By teaming with various paranormal investigators at the Darkness Radio Events, over the past seven years we’ve helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a number of deserving organizations. I’d especially like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the fans who have attended our Charity Auctions! One hundred percent of the money raised has gone to the causes listed below: 

Eastern State Penitentiary Restoration, Waverly Hills Sanatorium Restoration, Rolling Hills Asylum Restoration, Haven House for Battered Women, Shriners Children’s Hospital, Ginger’s Pet Rescue, Snoopy Soup Kitchen for Dogs, Nevada Humane Society, Second Harvest Heartland Food Shelves and the Anderson Animal Shelter.


PHOTO: Chris Fleming assisting Darkness Radio Host, David Schrader, during Charity Auctions.

Your Turn! Four Ways to Make a Difference Wherever You Live:   

Animal Shelters. From the sales of  Angel Line (Spirit Talk) T-shirts and Hoodies through our Ghost Outlet website and at events, we donate 25% of all proceeds to Tails Humane Society in DeKalb, IL. My family has been donating to this Animal Shelter for the past 10 years. If you are interested in donating money to an animal shelter, find one located in your town. Take time to personally visit the shelter you are considering supporting. See if the animals are well cared for. Make sure the organization or shelter you select is legitimate, and that the money goes to the animals and their care (when times are tough, some shelters  use donated money for themselves and not the animals).  If you’re not sure how to help, ask the shelter what they need. Many animals are on death row just because there are no funds to give them immediate medical attention. You can save a pets life by helping out and donating. Reach out to your network to pitch in, too. Also, many rescues will show you where the money goes and send pictures of the animal you help after it receives the necessary attention. You may even receive a pic of the new family that adopts the loving and grateful pet! Make sure to expose any scams, frauds or places that mistreat any animals. Your voice and theirs needs to be heard immediately! I also suggest personally delivering whatever money or supplies (blankets, food, etc) you are donating. (You’ll not only come away with a much better awareness of the needs, you might also come home with a new furry friend!)    

PHOTO: (L to R) Pat Steinbis, Tails Humane Society staff member Hilary, and Chris Fleming). Chris Fleming is giving Tails Humane Society a check for donation made possible from the sales of Angel Shirts in 2011.

The Homeless. I donate clothes to Pacific Gardens. You, too, can donate clothes to a local homeless shelter in your community. Before making a donation, contact the organization and ask what their needs are. You’ll find that many are in need of clothes, but they might need other things as well. It also helps to visit and see where and how your donations will be used, and most places will give you a tour if you ask. Do it! It is life changing! And heres something else you can do: The next time you see a homeless person on the street, don’t ignore him or her. The least you can do is be respectful by making eye contact and smiling. (You’d be surprised how many people are stingy with even that small courtesy!) Smiles are contagious. By giving one away, theres a good chance you’ll get one in return and inspiring a smile on someones face is a gift that goes a long, long way.  

Facebook Causes. Do you like to post on Facebook? You can make a difference in your community by letting your Facebook friends know about worthy causes or individual needs. Perhaps a family needs donations and assistance for medical expenses, or your local animal shelter needs help finding families to adopt pets. Always make sure to research any case or cause you personally help or promote to your friends, since some can be scams. Do a simple background check on their story. And if you post a need on Facebook for an individual or family, make sure you have their permission first.

Websites. Browse websites to get ideas for making a difference, as well as information on specific causes you can help. Causes is a popular platform I use to connect with organizations looking for help creating change and awareness. You can learn more about this platform by checking out their Facebook page. If you see posts regarding issues you are passionate about, feel free to share them with your own Facebook network. By sharing your beliefs with your social network, you can spark awareness and action that will help many causes. The more people who speak up and take action, the greater the impact and positive change!

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