HELP! MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED – New Paranormal TV Series in the UK!

HELP! MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED – New Paranormal TV Series in the UK!

Created by Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans, Help! My House Is Haunted is a fresh new ghost-hunting series that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to searching for paranormal entities. Three investigators from around the world, join forces to uncover new evidence and find solutions to more than just bumps in the night. From lonely specters to problematic Poltergeists to Dark malevolent Entities. Owners of lived in castles, restaurants, pubs, multi-use properties, and family homes have had enough and want answers. 

The premier series spotlights haunted locations in the UK, Wales and Scotland as Internationally known Medium and Paranormal investigator Chris Fleming (USA) and Paranormal Investigators Barri Ghai (UK) and Sandy Lakdar (France) take the art of ghost-hunting into the 21st century. These 3 tackle the hauntings from start to finish. Finding who or what is attached to these locations. Using years of expertise and highly specialized technical equipment the team sets to work to find answers to the unexplained, and free homeowners from unwelcome spirits or learn how to coexist with them.

HELP! MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED is a 12-episode long series currently airing right now on UKTV’s Really Channel until late October. 



Q: Is it airing outside the UK and Northern Ireland?:

Not yet, only in the UK and Northern Ireland at this time, the hope is this series will air internationally in all markets, including the USA, France, Canada, Asia, Australia, and so on! No further information is known at this time. TBD.

Q: Where can I watch?

It is available for viewing to subscribers of Sky 155, Freeview 17, BT & TalkTalk 017.…and On demand on UKTV Play

Q: Does Zak Bagans or any of Ghost Adventures crew make an appearance on the series?

No, Zak is the brainchild and executive producer of the series. He co-produced the series with his partnership with My Entertainment (USA) and Back2Back Productions (UK).

Q: Is Chris Fleming on all the episodes?

Yes, Chris is one of the three-team investigators and appears on all 12 episodes. Barri Ghai from the UK, who has appeared on numerous paranormal shows including the recent Celebrity Ghost Hunt and Sandy Lakdar who has appeared on Ghost Adventures and her own series, The Believers which airs in France both join and complete the three-person team.   This is Chris’s return to TV as a regular and his 3rd broadcast TV series. He first took his passion to TV on the series Dead Famous with Gail Porter which aired from 2004-2008 in various countries for 32 episodes and on 5 episodes of A&E’s Psychic Kids in 2009-2010. Since then he has made guest appearances on numerous programs such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge and other unique paranormal programs. 

Q: Is this like all other paranormal shows, what makes it different?

This series is taking a different approach in documenting the investigators to not just find answers and evidence, but obtain resolution – come up with practical, spiritual and unique solutions for the homeowner while confronting the spirits or entities haunting the home or land. Any evidence or encounter is tested and either verified or debunked during the investigation, but any debunking is mostly edited out to focus on what they do find and associate with the haunting. Solutions and spirit removal is rarely seen on TV. Since programs are only 42-44 minutes in length, the walk through, research and interviews along with the 12+ hours of investigating have to be condensed down to fit the one-hour time slot with commercials. Due to time and program constraints, certain evidence, and most debunking or testing of data has been edited out to give time for the story and important findings. 

Q: What is the series mainly about?

Three investigators look into sightings and encounter experienced at a haunted location to help and find answers for the owner or owners. Some owners want it removed, others just want to know what it is and come to an agreement with the ghostly occupants. The team investigates the history and confront the spirits in the home to find out what is really going on. After reviewing collaborating evidence, their own experiences during the investigation and any messages or responses from the haunting spirits, the team comes to a conclusion on who or what is haunting the home and then follows through with a solution. They present all information and any evidence to the owner the following morning after a walk through the day before and all night investigation that stretches over 12 hours at the location. The goal is to help the client and the spirits attached to the property. 

Q: Do any of the crew members have experiences?

Most of the crew experienced the unexplained during production,,  encounters occurred during the all-night investigation and general filming of footage at the location. Some members, for the first time in their lives. Some of these encounters were captured on camera and may appear in the show. The series goal is to keep it organic and share what happens when it happens, for all involved. Cast and crew alike. 

Q: How long is the season running?

Help! My House is Haunted launched on Really channel in the UK on Friday, July 13th, 2018 on Fright Night, and runs until Mid to late October of 2018 with 12 hour long episodes. 

Q: Where can I find out more about the show? 

You can follow on social media via Really Channel on twitter  and on Really Channels website.

As well as through the social media of the investigators on the series:

Chris Fleming twitter

Chris Fleming Facebook Public Page

Barri Ghai Twitter

Barri Ghai Facebook page

Sandy Lakdar Twitter

Sandy Lakdar Facebook

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