Donation Thank You From 2012 Sales Of Angel Shirts and Hoodies!

Donation Thank You From 2012 Sales Of Angel Shirts and Hoodies!


Donation To Tails Human Society from Ghost Outlet . com

and All of You Who Purchased An Angel Hoodie or T-Shirt in 2012!


This Years Donation from Sales of Angel/Spirit Talk Hoodies and T-Shirts



I want to thank everyone that purchased an Angel T-Shirt or Hoodie in 2012. I dropped off a check this past weekend at Tails Humane Society in Dekalb, IL.

Here are the numbers – In 2012 we sold 70 Angel Hoodies and 71 Angel T-Shirts which brought in $1,142.50

(25% of the online and event purchase price the other 75% goes towards the cost of buying/making the product and shipping costs).

A big hug to all of you for making this work. Lets try and beat the amount in 2013 as I have added a new Eco Black (charcoal grey) color to the Angel Line. They are gorgeous and made of all natural material. I hope to make some new designs this year as well. They are all Very, Very Comfy, as many of you can attest to.


For those of you that don’t know, I created the “Angel Line” of Hoodies and T-Shirts for two reasons:

1)  I believe in angels and feel more focus needs to be on the light and our faith in believing we are loved and protected from a higher power.

2) I want to help out the one thing I love most – animals and pets. 25% of all sales of Angel Hoodies and Shirts are donated to Tails Humane Society. A place in Dekalb, IL that my family has grown fond of. Instead of the profit going into my pocket, it goes to a great cause! So when you wear the hoodies and shirts, know that you made a difference for a four legged friend.

I know over the past two years many people have been hit hard financially and because of this animal shelters have got swamped with people giving up their pets. The numbers have been staggering across the country.

Seems many people feel that getting rid of a pet is the first thing they need to do towards financial freedom. While I don’t agree with that, as I believe pets are family and we shouldn’t just give up someone we love because  we are going through hard times, under certain circumstances for some people it may be their only choice. For some their hope is their pet will wind up in the hands of someone more suited financially to take care of them. What they fail to notice is the huge impact emotionally it does to the animal, many go into deep depression, not understanding the situation and feeling they have done something wrong or that their owner (Whom they thought loved them) will one day be coming back. The heartbreak you see on some of these animals faces and in their eyes is overwhelming and has brought tears to my eyes.  If you have seen the news over the years, some  just sit in their cages, while others just giving up. They need a home, but first and foremost need the proper care and shelter, many of these Humane Societies provide. But they survive and thrive only on donations.

Money donated to these and other legit shelters out there, help feed and take care of these animals as well as supply and give whatever medical needs are necessary.

While I know $1,142.50 may not be a huge amount compared to say, $20,000, $100,000 or a million, but I (and you with your purchase) do what we can, and in many cases, every penny does count.

If sales of the hoodies and shirts increase, so will the donations.

Once again, thank you for your contribution, your purchase and giving back to our four legged friends.

Please spread the word about our Angel (Spirit Talk) Hoodies and T-Shirts and feel free to post and share the link where others, like yourself, can make a purchase and make a difference.


Angel Hoodies and Shirts Can Be Purchased Here –  Link  www.GhostOutlet.Com


-Chris Fleming

Owner /


PS: Happy New Year and wish you all the utmost in happiness and good health.


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  1. May the One who created everything bless you always! I love my angel jacket and t-shirt, but love the fact that we are helping animals even more!! We share the same belief on angels and pets <3

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