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    6 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. Dear Chris Fleming,
      hi my name is Fayth Simmons you might know me from twitter, my account is faithsimmons202 thx so much for tweeting me and giving me advise on what to do on my first investigation with my friend it ment so much to me and we really appriciated it!!! i love you and watching the ghost adventures crew and ghost adventures aftershocks!!!! i just have a couple questions…. iv’e expierienced being scratched, hearing faint/loud whispheres, thuds, loud bangs and dragging sound… its been 5 years since my great grandfather died of conjestion heart faliuure and all of this stuff (paranormal activity) happens at my great grandmothers house.. i dk if its exatly a haunting or not… i was just wondering if you can tell me wether or notyou think someone from beyond the grave is here or not??? and also next time you see zak, jay,billy, and aaron make sure i said hi and that i love them and the ghost adventures aftershocks team!!!! and also please make sure i love you to!!!!!!!!!! -love, <3 <3 <3 Fayth Simmons

      1. It is not proper for me to just state things with out knowing more of what is going on. There can be a variety of things going on. Best to not jump to conclusions. Could be a rational explanation or if it is paranormal it may have no relation to your grandfather. It could be something else. I would suggest to submit your case under Paranormal section in my website.

    2. hi Chris ,
      can u please tell me what u see round me with them things u call demons
      i have pics of them actual vids i gave also to scientists
      there annoying my sleep im very sensative and when something looks at me i wake up
      there annoying me and i need rest from these bastard little things
      do you know what it means ?
      why they round me for ?
      how do i get rid of them annoying me
      i believe ur the only one other than me can see them
      anyway hope to hear from ur dept soon i live in australia
      and urgently need some assistance or guide or bloody something assurance perhaps would do
      thankyou for your time

      1. What did the scientists say and can you let me know who these scientists are so I can discuss with them? First I would suggest to relax, gain control of your thoughts and any anxiety. Before I can state anything I need to verify things. How old are you and how do you know these are demons? I normally ask that cases be submitted through my website under Paranormal/Submit Your case. Thanx – Chris

    3. I lost my son in December when he was ejected from his truck in a car wreck and although he was dead on the scene everyone knows someone else was driving his truck and left him there. They just cannot prove it. I talked with a medium who confirmed it. However I am in so much pain as my son and I were so close. I need to talk with him.He has left plenty as signs such as lights in one half of the house going on and off, tv changing, DVR recording things we did not record and the medium confirmed it was all him attempting to communicate with me. I will never give up on talking to him or proving the woman he was with that night was driving and left him there. I need help. Please contact me.

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