Eyes of White Lightening

Eyes of White Lightening

“White Lightening” 2012 Digital Art by Chris Fleming

We had a thunderstorm early this morning, kinda nice if you ask me. Gave me a reason to sleep in. The thunder, the rain and knowing its crappy out means I can get a few more hours rest with no guilt. A few loud thunder claps got my attention and I looked around the room realizing “you know maybe these vaulted ceilings weren’t such a good idea.”

As I attempted to close my eyes and go back to sleep a bolt of lightening hit the sky above our neighborhood and my sound machine. Yes, I have a sound machine I listen to thunder and rain every night when I go to sleep. It is calming, relaxing and most importantly being a  light sleeper, dampens any background noise so I can get some much needed shut eye every night.

As the bolt of lightening sounded off  ”Krackpow!”, my sound machine got distorted like electric fuzz and while my eyes were shut, which you normally don’t see anything with eyes closed, all of a sudden there was pure white light as if someone just shone a spotlight of pure bright whiteness in my face. I quickly opened my eyes like what the heck and looked towards the window, which had the shutters down and draped by a curtain. Nothing.

I wondered, how could I see bright light like that when my room is semi dark and all the windows are closed off from any light. Having no idea the only thing I could think of is maybe lightening shot through the house and lit up the room while my eyes were closed. I couldn’t think of any other rational explanation because every time after that when the lightening struck there was no such brightness in my room.

I have heard stories of lightening passing through peoples homes, I wish I just got to see it with my eyes open, then again I guess I didn’t need to, I saw the flash anyways.

I wonder though, on second thought, can the brain be affected by lightening or any discharge. If the bolt passes through objects or creates some form of electrical current in the vicinity can the brain be lit up so to speak. Can a charge cause the eyes or brain to create the white light?

I didn’t feel any pain, I only heard a slight static as the sound machine made its sizzle noise. My eyes were closed. A disturbance to part of the brain or eyes? I have no clue, just wish my teeth where that white and bright.

I know what I saw with my eyes closed is not normal, at least I hope not because a bright light up like that with eyes closed makes no sense and can really disrupt your sleep if you are sleeping in the dark.

There is nothing paranormal about this, it’s all apart of nature, but then again so is the supernatural. It’s really just “super” nature, meaning natural things that exist that we haven’t come to accept, understand or fully believe in yet.

Give it time …soon, very soon.

-Chris 5/6/12

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