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Featured – Spirit Talk


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One thought on “Featured – Spirit Talk”

  1. I have been battling troublesome unholy spirits/entities for over forty some odd years…At this point in my life…I have been so lucky that God has come to my rescue.. At the pinnacle of supernatural activity…I turned to help in the wrong places…ghosts hunters, psychics…past life regression, books and books that claimed to have all the answers…I did evp’s and tried to communicate with the troublesome unholy spirits…that made everything worse…the troublesome unholy spirits portrayed themselves as poor lost spirits…they are so far from it…I am fearful for others in my predicament. My best advice…Pray for Divine light, Divine Love, Divine Positive Energy, Divine Healing and Divine Forgiveness from our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus and Pray for Divine Light from all The Heavenly Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels and all the Choir of Heavenly Angels… Believe… I know they protect me from these troublesome unholy spirits… I would very much like the troublesome unholy spirits gone from my life..forever.. but..It is a slow process…Trusting in the Lord, and Prayer has help so much…the troublesome unholy spirits tell me they will haunt me forever…I just keep sending them God’s and Jesus’ Divine Light and Divine Love to them and surround them in millions and millions of Heavenly Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels and all the choir of Heavenly Angels…I visually in my mind..surround them in God’s pure Divine Heavenly Light and Divine Love constantly….I can’t imagine going out looking for such troublesome unholy spirits…they are not easy to get rid of…and they love to try to invoke fear in others… and don’t ever wish that you could talk to them…it’s not good…They don’t shut up especially when they are trying to control you…there are layers of consciousness…telepathy…vibrations…frequencies…sound.. that are difficult to explain to anyone who has not experienced it…Well,some people hear things that others don’t… It is real..It took me a while to stop thinking I was just plain crazy!! …. The positive to come from my experiences has been growing closer to God…and Jesus who helped me to see the troublesome unholy spirits for who they really are…and now I am open to hear and talk to Heavenly Angels…ST. Micheal in particular who stays with me Always and stays in contact with me… My situation is an usual one… The troublesome unholy spirits that me and my family knew for over forty years …put one over on us…do not go looking for such things…be careful you might just get what you were looking for…God Bless… Sandy

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