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Million Dollar Challenge – The Illusion of Proof

Million Dollar Challenge – The Illusion of Proof


 UPDATE: 12/10/2014


Since I wrote this early in the year and posted this Aug 21. 2014 there have been some interesting developments with James Randi and the JREF foundation according to these articles. If in fact they are true, it will be interesting year in 2015 for the JREF and James Randi. 




In the past, I have been asked about the James Randi Educational Foundations Million Dollar Challenge.


The Following Questions have been presented to me in some context or another:


Q1: Will I take or Why Won’t I take the Million Dollar Challenge to prove once and for all that paranormal powers exist? 

Q2: Why Not Do the Randi Challenge and be done with it?

Q3: Have I heard about the Million Dollar Challenge?

Q4: Do it for charity?



Great questions! Some of the answers can be found within the questions themselves.


I will first answer each question briefly.  Then I will go into more detail to support my responses in this post. 


Q3: Have I heard about the Million Dollar Challenge?   


Of course! 


Q4: Do it for charity?

 I love how they throw this in there. Lets pull on the emotional strings, the humanity. Well if you read this entire thing you will realize how it is more worth while to just do things for charity that have a greater impact and benefit then taking this challenge. I and others have done a lot for charity. I have assisted in raising over a half million dollars in events from 2008-2013.  I donate to Tails Humane Society every single year along with my family, and money I make from my online store. I also donate my time or items to charities all year long as well. I also spend time with those less fortunate, and offer services to the needy. Spending hours with the homeless, while others walk by and ignore them. This I do on my own time, and not for any public publicity or attention. Any person that asks this question, should be questioned what work they do for charity? How much time they spend? This question is another way to try and bait the person into making them feel guilty or prove their point. Very unique cornering technique they use by adding this to the million dollar question. Read on and I address the challenge, which should be the original question and why no one can nor will they be able to win the million dollar challenge. 



Ans to Q1: So Chris, Why not take the challenge?  


I will not take the challenge because it is just that, a challenge.  It is not a scientifically supported study, valid research, nor is it backed by “real science.”  I feel that its purpose and intent was originally created for sheer publicity and to go after “ego eccentric” charlatans.  Therefore, it exposed the real frauds, but also enticed them. Such as the spider is to the fly, it created a media opportunity.  The challenge was not meant for genuine people who have devoted their life, time and money to investigating, collecting and recording Psychical research.


Before anyone can take the Challenge, they have to fill out an application. Has any skeptic or medium actually taken the time to go through the contract application from a legal or business standpoint? Seriously, has anyone even read the contract? 99% of all skeptics out there probably haven’t! I have and it is one of the worst contracts I have seen in a long time. Here sign this! Only a person with low intelligence or lack of business sense would bother to sign this. You should never agree to anything, or accept any challenge where a contract is involved, until you have read what you are agreeing too! (I was a mortgage broker for 13 years, so I have reviewed, read and signed many contracts.  While this doesn’t qualify me as an expert, it did teach me to notice the numerous red flags in the JREF Application for Status of Claimant contract.) There is no way I would sign this. Why? I shall explain the #1 red flag later in my post and then you can decide for yourself. It is time people got educated on this. This Million Dollar challenge has nothing to do with legally proving the paranormal whatsoever.  Skeptics need to stop thinking anyone who takes the challenge and wins it, will prove anything of importance.

What is a challenge really?  A challenge is an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof and can be a contest or competition, especially a duel.

A duel, but isn’t this usually done one on one?

Why not have someone from the foundation come out and ghost hunt with me? Hey, it’s fun!  You’ll get away from the office for awhile and you just might learn something. I have had numerous skeptics assist me during my investigations and walk away with a complete understanding and appreciation for what I do.  Not only has that happened, but many skeptics have walked away becoming believers or open minded. 

A challenge to me is childish and created by people who feel “they” need to prove something. Not me. I spend my hard earned time, as I have for the past 40 years, going about finding more answers, collecting more data and learning more about the unknown invisible world that surrounds us. True paranormal investigators call this research, investigating and collecting data.  We are not interested or worried about someone’s challenge who is not involved in legitimate research, or the actual study of life after death themselves. Clearly, they are only looking for publicity and have made a huge name for themselves in doing so. Sorry, I am not going to fall for it or get caught up in the tangled web they weave; which as you will find out “they do deceive.”

I have spent quality time working with engineers, scientists, doctors, parapsychologists and fellow researchers. We have collected data, learned from new techniques and devices, and utilized our efforts towards the advancements of communication.  We have discovered that not only is there an afterlife and from what we have learned the soul is eternal, but that we can and do communicate with the consciousness of those who have departed through various means.  Finding out who we truly are in this life and in the afterlife, is what is important to me. A challenge does NOT accomplish that.  Why waste my time? To further advance in this field one needs to be open minded, not close minded or distracted by those who are. 


So onto the next part of the question that skeptics want me to believe (as well as everyone else).


Ans to Q1 part 2:    …To prove once and for all that paranormal powers exist? 

Let’s break this down shall we?  Clearly skeptics don’t understand the paranormal.  According to skeptics, paranormal powers don’t exist. True, they are not powers. There is nothing superhuman or paranormal about them. This statement comes from individuals who have no understanding of what ESP or spirits/ghosts are. The term Paranormal, is defined as experiences that can not readily be explained by the range of normal experiences or scientific explanations. Simply put “modern science” cannot understand nor explain it yet!  So that does not mean that it doesn’t happen or that it doesn’t exist by any means. Science knows this, yet skeptics will argue this. Quantum Physics is getting pretty close to explaining some of this, and some scientists may already believe it does. 

ESP and mediumship is misunderstood not only by skeptics and some forms of science, but also by many psychics themselves. The ego has nothing to do with any type of intuition or psychic abilities.  This is why they attack people’s ego.  Prove you have these powers! They are not powers, not anything special over any one else. We all have access to these abilities. So if everyone has the capabilities, then they are not powers. Especially over anyone else. 

Simply put, our human consciousness has more abilities and senses then we could ever imagine, but not our EGO. This has nothing to do with the brain. These abilities are recognized outside of the body. It is what our soul, spirit is capable of  “accessing.”Let’s take a look at the many OBE and NDE cases for example. People have left their bodies and returned with remarkable details that they had no way of knowing previously. When your soul and spirit is no longer limited to a physical vessel that restricts and limits your true energy, you can do wondrous things. It has nothing to do with the brain; the brain is only a muscle – a computer storing our mind and personality. The mind originates from somewhere else. A computer is only designed to hold so much data, a car can only drive so fast, but with intelligence that thinks on its own, a personality that is endless when it comes to energy, the soul can do so much more when it is aware that it can. When it is “free” from the body, in a realm, another dimension – it has no boundaries. All thoughts are known to all forms of energies in this state (mind reading, thought transference, thought projection). We get clues of this in our 3rd dimension. You think of someone and all of a sudden they call you. You feel something and turn around and notice that someone is staring at you. Someone yawns and then you yawn. What is it that sends these signals? What gives us information that travels outside of the brain and through the EMF field? It is that our consciousness is NOT limited to the brain or body. That is why prayer is very powerful. We can and do send messages to other planes and reach other people. 

When we die, our body dies but we do not. Our personality and our mind live on. 

You may ask, okay prove this. Fine, spend years studying Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, and have a couple of your own. The research, studies are there. Also, pick up the book at the end of this post. It too is also crammed with amazing studies discussing consciousness and the existence of our personality after death. 

The law of conservation of energy states, “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form”.  For instance, chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite.

When our physical body dies, that which carries our mind and personality changes form. We have a physical body and we have a celestial body. 

Even religion states in scripture:  1 Corinthians 15:40-50 

40 There are celestial bodies and there are terrestrial bodies; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. 

Those that have certain enhanced abilities, such as ESP or mediumship are only using that which we all have in the spirit world (celestial body). That which we all use in our true consciousness energy form. It is in our awareness that allows us to access and use it while still in “this” body.  That explains why some can access it and some can’t. Build your awareness and your understanding of it, and you can access it. How can you use something if you don’t know about it? So why do some have better success then others? Good question. Namely it is because they believe. Therefore, their awareness creates access to other realities that the mind creates and can access. We perceive what we believe. 

We have a physical body (terrestrial) housing our celestial body (soul-spirit), when the physical body is done, the celestial body moves on – It does not end. No matter what you believe, you will experience this whether you want to or not. Where you go with your celestial body is based on what you believe, what your spiritual awareness is.

I believe there is an energy that connects us all, and this incredible energy, spiritually has been called the “holy spirit” in scripture. With it all things are possible. I don’t feel EPS or Psychic abilities come from any person. I feel it is part of a vast web of information that is all around us. This “spirit” that is holy, because it represents true with the right intention and awareness, delivers the information as it sees fit, and as needed to those whose purpose is to help and or guide.  It is this form that I feel information such as ESP, Mediumship and premonitions, etc. come from.

So there are not “powers” as some skeptics are led to believe, that people have. It is all natural, apart of nature, but not fully understood or accepted by the human mind or science. So some may call it, supernatural. Not naturally understood by science at this time. 

Don’t get me wrong, please understand that I am well aware of the deception that is out there as well as the frauds and ego maniacs wanting attention or preying on the foolish and needy. Claiming they have powers. Wanting you to believe they are special, or have “powers” over you and others. They surely just want to be worshipped or attention brought to themselves. Yes, shame on them. They do need to be exposed, but in the hunt it is foolish to kill everything, especially those from whom we can truly  learn from. Look at the pioneers, the leaders who have paved the way using science and parapsychology to investigate, research and document the mind, consciousness and the afterlife studies, you will learn more from them than any attention seeker. 


Moving on, Who is James Randi? 

Since when does James Randi, who calls himself “an illusionist”, assume his foundation or that he himself is the authority on the paranormal, supernatural or anything regarding life after death? He doesn’t believe in any of it. So what is his intent? What drives him to investigate? 

Once again, under what authority of “science” does James Randi have? 

Randi states, “Yes, indeed, I’m a trickster, I’m a cheat, I’m a charlatan, that’s what I do for a living. Everything I’ve done here was by trickery.”

(Source: Alcock, James (2001). “Science vs. Pseudoscience, Nonscience, and Nonsense” Pg 42.)


James Randi Speaks at TED (This is a great lecture by the way) –

“I am a conjurer…someone who pretends to be a real magician…..make assumptions….you will make assumptions…to fool you, to deceive you..don’t you ever forget that….I am an actor…I play the part of a magician…”   (Of course this is not the whole lecture. He is speaking about deception out in the world, but have a good listen to it.  He does a great job talking and playing the illusion that because he took the bottle of pills and they didn’t do what they said they would do, that everything else out there is not what it says it is. He is doing an act while speaking- creating an illusion that one example makes you believe in everything he says is true. Great trick in grabbing the audiences attention. But that is what illusionist and magicians do. Bravo!)

James Randi states, time and time again, in interviews that he is a trickster, a magician and an illusionist. Remember that. He seems to be very proud of that. At least he is being honest. 

Remember Houdini and his investigation into the Spiritualist movement? I suggest you read up on that. I respect Houdini a ton and I got to investigate him years ago on a TV show I did. I even met Dorothy Dietrich and got to attended the annual Houdini séance with her on Halloween. She is a wonderful lady. 

Its obvious JREF borrowed the concept of the challenge from Houdini. Here is an interesting article regarding Houdini that exposed mediums and the reality of his message to his wife after his death. I cannot validate this article, but it is compelling enough to make one think and question the truth that skeptics use regarding Houdini NOT returning from the grave. If anyone has done further research on why Houdini went after the mediums of the early 1900′s, please post those articles here on this blog. I would like to read more. 

Breaking the Houdini Code –


So why promote the Million Dollar Challenge? One huge reason might be “for attention.” It is great marketing and great media attention to attack others.  Sadly, this alone can bring attention to yourself or what you are attempting or wanting people to believe you stand for. 

I was an art director and creative director back in 1991-1996 for Pioneer Press newspapers, the #1 direct mail marketing company in the nation at that time, Advo, Inc. There was a theory called “top of mind awareness “ that was used in sales meetings to clients.  Based on this theory, a person needs to see something three times before they remember it. The more they see it, the more they attach it to the company or product. 

Top of Mind Awareness –


When you think of the James Randi Foundation what do you think of?  It shouldn’t take you long to answer that one. If you answered James Randi, ask yourself again, why? There are a million answers to that one. I must add, he is brilliant. He really is. He is making interest and has captured everyone’s attention over the years as well. 

Besides all the legal jargon, that clearly rules everything in the JREF favor and not the applicant. I am going to  show you something in the application, which no other medium or paranormal investigator has taken the time to explain in public. This is mainly because they haven’t taken the time to read it.  It clearly states that the challenge, proves nothing about the supernatural or the paranormal. Yup, that’s right, even skeptics have been duped on this one. Why? Because James Randi is an illusionist and frankly, some so called “skeptics” haven’t investigated the application one bit and are just speaking out of hearsay (sheep-lemmings) before even researching the application themselves. Isn’t this what skeptics yell and taut at mediums and paranormal investors for, asking them to PROVE THEIR CLAIMS?  I will show how the statement, “To prove once and for all that paranormal powers exist?”, is NOT validated by taking or winning the JREF challenge and not worth even one dollar of anyones time.  Remember, James Randi first and foremost is a trickster and an illusionist. These are his own words.  You can’t blame him; he has been honest all along. I stand up and salute him, for his honesty. He is one smart cookie and has tricked even his own followers.

Remember people, put your emotions and egos aside for once, and actually research and read what some of these people are challenging you with. 

Nobody jumps into a fight, unless they know why or who they are fighting? Be smart. We will get to the red flag in the application in a bit. 


Ans to Q2:  Why Not Do the Randi Challenge and be done with it?

Be done with what? I have been interested, involved, researching and having paranormal experiences for my entire life. I continue too. Why would I take a challenge from someone who is not respected in the “real” science community?  He is a trickster and an illusionist. He has no authority in or over the paranormal or supernatural field.  It is not a belief for me; it is my reality, my awareness of what exists. It is no different than looking up and seeing that the stars exist or existed in the sky, some still there and some no longer, burned out many moons ago. However, we can still see them. They have existed in the past and the present, such as the existence of a ghost, a soul and an afterlife. You can see stars but you cannot prove whether they exist or not, because some of them no longer do, yet they are still there. 

This question is better asked to those that have decided to jump on the bandwagon and have no background or experience in the paranormal. They should be done with it. Not one such as myself and countless others whose awareness goes beyond the physical, mental and monetary reasons poorly represented or displayed by others. 

This question is nothing more than “baiting” to deliberately annoy or taunt (someone).


Now remember these question’s and answers – I am going into greater detail now. 

Let’s back up and start from the beginning. 

A Skeptic has every right to ask these questions, to seek proof.  Want proof. A skeptic has every right to ask those who hold a different belief system, make claims or “attract attention” publicly, similar to what Houdini went through when it effected their belief system or ideals. So I respect Skepticism, I respect the “wanting to know” or “Prove” something that is being stated or told to other people.

We all want to find the truth. But, I have met some skeptics who have clearly stated they don’t care about the truth, they only enjoy the drama and rattling peoples cages. Sad.

Even though I have never met well known Skeptic Benjamin Radford, I have read some of his reports and investigations. I do find a couple to be a bit slanted and opinionated. Such as his investigation into Annie Hall. He does state regarding some of his investigations and I agree to a certain aspect, “there seemed to be precious little actual investigation; instead, most of the accounts seemed merely copied from other, older sources. There were plenty of theories and bald assertions, but no real scientific investigation, no one doing a reality check on the stories. And there was a disconnect between what I was reading and my experiences.”

Yet, while there may be some controversy surrounding some of his own investigating and beliefs, with these same statements, we can forgive him, for he even states himself –

“Can’t do better until I know better!”― Benjamin Radford

His most warranted remark, has to be “the burden of proof is on the person making the claim”. I find this to be well said and true.  Truly. We can easily fall into, what I say goes or what I present is fact of evidence. With that, I understand his point of view towards skepticism. I understand the need to know and the need to support our own claims. I admire that and I agree that claims of evidence should be supported, if they can be documented. The problem is not all claims can be supported. Sometimes one piece of evidence is NOT enough. Experiences are hard to document unless they are caught on tape or audio. But even then, in today’s age of computers and graphics, how does one know for sure? We live in frustrating times where we are advancing beyond reality itself. 

I can’t prove my ghost encounters or haunted experiences in the past with scientific evidence as we can’t go back in time and test it. All that remains are those people around me or who knew me way back when that either experienced the paranormal with me, or remember me telling them about it in school, or around the neighborhood. There is only testimony based on firsthand accounts or secondhand accounts. I do have recordings of some of my experiences including myself talking about spirits at the age of nine.  The house that I grew up in was haunted. Other than that, there is no way to scientifically test my claims from my childhood. Their is only experience and witnesses, and some old audio recordings. 

So how do skeptics want us to prove it? Usually, by using the Scientific Method.  The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.[1] To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.[2] The Oxford English Dictionary defines the scientific method as “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.”

How can we test ones experiences, encounters in the past with the scientific method? Experiences don’t usually replicate. Well, we can’t. Does that mean they didn’t happen? No, of course not. Isn’t science itself a theory? If something can’t be proven with the scientific method, it does not mean that it can or can’t exist. Science is only measuring things with what they have to measure it with. If you don’t understand something, or are not there, how can you measure it? Plus isn’t science itself based on theory? replaced years later with new science new theories? What if science itself is flawed, as we don’t know everything?  Science is now beginning to pose the theory that our entire universe is a hologram. Not real?  Think about that one. 

Article Here:

I am clearly not a scientist nor engineer, there are those that can explain the scientific method and its use better then I. Here is a great article regarding how the Scientific Method can and is being used in Paranormal Research –

The problem in our field, as well as any other field or occupation, is many people speak out about their experiences and present evidence with nothing to back it up. I have seen this a lot in the paranormal field and with some that have appeared on TV for certain paranormal shows. They have stated false claims about their background and how many years they have been either psychic or investigating the paranormal. They make false claims to make themselves look “educated and experienced” in the field, when they are really just acting the part. Creating the impression of experience. If one was to actually take the time to investigate their claims they would find no record of them even investigating prior to TV, nor having notable experiences dealing with ghosts or the paranormal. I can see why some skeptics and investigators get pissed off about paranormal reality TV. I do as well. In any field, some people try very hard to make a name for themselves and they should be held accountable for any false statements or claims they use to try and get there if they are lying. 

I challenge anyone to look into my past, starting in grade school. My claims of ghosts, spirits and other encounters started at a young age and people I grew up with know some of my experiences very well. I also have some recordings (that survived our basement flood in the late 70′s and in 1990), from my childhood doing the Ouija board, talking about the ghosts and playing evps. Yes recording’s from 1978-1981. 

You see I have lived a life of the paranormal since my first childhood memories. This is something that CAN be validated by family, friends, and people that grew up with me. Many of these individuals have had first hand experiences with me as well. 

 You can listen to some interviews here: 

Darkness Radio Prt 1-

Darkness Radio Prt 2-

Also check out my podcast April 2014 and May 2012 with interviews with my family and childhood friends about our experiences with ghosts and ESP.


 The Million Dollar Questions always puts a smile on my face and with good reason. While others may avoid the question, I love to answer it because I feel the challenge set forth by the JREF foundation has a purpose that is both positive and negative to skeptics but also positive and negative to believers as well. 


What do people really know about the Challenge itself and James Randi himself?

Would you take the Million Dollar Challenge?  The reality of the challenge is that it’s not really a challenge and it doesn’t prove anything according to this Article Titled “The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge” here –

I have found it interesting how some skeptics still hold on to the belief that the Million Dollar Challenge is credible to Science in proving that the paranormal does or doesn’t exist. We must understand that the JREF Million Dollar challenge has been created and set up in a way, not by real scientists, but by magicians and illusionists. It was originally created to go after those committing fraud at various levels of quackery and mediumship that was diverting attention away from Magicians at the time.

I find it entertaining that many believe anyone that passes this challenge (Challenge meaning – It is not a test in scientific terms or as far as I know supported by any scientific study or a university) proves that the paranormal exists. The statement it proves or doesn’t prove from just a challenge is the farthest from the truth. This challenge is not accepted by the scientific community. They have their own sets of protocol and study.  Many well known scientists and physicists have “in fact” done studies on various forms of psychic and paranormal phenomena with what they consider positive and validating results. James Randi is a magician, an illusionist and a great one at that. Not a scientist. He deserves an award for putting on the biggest illusion (marketing scheme) ever. 


Let’s take a look at the actual application itself – Wait until you see this!

Look at the actual application here, as most skeptics and pseudo skeptics have never even read the application or know the rules to the challenge. I decided to look it over myself and see what all the fuss was about:

There are things being spoken about publicly, but when you get to the fine print it says otherwise. Please take note of the statement, “take the million dollar challenge and prove to the world that you are a medium or that the supernatural or paranormal exists.”  Well as we know, statements like that go around a lot in the skeptical community. Do they realize that the application and the challenge will NOT prove that, nor prove anything to the world? No matter who says it?  You would only be one million dollars richer is someone won. “So do it for charity!” That is another statement spoken out of their mouths as well. I would rather turn water into wine and clone bread then attempt a challenge that I believe is set up so that no one can ever win it. In addition, the very statements being spoken are in fact, an illusion and trickery. 

James Randi is actually tricking everyone. 

It is this very statement that caught my eye and drew a huge, giant red flag. Are you ready….here it is!!!! 


“If the Prize is awarded, this would not mean that the JREF acknowledges the existence of the supernatural. However, the JREF will publicly acknowledge that the Claimant has met the Challenge”.

 (See for yourself – 2nd page,  second paragraph top right)


So let me get this straight, even if someone were to win the challenge, meaning the challenges set up by the JREF foundation (remember not scientific experiments or study by a major university) it would in no shape or form prove or acknowledge that the person did anything paranormal. It would not prove that ghosts or spirits exist?  It would prove none of that? It would only mean that the JREF foundation acknowledges that the person met the challenges? Whatttttt?! You mean all the skeptics that shoot their mouths off that winning the challenge will prove the paranormal, prove ESP, prove mediumship, prove ghosts exist, actually proves…nothing!? It will only prove that the person won the challenge? 

Deflate button press here. It’s over. 

No changing the world people, no breaking out of a paradigm. NO atheists converting that there is a god, and surely no skeptics finally believing ghosts exist, or there is an afterlife. 

We have all been fooled in thinking that if someone won this challenge, they would prove….the paranormal? NO!!! Just they only won… the challenge LMFAO!!!!!

Man oh man, skeptics have been tricked by the trickster himself. Brilliant. Yes, he and others say that if you take the Challenge you can prove the paranormal or whatever you are touting. Wrong! READ THE APPLICATION PEOPLE – WINNING THE CHALLENGE PROVES NOT WHAT YOU THINK. 

If someone actually won, would they change the world and their beliefs? No, I don’t believe so at all. Would it change Science and their stance on the paranormal? NO, clearly not. Would it make all skeptics now believers? No, not at all. It may make some question how the person met the challenge and maybe even debate that the challenge, “must have been rigged or the winner must have cheated”, that would be more plausible.

The point I am trying to make is when any skeptic states, “Prove it by taking the Million Dollar Challenge”, it is just a bait and switch; even they don’t realize it.  Skeptics you have been tricked, thank you very much.

Wait didn’t I say all of this before? Yes I did, just wanted to make sure you were listening.

If by an act of god someone did win, it would only prove they won the challenge, but in no way, shape, or form that ghosts, spirits, mediumship or whatever the person believes in is now “legally” accepted as fact solely because they won a million dollars. The JREF would be short one million dollars, sure, one lucky person would be a million dollars richer, and the paranormal supernatural field would continue to receive the criticism and non-belief stigma that it has been receiving for thousands of years. Probably even more mud slinging would occur. 

Keep in mind, the JREF knows this and has protected themselves extremely well with deception, trickery and illusion on the public and even in the skeptic community. 

The application is riddled with statements that throw everything in the JREF favor and not the claimant. No one will ever win nor be able to win the Million Dollar Challenge, doesn’t take a medium to figure that out. The application and tests were designed so no one could win. It is all a marketing scheme.


So why hasn’t anyone won the JREF Million Dollar Challenge? or should not bother attempting it?   

Here are some great write ups regarding these questions and more regarding James Randi. Please take the time to read these, you will realize more truths regarding this challenge then I could write in my blog:


The JREF Million Dollar Challenge is not by any means a fair, serious, nor legit scientific study into the existence of the paranormal or the supernatural. It is only a challenge, that clearly states, “the JREF will not acknowledge (Prove) the existence of the supernatural,”  as so many skeptics claim it will.

We now know that if anyone was to win it, that it would prove nothing scientifically; only that the person won the challenge. It would change nothing regarding anyone’s beliefs. The challenge is not based on, nor supported by any real science. Plus, based on history, most people won’t even believe someone won it and would probably accuse the winner of either fraud or the JREF of fraud for allowing someone to win. Yes, people are that skeptical no matter what you or I prove, it’s one of the flaws of human nature. It is just a challenge; skeptics and believers alike will still exist, debate and argue no matter what, even if someone won. 

The Challenge is a marketing tool, used by the Foundation, James Randi, and many skeptics to entice, taunt or in some well warranted cases expose the true charlatans in any field or genre who are making claims they cannot support.  This is because technically, just as Randi knows, some people are faking it or making the shit up. I applaud him for tackling such frauds and freeloaders. However, when it comes to honest, legit research and pursuing a greater understanding of psychical research, whether it be Near Death Experiences, Afterlife Communication, ESP or the existence of a soul, the JREF Million Dollar Challenge cannot, will not, nor ever prove the existence of any of these things because that is not what the challenge was designed to do. Ask any true scientist who has researched and put the time and effort into these studies and read the “real” online application yourself. 

To this I say, James Randi I may never get the chance to meet you in person, but if I do, I want to shake your hand and say “I forgive you already. It doesn’t matter what you believe, for the afterlife exists with or without you.  I look forward to the day you transition and your awareness explodes with wonder and love as you realize your soul is eternal, and that there is in fact an afterlife.  Even though you may have missed out on the knowledge and expression of these wonders in your life, it will embrace you with care and wonder and show you the way to endless possibilities of who you “truly” are.” 

You pulled an amazing illusion over your fans.


As for the close-minded skeptics who still want to beat down the doors and claim that there is no existing evidence for an afterlife, do or die. Why not take the One Million Dollars Afterlife Challenge being offered by a lawyer? Now is your chance to prove there is (in your opinion) no afterlife. 

Find out more info here –


For those who want real, important answers, interested in real studies and information that exists, as well as those who say no evidence exists to prove the paranormal or an afterlife, I suggest you read this wonderful, easy to read, easy to follow, jam packed with information book that studies exists that supports and validates the afterlife. 

Just read it, I dare you.

21 Days Investigating the Afterlife by Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, MD –


So that is why I feel the Million Dollar Challenge is not what it says it is, and also not worth my time. Nor anyone else’s. No one can win it based on the legal way it is set up. Not even Jesus Christ himself could win it. The JREF would’t allow it. 


Good luck to all and God Bless you no matter what you believe. To all skeptics and believers alike, when you take your last final breath, you will most definitely find out the truth. This truth cannot be argued, or disagreed by anyone. For in time, we all die, but our minds and personalities live on….that is where it gets interesting.

Embrace it, the afterlife is wonderful. 




-Christopher S. Fleming 

August 21, 2014

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Slender Man Is Real

Slender Man Is Real


Read Article by Aaron Sagers on Huffington Post

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Old Sun-Times Article

Old Sun-Times Article

 SunTimesArticle-Fleming copy

Click on link to see and read full article. 

Sun-Times Article-Fleming


I was cleaning out some boxes and found this old article the Chicago Sun-Times did on me when I was publishing my magazine, Unknown Magazine back in 1997-2001.


Funny how they focused on the UFO topic in the article. The magazine actually developed from a conversation during a mortgage meeting for a company I worked for at the time. Everyone started telling ghost experiences they had.

Thought some of you might enjoy seeing this. 

Was published sometime in 1999-2000. (I stopped publishing the magazine in 2001 due to personal/time restraint reasons)

You can order remaining back issues here.





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Weeks of Paranormal Occurrences

Weeks of Paranormal Occurrences




1/14/13 – Pre-cognition



The door bell rings; I look out the window UPS truck begins to pull away. No big deal I get packages all the time.

What is it that makes this so special?

Exactly, a minute before the doorbell rang; images popped into my head of an order I placed last week for some herbs I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. Green Tea, Chia seeds, etc. I saw them in my mind and then the act of putting them all away in containers in my kitchen. Now you may be asking why is this significant, why is this odd? Let me explain. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair. I have tons of work to do today and this evening. This was the last thing on my mind. Why did this image, this thought, suddenly appear in my head?

A minute later, the doorbell rings a package is left at my front door. Once dressed I open the front door and retrieve the package from the steps. Bring it into the kitchen and open it. It is the box of herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. I begin to take them out and package them into containers and put them away. It hits me, Deja Vu? Here I am doing exactly what popped into my head when I came out of the shower when I hadn’t even received this package yet. Was this Pre-cognition of an event, now happening, coming to pass?

Now while this is not as significant as say a vision of a car crash, a disaster, or winning a football game, it still has to be acknowledged for what it is. ESP.

The knowing of something destined to occur, without the use of my 5 senses, was being driven down the street with a destination to my home and to me. At that moment of it down the street on its way was enough to affect the field of energy we all have around us, therefore changing our future and mindset.

I have talked about how we are all connected and at times when our environment changes or something comes into it; we can recognize it and pick up on what it is or where it is coming from. This I believe was one of those occurrences.

As well as the act in my mind before the event, of putting everything away. Even though my schedule was already written out for me today to do other things. The truth of the future tends to inform us otherwise.



1/12/13 – The Ghostly Door Bell Rings again



Saturday morning at 8:30am I heard a doorbell. I shot up, looked around the room and glanced at the clock. Who would be ringing the doorbell Sat morning at 8:30am? I then realized, wait a minute, once again that didn’t sound like my doorbell. I got up anyway and looked out the window, no car, no one outside. Then it hit me; this has happened many times before. The sound of a doorbell. I tested it years ago. The sound I heard, at least 10x over the past four years, and quite frankly, eerily around the same time between 8-9:00 am, is not my doorbell I have in this current house. My ex and I tested it a few years ago, having both been woken up by this mysterious door bell sound. A sound that is clearly a doorbell, but is different sound as the doorbell I have in my current house. We have both sat outside pressing the ringer and clearly agreed it is not the same sound that we have heard, not at all.

So where does this doorbell sound originate from? I cannot answer that, but the one interesting thing is, it started occurring after I visited my old house I grew up in and lived in from 1970-1991 and went back to in Jan of 2009. Since then it started later that year.  The doorbell sound is identical to the one I grew up in, even though I don’t live there anymore.

Why does it go off between 8-9am in the morning?

I can’t say with 100% certainty why it does it at that time, the only thing that has any similarity to that time period is that is the time I used to always wake up at years ago between 2000-2009, but more importantly that is also the time period my father was transported from the care center to the hospital when he passed away back in 2009 during the hours of 8-9am on a Saturday morning.

Is it the ghosts from my previous house or is it my father? Or is someone telling me I need to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier? I don’t know for sure, but I have decided to work towards changing my sleeping schedule to go to bed earlier and wake up at that time. Why not? they tend to keep waking me up any ways at that hour.



1/9/13 -The Ghost At Yoga



I went Yoga today. Hot Yoga, felt good getting all the kinks and sore muscles stretched as well as how great it is for the body and sweating out toxins. So what is remarkable about this? Well, after class as I was one of the few left in class, I got up walked out and put the mat in the bin, there was no one else around me nor in the hallway when I heard a loud quick whisper like voice screech out “Chrisssss!” I turned around behind me and there was no one there. Chills race down my spine.

The sound of it, the oddness of it. So similar to voices I have heard in the past. Spirits, ghosts. As soon as I recognized there was no one behind me, I raced towards some of the opened darkened rooms to see if there was anyone visible or present. I then listened from the bathrooms to hear if anyone was talking or whispering to try to place the sound. I could not. I ended up feeling that it was a spirit, someone (female sounding) that was just speaking, letting me know they were there. It was about a month ago that while I was up front of the Yoga center speaking to three people I noticed someone lean over and peak their head around the wall to see what we were doing. Catching it in the corner of my eye, I turned to see who it was, as well as another witness in the corner of his eye. Perplexed as the person quickly pulled their head back behind the wall. We both reacted. I strutted towards the hallway to get a better look to see who it was and to my surprise, as well as my friends, there was no one there. Seconds later a man walks around the corner down the hallway, so I asked him if he saw anyone walk down the hallway to which he responded ” No, just me. ”

I then asked him if he was at this moment up front a minute ago, and he responded ” No; I just came from the training room. ” Realizing he had no idea what I was referring to, I walked past some of the rooms that were closed or had doors open to see if someone was playing a trick. Of course, no one was there.

I walked back to the front, looked at my friend and the receptionist and laughed. ” Yup, you have a ghost! ”

We then began to discuss what just occurred and how two of us standing at different angles recognized a head and shoulders appear around the wall as if leaning over to get a better look and subsequently quickly vanish. Over the next few minutes, other stories came up about people feeling someone or seeing things in the place as well.

So I wonder, the voice that said “Chrisssss ” was it the same spirit that I saw a few weeks before. Maybe, only time will tell as I go back there every week.

The good thing is, I feel it is positive and was just making itself known. Hopefully soon, we will make longer contact. I am curious why they are there.



1/8/13 – The Illumination From Above



As if getting to bed is not hard enough. Around 3-4am I was woken up three times by a strange illumination above my bed. You know when you sleep and someone turns on the light. You open up your eyes and say ” Hey! Turn it off! ” Well, weirdly while I was in a deep sleep, I felt this light and slowly opened my eyes, as I did I witnessed with wonder,  my arms, the sheets and the entire bed illuminated by some hovering source above the bed. It was different though from any other light, I have seen. It was warm almost like it permeated the darkness. Similar to night vision but more like a yellow almost red color at times. As I looked around the bed, I began to look up from where the source seemed to originate from, and as I adjusted to doing that the light quickly vanished, and the room went backward to darkness. I sat up looked around the room, and as puzzled as I was, went back to bed.

This happened three more times, each time it woke me up.

Since this is the first time I have ever witnessed this phenomena in my house, I can only purpose two of the following possibilities;

  • First let me say, it was clearly not a dream, as I was woken up three times, I looked at the clock; I moved about, and I remembered it each time when I was woken up again.
  • It could not be any light from outside as I have blinds and drapes covering the windows. It almost pitch dark in my room except for moonlight illumination coming from the hallway, and the bathroom since I have a sunlight window in the ceiling. Even if light shown through that it would not reach my bed or where I was sleeping.

These are the only two possible things I can think of that have occurred;

  • 1) It was a ghost or angel hovering above the bed coming through the wall or ceiling, glowing and therefore illuminating the bed and me below it. I have seen glowing ghosts before and how they can sometimes light up a room with a greenish blue type glow. This was a slightly different color, but nothing less similar in the way the light bounced off the sheets.
  • 2) I was having an Out of body experience and in my spiritual mind (the mind outside the body and the brain) my soul was capable of seeing in the dark and illuminating the room through a much more increased visual spectrum then our humans’ eyes are allowed to see while in the body. Almost like a night vision. If you think of it, why wouldn’t a soul be able to see in darkness in a home if it wanted to? This may account for the awakening feeling, and as I tried to see it, vanished as if I was coming to awaken conscious instead of sleeping and being out of the body as I may have just been. The only reason I suggest this as a probability is because I have been having some remarkable OBE’s in the past 12 months. I feel my consciousness may be evolving as my awareness and research have been increasing into other frames of thinking about the soul and afterlife.

Either way, whether it was one or two, it was a remarkable experience to have to occur three times that night.



1/5/13- The Famous Angel 



Had a wonderful dream. An angel pretended to be someone famous in the Hollywood industry speaking to me as a friend. We laughed and laughed and then he changed to his true form (an angel) and told me I needed to write. After I said, ” We should do a comedy movie together! ” He turned to me, laughed and said ” Yes, but you have to write it! ” After he said that in the dream, it hit me and the words echoed….”write…write…write”. I took that as a sign, so this entire, year, as I am currently, I will be writing. What will I be writing? Well, you will soon see… I don’t want to give it all away. I have already begun and still have a lot to finish. I feel it was a very prophetic message for me.



1/2/13 – The Growl From An Angry Visitor



A bad thing/Good thing happened two days after new years eve and one crazy night- a night that, let’s just say something happened to where I had to get involved to help a complete stranger and put myself in a dangerous physical situation to save them. A situation where, luckily, I overcame it, stopped what was happening and I am man enough to say, still a bit sore to this day. I felt there was something evil that created that situation, something controlling another person that caused them to do what they did, and then somehow someway, being in the right place at that precise moment on that street, got me involved to cause a change. If it was evil, attempting to do what it was doing, the outcome ended up different than what it expected. A person was saved, and possibly this other person was taught a very important lesson. Heck, I even learned something myself about the situation and how we all need to at times stand up for what we believe in, regardless of the danger, but for what we believe is right for another human being. No matter how great nor how small, no matter how rich nor how poor every single life is worth saving, no matter what the cost to oneself.

Now back to what happened the morning of Jan 2nd. I woke up to a growling sound coming from my closet. A sound, that the only thing I could compare it to would be a wild dog, but a dog that is heavy, big and powerful. It reminded me mostly of the sound I heard and captured during the investigation in New Orleans for the TV show ” The Haunted.” Where I believe we came in contact with a demon.

As I heard this growl coming from my left closet, the whole room began to vibrate and shake. My bed began to shake violently seconds after the growl started, and with it. I sat up, my attention directed towards it- with the bed shaking it slowly stopped vibrating and came to its normal calmness. I looked in the direction of the closet, knowing full well that a demon was present and not happy with me. You could feel it, sense it – a presence, angry, maybe for what occurred New Years Eve. Maybe because I or the other person was not hurt in the way, it had hoped. Perhaps,  because I got involved and stepped in. I am not certain, but I have been attacked before two years ago physically, but this is the first one that has made its presence known by growling in my room, in my house and shaking the room and bed.

As I stood up in bed, I spoke to it ” Yes, I hear you, what do you want? Why are you mad? You are not allowed here. I am sleeping… now go away! ”  While most people would have screamed or raced out of the room, let alone the house, I am way to familiar with their tactics and how they try to instill fear or harm to those who they hate and do what they can to intimidate or instill fear by any means. If they don’t get their way, or you interrupt their evil work or doings, sometimes they strike back. Regardless, I laid down and said out loud ” Jesus…Michael….will you, please escort this demon out. He does not belong here ” and I went peacefully back to sleep. I am no longer a child, shaking in the dark. Those years, almost 40 years ago are long gone.


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