where an individual survives he or she is usually seriously handicapped. Somehow, though, the Sheffield student had lived a perfectly normal life and went on to gain an honours degree in mathematics. This case is by no means as rare as it seems.

In 1970, a New Yorker died at the age of 35. He had left school with no academic achievements, but had worked at manual jobs such as building janitor, and was a popular figure in his neighbourhood. Tenants of the building where he worked described him as passing the days performing his routine chores, such as tending the boiler, and reading the tabloid newspapers. When an autopsy was performed to determine the cause of his premature death he, too, was found to have practically no brain at all. Professor Lorber has identified several hundred people who have very small cerebral hemispheres but who appear to be normal intelligent individuals. Some of them he describes as having ‘no detectable brain’, yet they have scored up to 120 on IQ tests.

No-one knows how people with ‘no detectable brain’ are able to function at all, let alone to graduate in mathematics. That is, if one assumes that mind function are solely the product of the physical brain…


-Dr. Piero Parisetti – Grief and Bereavement Counsellor

United Kingdom

( originally published in Dr Parisetti Newsletter – used with permission ) 



Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti Website:

Please check out and order his new Book:  Adventures in Psychical Research Exploration of Consciousness