Chris Fleming Bio

Chris Fleming Bio


Chris was born in 1967, the son of Patricia Fleming and Chicago Blackhawks’ hockey legend Reggie Fleming. Though he traveled extensively with his parents and sister during his father’s active years playing hockey, Chris spent most of his childhood in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. As early as he can remember, Chris Fleming was prone to experiencing extraordinary encounters in the form of ghosts and unexplained phenomena, from dark shadowy forms coming out of closets and dim corners, to glowing ghosts manifesting above grade school friends during sleepovers. As these experiences increased, Chris–fearfully at first–began studying the ghosts as they moved around the house and even interacted with him.  Soon he grew aware of how they used telepathy to hear his thoughts, and even project themselves from one side of the room to another almost instantly. He also learned quickly that his fears were never hidden from them. After several years of encounters, Chris befriended a spirit who introduced himself as Henry. This spirit would warn Chris about other ghosts and entities, as well as tell him things about the spirit world and universe.  Chris conversed with Henry on the Ouija board from 1975-1979 before Henry moved on, but one particular conversation stands out in Chris’s memory to this day: One afternoon Chris, who had recently seen the movie Close Encounters, asked Henry if there is life elsewhere in our solar system. Henry answered “Europa,” and when Chris asked what type of life is on Europa, the spirit responded, “Plant and bacteria.” Twenty years later, Chris was folding laundry and listening to CNN in the background when he heard something in the broadcast that caught his attention: a reporter was announcing that scientists now believe there may be plant or bacteria life on the sixth moon of Jupiter, a moon called Europa.   

He saw more than ghosts Growing up

Chris saw more than ghosts. Over time, he saw other entities that, to this day, he is still trying to comprehend. In addition to seeing angels and lights, on a few very remarkable and personal occasions he has felt a divine presence. He has also, however, encountered a variety of dark and negative forces. These demons and beings appeared in various forms, shapes and sizes, leaving Chris convinced at a young age that what we think we scientifically know and understand about our world is eclipsed by all that we don’t know or understand, but occasionally experience nonetheless. At age seven, Chris began experimenting with a reel-to-reel player, capturing his first electronic voice phenomena (EVP) in the form of the words “Touch is me.” Using light bulbs, curtains, plastic containers and the Ouija board, Chris would attempt to contact the spirits of the house, inviting them to respond through various means. Even when he was accompanied by adult witnesses, classmates and neighborhood kids, light bulbs would dim, turn off, and occasionally explode. Curtains would go from hanging still to swaying back and forth. Plants would sway and doors would open and close. Chris wanted the ghosts to prove to his friends—and to himself—that they were really in his house and capable of communicating. And all this before the age of ten! Chris was also plagued by various forms of extrasensory perception (ESP), including dreams that came true, conscious premonitions, high intuitions and empathetic feelings towards animals and people. As a child he often felt overwhelmed seeing what was really going on in peoples’ hearts and minds, as well as what would happen soon in their futures. Once, he prevented his sister from drowning after seeing it happen in a dream. Chris attended Beloit College, located on the Wisconsin/Illinois border, where he majored in fine arts with minors in psychology and in music. Following his graduation from college, Chris worked as a graphic designer for six years at a major newspaper and then for Advo Incorporated, at that time the number one direct mail company in the U.S.

Suddenly something grabbed his hand and ripped away the flashlight

In 1997, after designing marketing materials for a mortgage company in Chicago, Chris began working part time in the financial industry as a loan officer. And while his encounters with ghosts and entities seemed to wane, his interest in the spirit world did not. One night the staff had to work late and, after hearing everyone in the office tell a ghost story or two, Chris decided to use his design experience to document these stories and others in a magazine he called Unknown Magazine: Real Experiences of Unusual Phenomena and which he published himself from spring of 1997 to early 2001. During those years Chris got the chance to interview people from all over the world regarding their unusual and personal experiences with the paranormal and supernatural. His work began to attract national attention, and he was interviewed himself on hundreds of radio shows talking about ghosts, demons, angels, and prophecies. When he wasn’t busy writing loans or publishing his magazine, Chris investigated local haunts in Chicago such as The Red Lion Pub, Cuba Road, old homes that were supposed to be haunted, Resurrection Mary, Bachelors Grove (his favorite) and other cemeteries around the northwest suburbs. He remembers one particular encounter when he was working with local groups, including a local radio station with a very skeptical host. Chris remembers, “At around 2am, we were all walking down the long trail alongside Bachelors Grove, heading back to our cars, when suddenly our unbelieving radio host came running and screaming up from behind us. He yelled that he was walking with his flashlight swinging in his hand, thinking to himself there are no ghosts here, they don’t exist!  when suddenly something grabbed his hand and ripped away the flashlight, tossing it a good ten feet behind him. The thing that scared him was that no one was behind him. We had to walk back to retrieve the flashlight because he wanted nothing to do with it. Needless to say, I couldn’t stop laughing.” Even though Chris discontinued the magazine in 2001, he continued his website——which featured articles and updates of some of his investigations. In 2001 he told his then-girlfriend, “Even though I will miss the magazine, I have a feeling that, in the future, I’ll be doing this on TV with a dark-haired woman as my co-host.” Little did Chris know that in just two short years he would get a phone call that would make that a reality.

He had deleted her voicemail a month earlier

It wasn’t uncommon for Chris to be contacted by Hollywood producers looking for TV and movie ideas. He would give them a few ideas, then never hear back from them. Frustrated, he finally stopped paying attention to the calls.  That is, until August of 2003 when a producer from Two Four Productions out of the UK tracked Chris down at the mortgage company where he was working at the time. Chris remembers, “It was a call that changed my life. My receptionist rang my phone and said, ‘I have a call for you from someone named Charlotte from the UK. She says she’s been trying to reach you for two months.’” Remembering hearing that name in a voice mail he had ignored—and then deleted—over a month earlier, Chris took the call. After listening to what the woman had to say, he was skeptical. Then she emailed him a synopsis of the TV show her company wanted to produce, along with the reasons they wanted to cast him as the co-host. In her email she explained that they wanted to call the show Dead Famous, and pair Chris with a brunette female co-host.  Chris says, “When I read that, I jumped and said out loud in my office, ‘Oh my god, this is the premonition I had over two years ago!’” Still, Chris tried not to get his hopes up. Even when they arranged to fly him to London to meet with them, he told himself nothing would come of it, but at least it was a free trip! He says, “Within two weeks I was in London filming the pilot, and six weeks later we got commissioned for a TV series. It moved that fast. Before the first taping, the network recast Chris’s co-host, replacing the dark-haired woman Chris had identified in his premonition with Gail Porter, a blonde, and the show was launched. The impact on Chris, personally and professionally, was huge. At first I was scared and hesitant about going public with my beliefs and experiences. My family was also hesitant about me reliving my past, Chris explains. Many of my experiences had been so personal, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to share my story with the world. But after taping the first episode—and feeling what I felt during the séance with Marilyn Monroe—I realized the spirit world hadn’t left me as I’d assumed. That was the moment I fully embraced doing what I have always loved, convinced that in doing so I would find answers to many of the mysteries that have plagued me. And I haven’t looked back since.”

Dead Famous

Chris co-hosted the popular TV show Dead Famous for three years. In the process, he and Gail searched for celebrity ghosts across the United States, not only at grave sites, but also in some of the most reportedly haunted locations in the U.S.  He also had the opportunity to work alongside respected pioneers in the field such as parapsychologists Loyd Aurbach, Pamela Heath, and Barry Taft. Dead Famous was broadcast in over 20 countries, via the Bravo network in Canada, Living TV in the UK, and The Biography Channel in the U.S. and in such countries as Sweden, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Australia, and is still being aired internationally. During the shows three seasons (which included 78 episodes, two “Return” specials and three Live Episodes), Chris was able to capture thousands of EVPs, photos and video footage that he believes prove the existence of ghosts. In the process, Chris became more convinced than ever that he wasn’t meant to abandon the path on which he had embarked as a child. He knew, without a shadow of doubt, that he was in the right place doing exactly what he was meant to do: investigate and communicate with the spirit world. Chris’s passion, techniques and expertise continued to draw attention from other top paranormal investigators, and soon he was appearing on various TV shows illustrating his beliefs and skills in communicating with spirits.  

He heard his dead friend’s voice 

After Dead Famous, Chris made a guest appearance on Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters’ controversial “Manson Murders” episode during which he introduced his K-II meter and innovative methods of communicating with intelligent energy. Allowing spirit energy to communicate YES or NO by manipulating a device to create a form of Morse code was more than a breakthrough, it was a paradigm shift!  As the controversy settled and Chris’s techniques were tested more seriously, they became pivotal in changing how investigating is done with electromagnetic (EMF) devices and electronic equipment. Chris achieved similar results with a temperature gauge. By asking a spirit for a specific temperature, Chris was able to facilitate dramatic drops in temperature as registered on the temperature gauge, with no change in actual room temperature. This new method of communication, which Chris named “The Direct Response Method,” brought EMF to the attention of engineers, scientists, and laymen, who then created the next generation of devices to specifically allow intelligent conscious energy (which Chris believes are souls and spirits) to communicate and respond to modern devices. Fascinated with EVP and instrumental trans-communication (ITC), Chris, partnering with GP Entertainment, in 2007 began touring colleges and universities, speaking about the phenomena along with sharing some of his personal experiences with ghosts.  That same year, he added ghost hunting equipment products and advice to his Unknown Magazine website in response to a landslide of requests. When Chris appeared on the Travel Channels’ Ghost Adventures Live, he introduced yet another groundbreaking device, the SB7 Spirit Box, which he co-developed and tested with Gary Galka from Pro-Measure. Explaining how the SB7 came about, Chris says, “Fascinated by my experience with the Franks Box, I began researching and experimenting with the Radio Shack hack boxes. This form of one-on-one ITC was new to me, but I gained interest quickly after hearing a dead friend’s voice speak to me through it at the Stanley Hotel. My friend had a very distinct voice, and the moment I heard it I knew this was for real and I had to experiment more. I wasn’t happy with the size of some of these ghost boxes and wanted something that offered more control over the speeds and sweeps. That’s when fate brought Gary Galka across my path. Since we were both looking for something to replace the Radio Shack box, we put our heads together and the SB7 was born. I am very grateful to be a part of this advancement in ITC technology and research.” Chris had certainly come a long way from his childhood experiments using reel-to-reel players, light bulbs, curtains and plastic containers!

No more fear

Following his appearance on Ghost Adventures, Chris landed the role of co-host on Psychic Kids after A&E producers heard about his fascinating childhood background. For two seasons and five episodes, Chris had the opportunity to meet and work with amazingly gifted kids and their families, supporting their quest to understand and develop their psychic abilities, learn to believe in themselves, and grow up in a safe environment supported by family and friends. “This was the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Chris says. “As a child, I had no support or direction. I’m grateful to have contributed in even a small way to the development and support of these kids during a time in their lives when it’s imperative they have a good understanding of their ESP abilities and of ghosts, so their development isn’t hindered by shame, fear or ridicule.” Chris has also performed investigations during guest appearances on Animal Planet’s The Haunted in New Orleans, and Zak Bagans’ Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel. He left the mortgage business in 2010 and today devotes 100% of his time to the paranormal field.

Here’s what he’s been up to:

  • He created and co-executive-produced a one-hour show for Animal Planet with Picture Shack Entertainment called Raising the Dead back in 2011, for which he traveled to Jamaica to learn the practices of Obeah and Myal. This never aired. 
  • Chris has a monthly podcast titled Spirit Talk available on iTunes and Planet Paranormal. Going on 10 years strong!
  • He has recently begun writing a series of books about his experiences within the spirit world. His first is about his father and the last five years they spent together before his father’s passing.
  • Chris continues to travel the country as a professional lecturer, speaking at colleges across the country and collaborating with various ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. He continues studying the unknown and researching new ways to communicate with the other side.
  • Chris has been occasionally offering workshops in learning how to recognize and utilize ESP Extra Sensory Perception. 
  • Whenever he can, Chris lends an ear to those who have had their own traumatic paranormal experiences, working on various cases that are sent to him. Whether through compassionate discussions or sensitive and awareness readings, Chris does his best to help individuals understand the paranormal activities going on around them.
  • Chris does work with therapists, demonologists and priests on a case to case basis regarding hauntings, possessions and attachments. As a channeler and medium he is capable of communicating with the entity or demon and through a form of spiritual counseling works on understanding and getting to the bottom of why the haunting, possession or attachment has occurred. He does prefer to have direct contact and a meeting beforehand with any clergy and or psychiatrist/therapist that is involved to obtain their approval and better understanding of all parties involved. Any mental disorders or health issues must be addressed beforehand. Once they come to an agreement on what is best needed for the individual or family he will assist and work alongside them to institute removal, deliverance or a cure for the individual or family being plagued if there are in fact spiritual issues going on. (UPDATE 4/2016: Chris is taking some time off from cases to work on his book and focus on his health.)
Kids used to ask, “What are you?”
So what does Chris call himself? Is he a psychic? Is he a medium? Does he have a sixth sense or simply highly sensitive intuition? Chris says he prefers the term “sensitive and medium over “psychic.” Sensitives, he explains, are simply more aware of energy fields, as well as human and non-human presences. Chris is also very in touch with place memory, and is highly empathetic towards emotions of people, both living and dead, sometimes sensing danger or impending doom. Sometimes he receives images of people and events in their past, present or, in rare instances, their future. He says he also considers himself a medium, since spirit contact does occur. “But first and foremost, I will always be a paranormal investigator and researcher who will always do my darnedest to contribute to this field with evidence, data and theories. When Chris was growing up, other kids used to ask him, “What are you?” and he would smile and say simply, Chris. “Everyone has an element of ESP ability, he explains. The real questions are why do we have this ability, and how much can we absorb? And that, he says, is what I am still trying to figure out.” 
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15 thoughts on “Chris Fleming Bio

  1. His childhood sounds very similar to mine except I had to hide my “gifts” from my family or I would get punished. I learned young that most people, including people who say that they believe in the Holy Spirit, are terrified of the spirit world and strike out in fear if I asked certain questions. My beloved grandparents on my mother’s side and my dearest great-aunt, were my only support and accepted, and tried to teach me. Now being a mother, I have tried to give both my “gifted” offspring all the acceptance I never had, much to the distress of my husband. Thank-you Chris for bringing these things out into the open, and for working with those kids and their parents on “Psychic Kids”. I have struggled to find the best info to teach my kids with, but I haven’t found a lot of help out there or like people to talk with.

  2. I’m an undeveloped medium and also have a variety of psychic experiences during my life. It’s not that hard to believe in life after death. We are spirits with bodies for now. Later, well be spirits without bodies.

    1. I am old, paranoid,nut who believes Christ is the Son of God. If the government was out for controlling everything? They have slowly
      Taken their the the last 60
      year so we haven’t been too
      noticeable..conspicuous for
      bad control anyway.

  3. Hi Cristorpher
    I am growing,walking,old,
    Paranoid character that
    Believes is a God. So;
    after analysis of my thoughts, I wonder about a
    Government, which is not
    in control.. trying to duplicate this phenomenon.
    This causes confusion.

  4. I also had many psychic experiences as a child, but living in the deep south with a super duper Baptist family….I couldn’t tell anyone or even ask questions. My mother died of cancer when I was nine and she started coming to me in dreams within a couple of days after we buried her. Then when I would come home from school, I could feel her there in our house, watching over me. That opened up a lot and I started having psychic premonitions and well, it’s been interesting.

  5. Thank you Chris, for being so open about the gifts that you have been blessed with! It has given me comfort knowing that there are others like me of this world. I have always looked at myself as being cursed with uncontrollable feelings or realistic dreams that more often than not came to pass. just knowing and being able to finally listen has been a blessing. I have unknowingly helped so meny people in my life, but it was not until recently that I Truly believed in my gifts. THANK YOU! I continue to grow spiritually, but now I’ll do it unafraid.

  6. Hello…

    I’m a wife and mother living in NJ.
    I was born and weighed 2 pounds …that sure beat the odds and being 3 months early. I then was 2 and took a whole bottle of aspirin and again, beat the odds of an over dose.

    But…The recent story I’d like to tell is about beating the odds of being homeless and I discovered a whole new world!

    Please have an open mind here….

    We were living in Roosevelt, NJ
    My husband had lost his job . We faced being homeless. I’m disabled because of rheumatoid arthritis , mallet toes and edema in my feet. I’m not really able to walk. , or work. I’ve always believed in tarot , dreams and the spirit world but when my mother died.., I had a very real dream visit. My kids would see a man on my lawn several times. When I was with my husband for 3 years ..I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. The baby would of been about 30 at this time. Like I said …we were normal people and living in a condemned house of a slum lord. A perfect house to be haunted.., let me tell you. We would play Scrabble and I had sewn a black pouch /bag to hold the letters in. My husband went to get us food and I was alone. The first words to pull out of the bag was, ” Your fault. Hit me Mother” now…., I was very, very shocked because when I was having the miscarriage , I was alone and hit my stomach because of frustration , hurt, pain anger name it ..I was losing my first child. I pulled more and more letters out and found out that (TJ) my miscarried son was raised by my father in law that died when My husband was only 3 . I never met the man but he’s one of my special spirits now. TJ and I continued to do psychic medium readings and even solved a murder mystery! The spirits that I talk to now are My father in law , TIM Herlihy. My sister Wanda La Rosa, brother John La Rosa , My Uncle Tony, His daughter Toni Lynne and her son Jim, and My grandparents Paul and Marietta. yes..I have a lot of them,,right here in my living room. I like to learn about their world and I live them love in exchange for their energy.
    I know this sounds off the wall..and I’ve been called crazy and nuts. I’d like a chance to show you and prove to the world that this is real . I wouldn’t mind 1 camera and 1 camera person because I need to focus .

    Thank you,
    Suzanne Herlihy
    psychic medium

  7. I have no doubt that Chris is the real deal. I hope he continues to teach others about the paranormal and help those in need. A word of advice to you, Chris if you read this, please steer clear of Bobby Mackys. No good can come from anyone going there. Other people would be well advised to leave sleeping dragons lie. Your fellow psychic, Esther.

  8. Thanks Chris for sharing your story! Ironically your life and my life are quite similar. I’ve lived the Paranormal life since I was 2 1/2 years old. Like you I see and hear spirits. I feel their emotions, their sadness. I share in their joys and memories as well. Thank You for being who you are and not being afraid to share it with everyone else. I hope I get to meet you in the future. Thanks for being a bright light in the world. We definitely need as many brights as we can get. Hugs!

  9. I think I saw my father-in-law in mine and my husband’s bedroom a few days after he passed. I also had a couple of strange things happen with some electronic devices.

    I have tried to communicate again with him but have yet to get a response. He passed very suddenly and I would like to know if he’s still around visiting his two granddaughters, or if he’s moved on.

  10. HI Chris
    as a child i often would see the passing image of a old women around the grounds of the home i grew up in. As an Adult i sometimes see a shadow out of the corner of my eye moving in the next room but I have never felt Frightened of either of them
    Is this a connection i am making ?

  11. do you ever go to Wisconsin, to have people come and see you and talk to you, l liked see you on T.V on the paranormal programs

  12. I would love to be able to help the deceased find there way to our Lord. Do we all have that ability? If so how do we use it? Can you help me? My husband and I love the paranormal. The one time at my parents house only my sister and I smelled cigar smoke does that me we have that ability?

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