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What is Your Paranormal Experience or Encounter?

What is Your Paranormal Experience or Encounter?



Over the years thousands of people have shared their true stories with me. In these fascinating personal accounts they have presented details, emotions, in some cases even a sense of fear and terror,  while other accounts displayed a fulfillment of peace and wonderment. The truth is in the retelling, people all over the world are having extraordinary true encounters each and every day.

If you didn’t know every week, I receive dozens of these stories via emails containing many of these qualities. Sadly, I cannot read them all.

So I feel it makes sense to allow people to post their stories here , if they feel up to it. If you feel you would like your story to be heard. Take your time, go into detail. Allow others to hear your stories, but please be considerate and kind when others come forward with their personal accounts. Somethings are stranger then fiction, and many things have affected our souls deeply.

I will read  what I can. If you have questions on certain topics, then please check my Q&A section.  Periodically, I will be adding to that as well.

Good luck and may your spirits guide you!


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