Costa Rica Spirit Box Session part 1

Costa Rica Spirit Box Session part 1

While traveling to Costa Rica Jan 29- Feb 4th, 2015 I did an impromptu Spirit Box Session the very first night. After traveling for almost 18 hours and enjoying a few hours parading around the city of San Jose, I headed back to the hotel, started to watch spanish TV and then jumped on the idea to do a spirit box session. Yes I brought everything with. Spirit box, evp recorder and video camera. 

I began my session with the full am/fm spirit box and my first test was at the AM setting, which I normally get great results on. This time, however  I was only getting white noise and some occasional low grade responses. They seemed more negative then anything. The speaker kept cutting off by itself, which I couldn’t figure out why. I tested the wire, took apart the battery compartment and nadda. Nothing different. You can see I continue to use the speaker with no problems throughout after switching from AM to FM. 

What I have learned with ITC in using the SB7 is if I don’t get any success on one frequency I switch to the other and go back and forth til I do. Normally,  I get responses right away, but for someone reason the AM responses were poor. Why is it that what works for us once, may not always work. Yet, what didn’t work for us before, now does. I can’t fully answer that, perhaps the location and frequencies act differently for spirit. 

While some may believe that spirits manipulate the frequencies to speak to us, I don’t follow that theory. I believe they project “thoughts” onto the carrier wave and don’t actually change or manipulate anything. Only quick bits of information can be projected due to the wave itself and or the amount of energy needed by them to project the thought, which is why we get only a few words or direct statements. A truck passes by and you throw your backpack up onto the truck. You stand still but the truck and your backpack keeps going. Did we change anything about the truck? No, we just added something to it. Various forms of energy in existence can carry many things. A boat going down a stream, you go with the current. So anything you throw into the stream will ride with the current. We did not change the current or water, we just added to it. To carry whatever it is we threw in. 


You may ask, well how to they know how to do that? Remember they have no physical body. Spirit, ghosts, or whatever you want to call them are pure energy. No physical body or form. Since they are energy and all thought. Mind, personality, consciousness. I am sure they know there surroundings and environment very well, and it doesn’t take much effort to do it. The limitations reside in our technology to receive the signals from their thought forms. You put your hand in water, you change the surface of the water, yet it is still water, it just moves differently. That is physical. But if we are talking pure energy, I would assume it blends and becomes one much more easier. Where your hand cannot become water, your thoughts with other energy can blend or mold into one. Such as the become part of a signal that is being sent. Mind you I am no engineer, but this is just a theory I have learned a long time ago when speaking with spirits via board communications and during my first tests of EVP many years ago in asking these questions. Spirits have communicated that it is easy to hear our thoughts and read our minds, because they are frequencies being sent throughout our brain but also which we don’t fully realize, into the EMF field as well. Into our environment. Something comprised of pure energy within our environment would obviously bump into that, cross paths with that or absorb that. 

Ever look at someone and they turn and catch you? How did they know? What did they feel? Your eyes staring at you or your thoughts? Think about that. Then take the brain out of the equation. Are we our brain or our thoughts? 


In switching to the FM, I received responses from the get go and they were very positive as well. In re-watching the video, mind you I know it is hard to make out some of them, and I must admit a couple I hear a few different words then I originally posted, such as “thats enough kids” I now hear as “thats enough Chris.” What do you think?

What is interesting is the speaker does not cut out anymore once I switched to FM frequency and there is a mix of DRVPs (direct radio voice responses) from the SB7 and even some EVPs recorded in the room. Which means, spirits were not only communicating from the area, but also from within the room. Spirit communication can be local and non-local. Thoughts travel and are projected. 

The unfortunate thing is when my roommate shows up and I have to end the session. The remark from the Spirit box when this happens is actually comical and I didn’t want to tell him what it actually said… because, well,  he is afraid of the supernatural and since this was day one of our trip, I didn’t want to freak him out. 😉 As you may recognize, by the remark,  the spirit was bummed that he showed up.

I will be posting part two where I perform an EVP and SB7 session on the beach late at night in Costa Rica. I am analyzing the audio and video this week. Until then enjoy, but please do not listen and make remarks on the EVPs and DRVPs “unless” you are using a high quality preferably noise canceling headphones or A grade speakers. Low quality speakers, audio from laptops and cell phones are terrible in pitch and do not properly playback ITC recordings. Anyone studying ITC research knows this. Audio output is so important. Plus we do know that regardless of how good the recording is, some people may or may not hear things differently. This becomes a psychological thing.

As I know, we could then debate who is correct and who is wrong when it becomes psychological? I plan on posting in the future on Apophenia and Pareidolia. 


-Chris Fleming 



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