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Where People Fear To Tread In Today’s World

Where People Fear To Tread In Today’s World


Where People Fear To Tread in Today’s World 


We live in a world where our leaders use “fear” to allow them to make decisions and control people.  These leaders place their people in the mindset of constant anxiety and the feeling that they need protection.  We have given up many of our freedoms for this “War on Terror” which can NEVER EVER be won.  Terror, which is a noun, is such a vague word, as it describes nothing specific and points in no particular direction. It can mean a multitude of different things. 


What are we really fighting for in this War on Terror?  The word TERROR is ongoing and purposely designed that way.  As long as fear and terror are created then the war will continue indefinitely.  During an interview, George Bush Jr. said that the War on Terror was never about Osama Bin Laden.  Well then what is the War on Terror really about?  During the days following the 9/11 attacks, we didn’t go after Osama Bin Laden, but rather we invaded Iraq and captured Saddam Hussein for alleged weapons of mass destruction.  These weapons of mass destruction were created by politics and the media, because as we all know, no actual weapons were ever found.  Why did the United States government wait so long to go after Osama Bin Laden?  Next the fear was caused by Al Qaeda, then Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, and now ISIS. 


 Are there really that many terrorists out there?  Is there truly an over abundance of angry leaders trying to kill people and conquer the world?  Is it possible that the stories that are being reported on the mainstream news are purposely created or embellished to create a state of fear?  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of evil people out there, as well as good people.  I question the reasons why and what specifically has changed to cause some people to take a turn for the worse.  Could social media play a large role, or does the answer lie more along the lines of hidden agendas?  Our military trained loving and caring dolphins to be used as weapons.  They attached bombs and torpedoes to these innocent animals and trained them to sneak up on ships and blow them to pieces. Why?  Military dolphins can be used as weapons, and unfortunately so can people, especially when given a reason or cause (i.e. False Flags, Operation Northwoods).  War has always been a giant chess game with sneaky strategies.  War does NOT happen overnight!  A war is usually created and planned years in advance.  We all are aware that most wars are over resources, oil, land, money, etc.  When people start to catch on, then the strategy is changed.  In a time of war, it’s important to have people standing with you and NOT against you.  Check out the real reasons for Pearl Harbor!  The American People never wanted the war.

There is a prophecy that I heard years ago and I can’t remember the exact source, perhaps Nostradamus.  It went something like this, “There will come a time, when a new pope is ushered in and the Middle East is at war.  There will be wars within wars.  The world will be different.  When the head of one snake is cut off, three more will grow in its place.  When three heads are cut off more will grow in its place, and even more will wait in its wings.  The antichrist will have many faces until he shows his true identity.  The world’s people will be confused with fear and panic.   This will lead people into war.  People will turn to their leaders and give up their freedoms just to feel safe. However, what they will really be giving up is much more, and once they realize this, it will be too late.”

Sound familiar? 

Some people who have had Near Death Experiences have returned with similar messages to this.  They have voiced that we are living in a time of fear and anxiety.  That in this worried state; we will make the wrong decisions out of our fears and anxieties.  Even those who have allegedly had contact or communication with Aliens have been warned of the same things by these beings.  “Fear not, Want not!”

On television last week I saw women being recruited by ISIS in the Middle East.

I remember a prophecy made years ago by Dannion Brinkely (even though dates were wrong- events happening not so much).  (

“Scenes from World War III came to life before me. I was in a hundred places at once, from deserts to forests, & saw a world filled with fighting & chaos. Somehow it was clear that this final war, an Armageddon if you will, was caused by fear. In one of the most puzzling visions of all, I saw an army of women in black robes & veils marching through a European city. “The fear these people are feeling is an unnecessary one,” said the Being of Light. “But it is a fear so great that humans will give up all freedoms in the name of safety.” 

What?  “I saw an army of women in black robes & veils marching through a European city.” 

Is this prophecy about to come to pass?  How often do you see a group of women in black robes and veils marching together?  The question is why?  People we are living in a time when the world is filled with wars everywhere.  Please take notice and pay attention.  A giant chess game is currently in motion and everything you once knew is about to change.

What about those missing planes?  Any ideas of where they are, or what purpose they serve?  This happened once and it can happen again, even if in a different way. 

Should we be scared?  Hell NO!  Prepared?  YES!   How should we prepare?  Simply realize that things will and are going to happen, but no matter what, DO NOT lose your cool.  We need to be smart and not give up our freedoms just because we don’t know what to do next.  We have been so conditioned to use technology to guide us, give us answers, and do everything for us.  If this were taken away or shut down, we would most likely feel helpless and lost.  Add that to the other things going on around us and you have our human intuition, which is our built in GPS and our survival guide, stripped away from us – Big Time.

I’m not trying to sound like a survivalist here, nor a conspirator.  I’m just saying that you need to be smart and not become so dependent upon technology, that you put yourself into the situation of feeling absolutely helpless without it.  We need to rely on one another if something should happen, not technology alone. 

So back to the original question, What is really going on?  Well by creating fear and making people afraid of you, then you can control them and get them to do almost anything.  Think about it, how many times have you heard someone say, “Oh man don’t talk to them or go out with them, they do this or do that”, only later to find out that it was never true.  Yet you avoided that person, or in truth, were manipulated and controlled NOT to spend time with them.  They created fear in you to stay away and be grateful for their advice; you were led to believe that they are protecting your best interests when in reality it was only to protect their best interests.  They used propaganda to keep you away. 

People, no matter what, do not allow fear to control your decisions.   Always question what you are being told.  Always wonder why things happen in the world.  No matter what, realize that in many cases, strings are being pulled for one purpose and one purpose only.  The purpose of placing you into such a state of fear, panic, and confusion, that  you eventually are willing to be controlled by those very strings that have been gravitating towards you all along.  Those strings are being used all over the world right now.  Envision a string puppet.

We can overcome this by uniting together.  Do not lose your freedom, common sense, or allow FEAR to control you.  QUESTION EVERYTHING in the mainstream media, news, and what the world leaders say.  Rely on history because the greatest power is knowledge.  The best predictor of the future is the past.  Take knowledge away from the people and create fear, for then they will have no choice but to follow you.  You will then be in complete control.  What I just described is not a democracy, it is something else entirely 

I choose to put my faith and trust in God and the universe, in all living things (in body and out of the body), in all consciousness and all light (the Holy Spirit if you will).  I know this will keep me smart, intuitive, and able to see through any bullshit that may come my way.  If more people thought this way, the positive energy itself would guide us down the right path.

Think about it, if we continue down the road of fear, we will keep giving into it and therefore, give up everything.  If we overcome it and not allow fear to rule us, not allow fear to cause any more wars, than the fear will disappear and we will no longer be controlled by it.

ISIS is just another snake, rearing its ugly head.  So how do we stand up to ISIS?  The answer is by not being afraid of the chaos they are creating and by not allowing ourselves to be ruled by fear.  Love and care for one another and stay smart and self reliant (do not rely on technology alone).  ISIS is creating fear and panic and as they grow, people may give up their freedoms for fear of what ISIS might do.  It’s this fear that feeds any power that ISIS believes they have over the world.  Don’t give them that power!  Wake up and be smart!

 – Chris

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