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My Best EVPs Vol. 1 1978-2006

My Best EVPs Vol. 1 1978-2006

Some close friends have suggested I post some of the Best EVPs I have captured over the years.

You could say I have taken it for granted that speaking and traveling the past 10 years everyone knows my work in ITC and the types of EVPs I get. I have found, this is not the case.

Not everyone has seen me speak or attended my ghost hunts.

To satisfy some of the diehards and my fellow investigators, I plan to post,  periodically,  videos compiling some of the Best EVPs I have ever recorded. I will then move onto DRVPs. Responses captured during spirit box sessions. I am not sure how long it will take to post these, but rest assured you will get the opportunity to hear some amazing communications with spirits. 

But first a little brief history:

I recorded my first EVP on a reel to reel player back in 1976 after staying up late night and seeing a special on ghosts and people that were capturing voices of the dead. (My parents sold the Reel to reel player in 1979 in a garage sale).

I recorded my second and third evps around 1977-78. I still have a couple of the recordings.

I had numerous audio tapes of my childhood damaged in 1984 from a numbskull accident that occurred in my bedroom that is quite embarrassing. Let me put it this way, I never should have hid open alcohol from after a high school party underneath my bed next to my childhood box of audio cassettes. Yes, the dumb things we do as teenagers. You guessed it, it spilled all over the cassettes. The tapes were ruined due to the sticky residue when they dried. With I still had these tapes and all the Ouija board sessions recorded on cassette tapes. All gone except one. I recorded just about everything as a kid back then. 

In the Early 1990’s I recorded some of my ghost hunting and investigating and have them still on audio tape.

Majority of my data from 2005 to present has been backed up on a Drobo External drive and is in wave format. 

I found out the hard way back in 2007 how important it is to properly back up digital data, when one of my TB drives crashed, causing me to lose many years of work…forever!  A WB 1 TB drive, broken up into two 500GB drives is not the best way to store anything. For some reason, WB thought it was a smart idea to have information split between the two drives. The problem with that is, if one drive crashes the other drive can’t access the missing information. After sending it to three different diagnostic companies, they had the unfortunate news to tell me, there was nothing they could do. Needless to say I also lost a lot of personal, important photos and precious video footage of my father as well. 

I have tons of audio from investigations I did during the TV show Dead Famous and Psychic Kids. Lost all the audio I did during the Manson Murders Episode of Ghost Hunters due to the crashed drive. Never recorded during the Ghost Adventures Live. Which I should have. I have mind blowing EVPs from the episodes of Psychic Kids, that never made it on air. Not to mention the 60+ events I did all over the USA at some of Americas most haunted locations. Queen Mary, Stanley Hotel, Waverly Hills, etc. Some great stuff. 

Now I have to be realistic, there is no way in heaven I can get to all of them, probably not even half of them. There is most likely over a thousand hours of audio. Not to mention, the 15+ colleges I investigated each year dating back to 2007. 

Some great…amazing…compelling stuff that I am excited to share with you, over time. 


This EVP Volume 1 contains some audio from my childhood around 1977-78 and the years I started working on Dead Famous, where I investigated for the first time the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

It also includes Excalibur Night Club in Chicago as well as some private investigations at Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL and Hooters on Wells Street in the city of Chicago, IL. 

EVP research has always been my interest and passion.


– Chris Fleming




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Gary Galka and his Communication with the Other Side featured Interview from Full House Magazine

Gary Galka and his Communication with the Other Side featured Interview from Full House Magazine



Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 11.51.03 PM



Read the amazing article here

– Scanned from the Original Magazine.

PDF LINK: Gary Galka Full House Scanned Article





Please Note:  Communication with ITC can vary on the user. While I have been involved in the study and research of EVP and ITC since my first recording in 1976, It is important to not do ANY ITC research if you are currently suffering from any mental disorders, addictions or under a doctors medical care. I state this because one must be under the right mindset, awareness and health when performing any type of physical or mental task.

While I do firmly believe we can and do communicate with the other side and Research and major study over the past 150 years proves this (See my previous blog), to delve into this type of communication one must be healthy and not under any influence or they can put themselves at risk. There are negative forces, energies, spirits, and in some cases demonic influences that can pretend to be someone they are not. They can manipulate, lie, confuse and work their way in if one is not careful.

We can talk to the other side, spirits that have crossed, but we must take precautions to be certain they are of the light and not pretending to be. Thats why it is important to pray and set guidelines and rules when performing any form of ITC. Whatever weakness we have they are aware of.

It is a wonderful thing when we in fact communicate with a loved one. When we hear their voice and get confirmation it is them, which Gary has done with Mel and I have done with my father on multiple occasions. I have seem numerous people healed from contact they have made when they have previously been suffering from grievance and bereavement. It is as if a monkey has been lifted off their back and hearing their voice has given them the answer they have been seeking. Knowing that their loved on is okay and well. That their is no such thing as death, our personality and our mind do in fact continue after the body has given up. It is rewarding to those that experience it.

However, we must be careful and knowledgable as well….

Some of you new to this field may not know (Those who have been doing this a long time are fully aware of what I am about to say)  that majority of earth bound souls are confused and in varying states of  wandering. Think about it, why are they still here? If they were purely okay and not attached to anything on this earthly realm they would have crossed. So you must be careful if you do come in contact with these types of spirits and you must be able to differentiate between who and what are talking to. Prayers are important and proper conditions, intent set when communicating. I will discuss more on this in a future podcast.

Bad spirits can be attracted to bad mind and a lack of awareness. If the experimenter is not under the proper mental conditions, they can attract negative forces and worsen their current state. Not realizing that their is another consciousness controlling or putting thoughts in their head. Those with a healthy mind, intent and spiritual positive focus can send stronger messages to the light and to those soul spirits of a higher vibration. Simple food for thought.

I also suggest that ITC should not be done all the time. One needs to moderate the time they spend communicating. Do not become obsessive and do experiments constantly. Take time off. One should work moderately in this field and create a proper balance of ITC research and normal living, praying, eating and enjoying the company of the living. As everyone who has seen me do EVP and or Spirit Box Sessions know,  I don’t perform the experiment more then 15-20 minutes each session. The mind can begin to play tricks after that.

That is why I suggest, anyone suffering from any addiction (Drugs or alcohol) or who has a current mental issue or instability should not under any circumstances delve into any form of spirit communication. It is to dangerous unless you have a strong faith, mindset and are in a healthy state. When I went through a period of depression I did not perform any EVP or ITC experiments. I know better then that, so I hope you do to.

It is extremely rare, but there can be situations where attachments can occur and even possible possession, unless someone  is careful.

I will be discussing an important case on a future podcast regarding these warnings. Since it is a rare occurrence, it is important enough that it be discussed and analyzed to make sure no one else falls privy to any negative influence or tricks by negative spirits.

There is plenty of good out there, you just have to know how to find it. A good heart, spirit and soul can attract the same mindset from others in the spirit realm. Their are warning signs you must be careful of as well.

All spirit can read your mind, so make sure it is healthy, balanced and under control. If bad spirits come through, pray for them and tell them to leave. Do not intimidate or continue conversation with them, move on.

Also, it is best to perform ITC experiments with others, not alone.

-Chris Fleming





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Proof of An Afterlife – Where to look

Proof of An Afterlife – Where to look


After recently speaking at Tri-Balance Yoga I spoke briefly about some of the researchers, scientists and experts who have studied Psi, life after death and communication with the other side.

To give you some direction and where to look first,  I highly recommend this book by Dr. Piero Calvi-Parsetti “21 Days Into The Afterlife.”  You Can download a FREE PDF copy here –

It covers the past 150 years of study, research and evidence to support life after death. It will blow your mind and is an easy and fun read. Must have book for skeptics, believers and those that want to know about actual proof that exists and is documented.

You can listen to a wonderful interview with Dr. Parisetti on our Spirit Talk Page  –

Here are some doctors, researchers and experts I suggest you google and read about, who, in various degrees, have devoted their research, their studies and their  lives in pursuit of proof regarding life after death and evidence the mind exists outside the body and does in fact continue after death.


  • Raymond Moody – psychologist and medical doctor who has studied Near Death Experiences
  • Dean Radin – SR scientist at the Noetic Sciences in California – study of Psi
  • Rupert Sheldrake – biologist who has written over 60 scientific papers
  • Alain Aspect – Experiments with particles and what has been termed “Spooky action at a distance.”
  • Carl Sagan – American astronomer, astrophysicist and communicator in space and natural sciences who was intrigued with reincarnation and other dimensions – namely a 4th dimension. He has stated – “At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: (1) that by thought alone humans can (barely) affect random number generators in computers; (2) that people under mild sensory deprivation can receive thoughts or images “projected” at them; and (3) that young children sometimes report the details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any way other than reincarnation. I pick these claims not because I think they’re likely to be valid (I don’t), but as examples of contentions that might be true.”
  • Gary E Schwartz – Ph.D of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology,  Psychiatry, and surgery at Univ. of Arizona. Various studies on PSI and communicating with the afterlife. Labeled “The Afterlife Experiments.”
  • Eric Davis – PhD Physicist,  author – 2004 US Air force sponsored research on Teleportation physics and psychokinesis.
  • Alec MacRae, Imants Baruss, Ernst Senkowski and Konstantin Raudive – Spirit Communication through  audio research – ITC and EVP.

These are but just a few. I would highly suggest downloading Dr. Parisetti’s book. It will open your eyes and explain many of the great experiments and research done by some of the most brilliant minds in history and in the world with startling evidence to support life after death.

Once again you Can download a FREE PDF copy here –  or order a hard copy as well for only $9.95. Well worth it.

I own both.

“In a world where we depend so much on belief, we sometimes forget how much we already know”



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