Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.

Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.


Imps, Devils, Demons Infestation of the Home. 

Back in the mid 1970’s while growing up in Hoffman Estates, IL I lived in a house that was haunted by Ghosts and shadow people. Besides the standard normal hauntings, there was a period of time that I was also terrorized and attacked by little demons. They would peer out of the walls, walk out of, into, or fly out of (as a black mass) closets and dark corners of the house. 

Where they came from or why, I still to this day have no idea. Years of Ouija board use? …maybe.

I became so terrified as a child that I slept with the lights on, slept with my back to the wall each night, and had by me a glow in the dark plastic toy sword my mom got me to help me feel safe at night. I even ended up placing a last rites cross, with candles and Holy Water beside my bed each night. Not sure why I used a last rites cross, probably not the best idea. As a child I had no idea what it was really used for and always felt having the cross on display would be like having Jesus besides me while I slept. 

While this is an extremely long story of events and encounters, I have decided to post some of these drawings to better illustrate what I saw. The drawings at the end are encounters when they, Imps and what I assume was a Lord Demon,  returned  and appeared during 2009-2011 after 35 years.

Last encounter was with an Imp (same as the full body creature in the closet) just over a month ago (December 2013).

Please note I am a Catholic and a very spiritual person. I have also seen many heavenly angels throughout my life, which is a whole story on its own. I am only discussing these creatures right in this posting to bring to attention that these things exist and more people need to be aware. There has been angel and demon interaction that I have witnessed as well, such as a battle that occurred when the lord demon appeared. 

I discuss both Angels and Demons in many of my lectures and those of you who have seen me speak may remember these encounters. Some I have spoken of publicly in the past. Do not under any circumstance try to contact or investigate these creatures. They can spread like a virus. I would rather have people pray to God, put your faith in Jesus Christ and pray for protection for yourself and loved ones. Angels do watch over us and go to battle each and every day for our souls and spirits over the dark forces that reside on our planet. I would never have realized to what levels this occurs if not for the things I have seen and witnessed. Whether you are of faith or not, I hope you realize that there are forces we do not understand. Both Good and bad. Regardless of your beliefs I hope you one day you put your faith in the good over the bad. 

All drawings by Chris Fleming done from 1980 to 2013 to illustrate his encounters and experiences. May not be downloaded, used or printed without written permission. 


Spirit Box Session in my house where the name “IMPS” was revealed to me.





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64 thoughts on “Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.”

    1. Wow I totally believe you, my family had an encounter with an imp that looks just like your drawing. It appeared to me and followed me around until a huge angel flew in and took it out of the back bedroom. The imp turned into a snake as the angel flew off with it. We have actual pictures of some of these demonic creatures. I was shocked because I am a spirit filled Christian and these things tormented us for six weeks. My husband challenged them and along came many more. It was an experience I never want to have again in this old house. Thank you for sharing this page. I knew we all couldn’t be crazy and I believe in demonic entities and the power of the blood of Jesus. That silly imp thing really tripped me out when it came out of the closet it seemed to blend in with the colors of brown and green. Crazy but so real.

      1. I don’t no what it is but it seems invisible… Attacks me and even my dog … I thought I was going nuts but my dog sees them too… I’m really scared and that means a lot… I do t scare easy… It’s so crazy seems to b afraid of bright light .. I use a high powered flashlight and u can see the shadows of them.. They attack my body and my dog too.. If I shine the light at myself to get the, away my shadow Chavez shape to really creepy looking figures… Swear .. I have iPhone n iPad video of it… I think they posed me cause they won’t leave ..; I don’t no what to do …I live in NY on Long Island .. Helpppppppp!!!!

    2. My nam is angela i live in victorville ca i have photos of aliens sitings ufos everything my home i belive was a cemetury i hace photos of creatures of my front yard grass and back yard eye balls every were in my grass front and back yard pictures white objects diffrent shapes i want to get money for thes pictures i have video cameras on my monitor you could see everything that appears. Please contact me 7608448715

    3. I definitely believe you because when I was a child we lived in a haunted house also and I used to have these little demons visit me every night they would jump on my back and stick like a knife in my back not through my skin but just poke me I would run to my mom’s room and I could see them floating around in the air in my mom’s room I tried to show her but she couldn’t see. As soon as she put me back to bed it started right back up again and they all would linger at the end of my bed. I was a very abused child and I never understood why I got visited by the devil.

    4. My wife and I just passed a dark object moving on a bridge. it was moving about 10-15 mph the same direction as us. It looked to be roundish shape about 3 foot in diameter and seemed to absorb the light from our headlights. Dark stormy nite.
      Cohasset MN both of us saw the same thing

    5. My family was a little bit on the poor side as a kid. So I didn’t get toys but once or twice a year, if I was lucky. One day my mother bought me a small submarine transformer. I was so elated I was beside myself but there agreement was that I would go home and take a nap. So I fell asleep with my new toy, and in my dream a small black shadowy mass had taken the toy under my bed into a small wooden cabinet behind the back of the bed. I’m pretty sure I Astral traveled under the bed to retrieve it. As I sat in the cabinet looking for where it could have hidden it to my right it dimmed into view. A black shadowy roundish creature. Not too far off from the movie critters. Only what seemed like fur was more like micro energy arcs like plasma balls have, but black as a shadow. And it had deep red glowing eyes that seemed to be pulsing slowly. As well as a large mouth with small shark like teeth. This creature seemed impressed that I wasn’t more afraid of it and simultaneously angry. I immediately woke up from my dream terrified and looked all over my room as did my mother and we never find the toy ever again. Just gone.

      We also experienced tv remotes hidden in the freezer. Eye glasses hidden in potted plants. Missing jewelry. Years later when we moved from that house in the attic in the back left corner not accessible as you would need to crawl along the wooden beams to reach it. My dad found a balled up missing dress of my mother’s with all kinds of nick knacks, jewelry and other things. Much too large to have been simply a pack rat. I’ve always wondered what the heck my family was dealing with as a kid.

      1. Possibly a variation of the imps or some type of dimensional entity. I have heard many different stories with slight variations to what these creatures look like, that I must assume there are many subspecies. Seems with the hide and seek with objects, we were dealing with the prankster IMpish type that took an interesting form. Thank you for sharing this amazing story.

  1. One time when I was a little girl, I was with my family at Christmas and was gazing at the Christmas tree. Two adjacent red and green lights merged together and a goblin appeared. It had an unpleasant sinister rage-ful face that frightened me. I told my parents but they didn’t see it and ridiculed me for my “imagination.” It looked right at me and made eye contact in an unfriendly way. It was hairy and scruffy with a short nose and inhuman expression in the eyes. Even wild animals like skunks and hawks and coyotes do no have that look in their eyes. I yelled. Then it vanished. Recently I read that gnomes can use red and green lights combined, in order to materialize and manifest in the physical world.

    1. How does someone establish, and test that rule? That red & green lights are used by goblins/gnomes to reappear? It seems like the most arbitrary thing in the world!

    1. Sherry. My name is Todd. I’m A paranormal investigator/ researcher for 19 yrs. I want to let you know if you have orbs and trust me on this cause i research very deeply and get answers by people who work in this area trying to prove things. Orbs. DO NOT GIVE ANY THOUGHT INTO IT BEING ANY MORE THAN JUST A ORB. A ROUND THING. IT’S NOT A SPIRIT. This misconception was brought on by of course, “TV” and Zack from ghost adventures. Its,all talk to hype up the show to get more ratings. That’s all it is. I actually have proof per se on that from a show called my ghost story. Long story short they wanted us and do a show on some of our findings. They asked us if we believed in orbs. I told them no. They said they had no use for me and my leas investigator. They called us separate and said they would give us this much money if we would lie and say they’re spirits. I told them no. I have my morals, values and I can not and will not be bought. I have talked to people who.have been trying to prove this theory for 30 yrs. And still can’t. They can’t get any energy readings from any orbs. No proof, not real then. Now to your other things. Will you call me. I do have mediums and I’m a empath and would like to see what you have and what we can get for you. Call me at 832-819-8114. I can help find out for you.

      1. Todd I need help man … I have these evil creature invisible shadowy hairy I think but deft evil ,That attack me and my dog.. Thought I was going crazy but when my dog is bugging out and scared to death then I realized it’s totally real and I’m creeped the blank out… I tried holy water with no help .. I don’t no what to do this is so crazy but real… Live in NY Amityville Long Island .. Somebody please help me…

        1. Hey I am from long island and this “imp” has followed me everywhere throughout my life. I live in FL now and this thing is here too. It creates havoc and chaos in my life constantly. I cant get a grip on things. I want to talk to you more about this. I need help myself. But I want to know what people have done, what doesnt work and find something that works if you’re on fb look for Gaz Ashes.

  2. I’m going to try to link some weird pics taken in my house I’d like to share- I wish to God a psychic medium could tell me what this entity is sitting on my daughters vanity- I thought it could be our deceased cat so a video on YouTube titled “orbs-ghost pet on vanity” is the whole original video- but I’m going to try to link some pics n video -thank you! Sunshine & smiles, sherry

    1. I see a small dark, almost see-through figure sitting facing towards white rounded, painted carved railing/bannister on a landing. It’s sitting on some kind of ottoman holding something gold, looks like a small box. It’s fascinated with jewellery and shiny gold. Carpet looks light beige and nice to walk on. Bouncy with good underlay. This creature has moved things only to make them reappear to play small pranks/jokes, moved keys, caused minor arguments by doing these things and generally made you feel like you’ve gone mad. Well you haven’t lol.

      It might be an idea to consider leaving a small note asking to please leave your home and with a gesture of good will (small gold item), as well as two small saucers or bowls in the place it sits most; one with blood drained from an already dead cow or creature from the butchers and one with either cake mix and honey, bread dough and honey or cookie mix and honey. It does not feel evil, just playful and curious but atleast it is given the option of what both evil and good imps and sprites eat.

      Good Luck!

        1. Me too there was a few of them came out of my closet in my bedroom it was like they was talking to each outher and look at me I also had eye contact with them they came almost everyday at the same time.everyday at the same time I would fall asleep and that’s when I would see them.oh so much more to tell

  3. As a Coast to Coast subscriber I was able to hear your appearance on the Feb. 15 show. I can completely relate to your experience as I had been a complete skeptic about the existence of demonic entities until March, 2009 when my life changed completely when these things came into my life. My experiences started with what I will call channeling, telepathic communication that spontaneously occurred as I was lying in bed preparing for sleep one night. This started with names of people. They were usually foreign names that I didn’t recognize as a name until I researched it. From this experience I realized that I was in communication with someone but was given to believe it to be with deceased individuals. Then one night something (a group, I believe) came into my bedroom, thumped about the room trying to get me to take notice and telepathically said, “Prepare the sacrifice” in a offhand way. I heard several dates mentioned also as if I was hearing one side of a conversation discussing events of my life. I was in so much shock and disbelief that I never awakened my husband who was sleeping beside me. In May, 2009 a completely black shadow of a large male wearing an overcoat and a fedora hat audibly walked into my house through the kitchen door right after my husband left for work very early one morning. It stood there in a doorway, turned slightly to the side for me to get a profile view, then walked off toward another part of the house and disappeared. Then I started telepathically receiving names of people who were subsequently murdered. One was of a female minister who was horrifically murdered about a week later in my home state of Oklahoma. Her murder remains unsolved. I was later told telepathically that she was chosen for a “sacrifice” instead of me. The next month, I received another name of a male (Ed Hinds). Within a week, a priest with that name was murdered in New Jersey. The following month (Oct.) I received another name, first name only. Prior to these events, these names meant nothing to me and a Google search on them would turn up numerous people with the same name around the country. This last name (Margarite) was very similar to mine. I just knew something was going to happen that Halloween night and I was certain it would be to me. I did not allow myself to sleep at all that night. The next morning it was reported on CNN that a nun in New Mexico (Marguarite Bartz) had been murdered. I have since received numerous communications of names that soon turn out to be victims, perpetrators, or locations of some terrible crime. Examples: Gabrielle Giffords, Aurora, CO., Big Bear Lake, CA., Adam Lanza, Ariel Castro, etc. About two years ago something was done to my head and I now am in constant telepathic communication with these entities. I have had many other experiences from physical attacks to me, to attacks on my pets. My husband has witnessed some of these encounters. I have had an event where some object (they referred to it as a “fang”) was pierced into my body at the base of my neck after I felt something coming up through the bottom of the mattress as I slept one night. It “drilled” into my chest as I was paralyzed in sleep, but I have no further remembrance of what took place after that. I saw that entity arrive as a black ball of mist and morph into a figure beside my bed. I saw it kneeling and was only able to view it from the forehead upward. It appeared to have a bump on either side of the all black hairless head. I have seen three other entities since the appearance of the first black shadow. I am telepathically told that he (large male wearing a fedora-type hat) is “the Devil”. Once another being, black but more 3 dimensional, took me somewhere that was very dark, up a wide boulder-lined gravel trail. I was later told he was the “High Ambassador”. I have no idea if I was physically or mentally transported, just remember a swirl of black mist around me before walking up the trail. I awoke in my bed two hours later than my usual wake up time. Of course I tried prayer to stop these events and communications. Some of the physical assults did subside and I am told that I am being “protected”, however I feel that there is a new medical problem cropping up for me each month where I used to be in perfect health. Other times I am told they are killing me. They tell me they can cause accidents, severe weather events, and can take control of people who are mentally ill or substance abusers and cause them to commit crimes or suicide. I also feel that I am in communication with some protective beings I call “the good guys”. They encourage me to read my Bible. I was recently told that a passage in my Bible had been “marked” for me when I ask in my prayers why this is happening to me. It was 2 Corinthians 12 where the Apostle Paul speaks about “a messenger of Satan” being sent to him. I do not understand why all this started happening to me. Although a Christian, I never believed in the Devil, ghosts, or demons, nor did I ever do anything to conjur them up or invite them into my life. I have tried to live a moral life and am a 66 year old retired RN living an otherwise quiet life. Thanks to both you and Mr. Vaile for sharing your experiences. It is good to know I am not alone with this. If you are ever able to find a way to stop this in your life, please let me know as well.

    1. In 2016, when I was 66 year old retired banker, I had a visit from an imp. He was in my bed laying against my leg. He made a scratching sound like a dog. I thought that he was the spirit of a dead dog that belonged to the former occupants. I had purchased the house just one year before and knew that the former tenants had dogs. I did not think this spirit was evil and I let it stay. Within a few weeks, my house was over run with these spirits and they began attacking me. Then they brought 2 other types of spirits with them who made their home in my bed. This has gone on now for almost 2 years. Now I have 12 of these spirits in me and hundreds of them in my home. I am Christian and did not believe in demons or any other evil spirits except the devil. This experience is getting worse and I do not know what to do. I too just want a quiet retirement to live out the rest of y life. Any ideas?

    2. Hey miss Marjorie my name is john well leave it at that for now. I want to start out with this I am 34 years old on the out side but for some reason on the inside I feel As though I have lived life times I guess you could say I have a very old soul. I my self have had a lot of experiences one impaticular where I wouldn’t ask for forgiveness for I did not want to spit in GODs face persa. What I mean is I was living a sinful life asking forgiveness ever night for the same sin soon the devil had me convinced I could no longer ask. I was a hard drug user back then but always kept in faith GOD has taught me many things but just to clarify I’m no angel. I’ve always struggled with staying the right way. But long story short the devil wants us who are GODs chosen to stay in fear doubt and to especially feel helpless and alone. Everything is GODS plan sister but heres the best thing GOD ever told me those things in the past you leave them in the past you don’t pay attention to those things that are gone. Meaning you gotta not pay attention mam the more you pay attention the more stronger they of it can become to manifest in your life. Long story short on my end the devil ran my family off to get me alone then preceded on trying to get my attention as a spirit of a lady needing help I kept hearing the same thing a faint voice john you don’t pay attention to those things that are gone there in the past leave em in the past. Still never thought about asking forgiveness reading my book even as it would touch me say my name it couldn’t do me no harm till I finally played it attention then he had me. Or so I thought one day I prayed for ex to be able to take her lucmia and so two years later which was this moment I had festival cancer and she had nothing. I wanted to say that to let you know that thus silhouette of a women was trying to grave at it to hurt me because I said I was going to work. Now even though all this was going on I went to leave the house and wouldn’t you know it this silhouette stepped out with me. Now from my understanding spirits that die in a certain place are tied to it but this thing followed me down the road trying to continue to hurt me then it got me tbinking. On the way back from getting drugs the whole neighborhood say me getting jerked on trying to pull me down then something made me remember the little bible I carried always I thew it behind me when it when to grave me guess what it couldn’t. GOD was showing me to remember him cause he’s still there always. I went home got my bible said LORD plz give me something to make this thing go away and made the mistake of hitting my butt instead of my knees. I opened the bible started reading this thing got on my shoulders laughing pecking the bible that my forehead he almost pressed against it I started getting angry and I had something in me till recently that when I got mad took over. Right before I got to angry I heard GOD said john don’t get mad. This thing emmidetly jumped off my shoulders hit the wall the guy that was there with me it was like he was on pause. I got up with my bible hit my kneed and I gave GOD everything ask for forgiveness and refuge then HE said NOW YOU KNOW WHO HE IS NOT SHE HE I GAVE YOU THE STRENGTH AND AUTHORITY TO CAST HIM OUT CAST HIM OUT. I got up still angry cause the devil had tricked me again I started slinging the curtains and doors open in anger. It was lime Larry unpaused and said john don’t get mad so in the LORDS NAME IN FULL AUTHORITY OF OUR FATHER GOD I CASTED HIM OUT IN JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOURS NAME. See GOD knows our heart minds and souls he knew I didn’t want to dissapoint him and I would have to get as low as I could get before I would look up. That’s not the amazing part when I got to work talking to GOD and thanking him I prayed LORD I don’t know how I can thank you but if you would come in me heart mind body and soul until I’m strong enough to get rid of the devil myself I’ll do what you have wanted me to do this whole time ( which I believe it is to restore faith in others spread his gospel prophecize forgive me if I’m wrong but I’ve died four times to my knowledge and should have on many other occasions walked to help others or been lead to them who have been praying and healed some threw prayer so its how ever you want to take it. But after I prayed that prayer I heard GOD once again speak and say that’s all I was waiting for. He spoke threw me to my coe workers sister come down to me in me just to show he still loves me we are his children of course. I doubted it so bad that the place I worked little ky smoke house I worked in an acid pit I stuck my hand in GOD said alright john happy now let’s get to work still most of the night I was in doubt till a friend of mine was crying to my coworker I walked back to see what was going on his boy was in the hospital was dying of some kinda blood desiese they didn’t see him making it threw. When he saw me he stopped crying imspeektely and ask where the drugs was at as I went to speak GOD did not allow me instead he said toe did you see that john I said yes I did LORD my friends eyes had changed GOD told him it was right here and said his name my friend said no seriously where the drugs at GOD stepped closer and said I said its right here and said his name what ever was in my friend I watched it flee and my friend continued back crying. We got off work at four in the morning and GOD told my friend that when he got Home what he wanted would be waiting at his door but if he would go home get on his knee’s he would give him what he needs. My friend avoided me for days the rest of the night though I had fear and doubt GOD kept singing fear and doubt fear and doubt time to get the devil out. 4 in the morning GOD was still with me but said I could handle it from there. My friend though days later I stopped him on the way to work one day and told him that wasn’t me he said he knows and I asked him what happen he said the drugs was waiting on him at 4 in the morning but he didn’t take them instead hit his knees and the next day his son called on his way to the phatamacy to get his meds and was better going home. I told you all that to tell you this your asking anyone to let you know if they know how to make it stop what’s happening to you Mam your asking the wrong one the one you need to speak to is there with you. You don’t pay attention to those things that are gone there in the past leave them in the past You ask every night for forgiveness and strength to face the challenges ahead of you As I walk threw the shadow of the valley of death I shall fear no evil for GOD is with me. Fear and count fear and doubt time to get the devil out if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain go in the kitchen poor a grain of salt in your hand that’s all we need. Ask GOD to come into you heart mind body and soul that you are not strong enough to move this mountain on ur own. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE ANYTHING YOU ASK OF TO OUR FATHER IN THE NAME OF HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST IT SHALL BE DONE. LAST BUT NOT LEAST GOD GAVES US THE POWER TO CAST OUTVANY EVIL IN OUR LIFE THAT IS YOUR HOME SISTER AND ONLY GOD IS ALLOWED TO DWELL THERE. THIS IS YOUR LATERN GRAB HOLD KNOW THAT THE ROCK THAT HELPS YOU STAND STRONG IS CALLING TO U WALK PUT OF TJE DARKNESS GRT BACK UPON YOUR PATH GOD HAS MAFE FOR YOU CHILD KNOW ALWAYS AND FOREVER NEVET SHALL YOU BE FORSAKEN FOR IT IS WRITTEN I SHALL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU AND WHO EVER IS IN MY HAND SHALL NOT ONE TAKE FROM IT SAYS YOUR LORD GOD FOR IT IS WRITTEN SO. THE BOOK IS YOUR SWORD TO FIGHT AGAINST EVIL STUDY IT WELL TAKE BACK YOUR HOME. GOD BLESS AND AMEN PUT ON GODS ARMOR GRAB THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ASK THY SHEPERD TO COME FORTH AND HOLD TO YOU THE BATTLE IS AT HAND STAND CHILD OF GOD REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE AND THE LIGHT AND LOVE SPREAD THREW YOU LET IT GLOW THRU U AND INTO YOUR HOME. LOVE YOU SISTER AMEN.

  4. Stay away from the Ouiji boards. It is not a harmless game. It is a portal for demons to enter this dimention. I did use the board twice in my life, once as a 10 year old and the second time when I was 27. I had dark dreams and often awoke with dark shadows in my room. I felt terrified. Whoever plays this “game” is asking for trouble with demons. You are inviting them in. Have nothing to do with this board game and pray to your angels and to Jesus Christ to protect you.

  5. It gave me shivers when I heard you on Coast to Coast last night. Nice inerview by the way. Years ago I had an encounter with one on those creatures. I had been in the hospital recovering from surgery. My husband came in to see me all wild eyed and told me about a very frighting event. I thought “poor guy” my medical problems have really gotten to him. A couple of days later I went home and was greatful to be in my own bed. He worked nights and was gone. I went to bed early but all of a sudden I sat straight up . Every hair on my body was standing on end. There in the doorway was a 4 foot tall shadow that sounded like a thousand bees. It felt like it was laughing at me. When it saw that I had seen it it flew across the room and pinned me on the bed. I could not move, It seemed to be draining or sucking the life-force out of me. I tried to fight it but it told me resistance was futile or something to that effect. I wanted to fight this thing so I went deep so I could push out but there was no bottom. I was engolfed in brown jello. I needed to foucus with my complete being. I prepared to say the only words of power I then knew of “In the name of Jesus the Christ I comand you to leave and never return”. Somehow my numb tongue was able to speak. I could then open my eyes and look into the inhuman face of this thing, black on shadow. It jumped off of me and screemed as it fled towards the door. My dog that hade been under it’s spell in the next room, woke and ran after it snarling and foaming at the mouth. The creature went out the window and up out of sight. It disolved into the night. It has never came back. My husband said he had visits from It when he was young but hadn’t for a long time. We have been free of it for 30+ years.

  6. Yes, I have seen one of these little demon spirits once before back in 2005 while still living in Louisiana. I had knelled down to pray and this entity manifested itself from another dimension and ran around me as if to interfere with my prayer. I remember that I become angered that it dare such with almost an supernatural power about it. The creature quickly ran away and disappeared through the walls of the house. And, although I have seen many things, I’ve never seen one since. Thank the Lord for that. :o)

  7. Chris, I heard your interview on coast to coast about the imps, then read your blog entry tonight. I was raised in a haunted house in Maine and have had too many experiences to write them all here. I did want to share a couple of the most troubling, however. When I was about 16 (I’m 47 now) I came home from school one day feeling a little ill. I had a quick bite to eat then went directly to my room. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes and was still laying there a short time later as it began to get dark outside. the room was quite dark but had just enough light so you could see. My ears started ringing softly, then it began to get louder. I attempted to get up but I was frozen on my bed. As the ringing got louder it was joined by what sounded like a crowd of people laughing. I continued to struggle to move but could only move my eyes. As I scanned the room I saw shadows starting to separate from the darkness in the corners of the room and they slid toward me across the ceiling. These shadows were in a half human shape, just the upper torso, arms and head. I realized the laughter was coming from them as they started to circle above me and point at me. By the I was crying and scared to death. Just when I didn’t think I could be more scared, the laughing and the ringing stopped and a child’s voice came through and it said, “help me, I’m buried in the cellar.” At that point I started praying and called to Jesus to help. The shadows drifted back into the corners and slowly I was able to move. Another instance happened in the same room several years later when I came home to visit. I woke and looked out my window and there was a small old black woman (I use that term as a description not a ethnicity, she was completely black) hanging upside down outside my window. she was dressed like a widow in a black dress and veil but I could see her eyes that looked like black holes in her head. She also receded with prayer. Over the years there have been other instances of demonic presence and prayer is the only thing that seems to keep them at bay.

    1. Hi roger i wnat to sgggest you getting a howard carter ring also called atlantean ring . I found by experience that it stop or prevent the paralisis cause by these things. Pray always, bless your house often

    2. Plead the blood of JESUS…Demons tremble at the sound of that name…All you need is HIM…do not open any more doors with other objects rings etc etc. They must flee at the sound of that name. Seek GOD pray and read your BIBLE…accept CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR.

  8. Tonight I listened to a podcast from Coast to Coast AM from the February 15th, 2014 show. The guests were Chris Fleming and Bill Vaile. The subject matter was “Demonic Imps”. My mother who is aware of my “critter” issues had told me about the show and told me she thought it sounded a lot like how I had described the “critters” (which is what I call them). I had listened to many paranormal shows trying to find something that might explain what I am living with. The key for me about Chris and Bill’s story was the part of how they crawled all over your bed; you could feel them but couldn’t see them. “Ding, ding, ding; we have a winner!”
    I believe my story starts farther back then I have yet put all together. Let me just say that this part of my story started in the summer of 2011 and still is a nightly occurrence to this day.
    I don’t know if my “critters” are the same as your “imps”. Your description of your experiences is as close as I’ve gotten so far to any kind of similarity. Close enough that this is the first time I’ve written to anyone regarding this situation.
    My “brief summary” that you requested turned out to be 3 pages long and that was just the tip of the iceberg. So I’ll stop here. You can email if you’re interested in a dialog.

  9. The 2nd to last drawing reminds me of the Kokopelli figure. Thanks for sharing your art and podcasts. I listened to the one on Coast to coast and the one you did with Bill Vaile. I once seen a similar thing when I was a kid, but it was white and with the spike like things from its head. I have had other experiences on and off all my life.

  10. Yet another person who heard you on C2C, albeit much later than the rest. I wanted to tell you about something, though maybe you already know about this.

    Loving to read up on demonology for personal reasons, I came across a striking category of demon that I haven’t thought of for a long time until I heard your February interview on C2C. They’re called ‘rabisu’, described as small creatures that lurk around doorways, on roofs and in corners, waiting to strike. They have animalistic qualities and can be quite the little jerks. From what I was reading, they’re quite minor, though I imagine in higher quantities, they’re probably a huge problem.

    Whether or not they’re imps, I can’t say, but their sizes and lurking spots (they prefer those locations when they’re dark/shadowed) at least put them in the same family. Anyway! I know you research this stuff, and you might’ve come across the name already, but I anted to drop that off just in case to help you out.

  11. i can’t even tell you how shocked i am to see these drawings.

    the experience that led me to go, “okay, this really IS something” was when i was awoken by a sense of fear and panic. like i had had an adrenaline dump, the air was very busy, like a big flock of black birds made of shadow were circling by the ceiling. then i heard what almost made me wet my pants…little pitter patter *tcktcktck* footsteps back and forth at the foot of my bed, that eventually came up right next to my face at the side of the bed.
    I didn’t “see” something, not completely, but it was like that one 2 ft spot was “sucking” up all the shadow in the room, like it was concentrated on that one point.

    now, all the time, i deal with the same thing, more annoying now than anything. but it’s as if it waits for me to go to bed, and we’re both pretty much like, “alright, let’s do this” and we do our routine. especially if my boyfriend goes to sleep before i do. it’s very small, and i get the sense it’s gross, like…amphibian almost, and just really, goblin-like.

    other things that happen:
    cat’s freak…pretty expected. actually, it’s kind of like a cat; doing things JUST to see if i’ll notice.
    see things out of the corner of my eye
    i swear all it does is just STARE at me, i always know where it’s hanging out at.
    and lately my depression is through the roof, and i’ve been getting some intense, horrible dreams, almost visions. and my body is just achy, like i have the flu, ALL the time. no energy, etc.

    it started out as a pest, i ignored it/dealt with it, even told it to F off, but now i’m being affected physically, kind of sucks. at risk of sounding bonkers, i wouldn’t necessarily say i’m psychic, but the experiences i’ve have as far as my intuition/visions/mental and magical fortitude aren’t easily dismissible, i’m pretty strong, but i just want to be RID of it. uhg! like an annoying toddler.

    i can’t even describe…the vindication (for lack of a better word) i feel…and horror, omg, at seeing these picture/reading this.

    but yeah, basically: THANK YOU

  12. Hi, what you draw is not an imp, that is a low level demon. I had experiences with this type of entity. While there is light, they appear to be like a small dark cloud tornado with white bright eyes. This type of demons get spooked when they notice that you can see them. In the dark these demons are almost the same shape I previously mentioned, however more solid in appearance. First higher class demon has a more human defined shape, and they are fast when they are in the move. Also, some this demons are highly charged with some type of electricity and they can become more solid and hold you down on your bed; then they try to make sleep so they either posses you or talk to you in your ear to make your do things unconsciously. I have seen many, many things in my life; and no of the entities I saw had horns or tails.

    1. actually George, yes they are demons, the lowest level of the Demons, however they have been called “Imps” for centuries. So these demons are IMPS. Feel free to look it up. We have been using the name “imps” to distinguish them from other demons. Due to their size and and power. Such as Lord demons who control them. There is a hierarchy of demons, just like there is for Angels. Everything you described is correct and I have been experiencing them since my childhood. Even came face to face with the lord demon that controlled them in my home. Yes they try to control your thoughts, as well as others also. Correct none of these “little demons (imps)” I have seen have horns, not even the Lord demon…however I did see one that did. A large bulky one, hulk size, bull like walking upright, but with horns like a giant ramm.

      These “imps’ infest peoples homes to cause oppression, anger, anxiety, depression, and will attack or affect anyone else that comes into the home. That is their job to wear down the owner or occupants before they attempt possession. Soften them up so to speak.

      1. My ex died as a teen and something came back with him and is still attached. I did too, but I was protected at the time. Before we divorced I was being held down every night, it was terrifying. I recently saw it and it looks like a goblin or something. Recently I found a portal in my house and cleansed it. I filled it with love, light and faith to get the bad things to stop coming through. I took tons of pics during the process. Recently I took a picture of a reptilian type demon outside stalking a feral cat. The cat is fine but the picture freaks me out. I know the two things we’re feeding off each other. At some point I would like him to move back but as long as he has the attachment it is not safe for me. I have tried the usual things, but it’s really nasty. Plus I’m not sure my ex wants to let it go. If he even believes me.

    2. George look also at all the drawings I did from my childhood and from what occurred back in 2009-2011. You will see the black tornado like mass.

    3. Hi, I just had the worst experience of my life. I had had these issues since I was a little girl but the last time I had a visitor of these nature I got t ally sick and was in a vegetable state for 3 days. My husband thought I was going to die. But just last night I had the same man or thing in my room. It started out as a shifty tall black with strikes on its back but as it started to move things around in my room and the toy box from one wall to the middle of the floor. It came closer with in seconds then went back to the toys. But when I says it’s face it was the ugliest thing I ever seen. As it started to stand up straight it was at least 7 feet tall, all black, with spikes on its back and makes a clicking sound. It would also blend in with th shadows. But this thing followed me outside and put me in a freeze state where I could not move. It is getting worse after my brother passed away it’s becoming more and more stronger and I can’t seem to get ride of it. It’s been almost 13 years since he passed and this thing appeared. Please help me I’m loading my mind and no one believes me or can help.

  13. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! I had a number of really weird and disturbing experiences happen in the span of 5 months last year and have been trying to make sense of it ever since. Ive been doing some research and have come to understand the creatures i was encountering were in fact imps. Some of your drawings were haunting because they bared such a resemblance to what i saw. They tormented me and oddly enough my pup who is my baby girl. They would jump wildly all over her body and would do the same to me. They would knock over stuff in the house like plants and seemed to like to hide in the leaves as well. I use to think they had the ability to mess with lighting because i would see little flickers or small masses fly across the lights and dash behind stuff or reside in shadows. At the time i was living with my boyfriend who thought i was going insane and was very unsupportive of the whole situation. I am just so relieved to hear of your accounts. Somehow it makes me feel a little less crazy and at least not as alone in my experiences. So again, i thank you.

  14. Since I was a freshman in highschool I started getting into God because a friend though we aren’t friends anymore one dream I had where I fell through the floor and met two demons with horns in a city on fire saying if I’m ready and now recently turn 27 getting into God again I had a dream with a demon in a suit with a briefcase who usually showed up in my dreams back then along with other dreams saying I’m always protected no matter what but as of recent uv been trying to make sense of them and God I feel myself drawn to pray for people and I looked up imps because I saw this one guy covered in them and maybe I’m going crazy but is it possible to see the demonic realm on people ? Would it mean I have to pray for them or do I pray for myself? I use to be attacked and just as of two days ago a giant hand came out of the darkness and grabbed onto my chest I grabbed onto it and started praying but only thing I could speak was in tongues it went away if I felt it again I had to pray in tongues or else it would get me but now I can stand up and walk around I can turn on lights and see things who look like family members but as they saw me they looked shocked is can anyone say is this a bad sign if walking around in that realm or dream is good or bad should I stay close to my body?

  15. A few years ago I was laying in my bed and I always slept with the door open and with the lights out I heard my door creaking and heard small footsteps toward me I was so afraid and I didn’t want to open my eyes I felt it coming towards me and I heard it breathing near my face .. I opens my eyes and I saw a little creature. And as I opend my eyes it looked like it was in shock because I wasn’t asleep and it ran away and my door slammed closed. I couldn’t believe what I saw and if it was even real untill my mom yelled from the other bedroom why I was slamming with the door. I took my blanket and went sleeping next to her. Since then I never sleep with the lights out because there is always something in the dark.. But now this is the part why I had felt I had to write you because I had drawn the creature in my diary. It was in 2011 I think and ever since I have been searching on the internet for someone who had seen the same creature. I’ve searched aliens I’ve searched ghosts and gargoyles but never something that matched untill I saw your drawing with the creature in the door/closet. I cried because I finally found the same and I am really anxious to know more about it.. Sorry for the long message

  16. If these things actually exist, then you should have multiple people visit your house and document the little imps it would be a huge break in religion and would be historical. It would lead to us finding more answers on what exactly is out there because as of right now what lies out there is an evil that is so evil the human mind can not comprehend the level of evil. Something we know nothing about. I’m saying get news teams and all kinds of investigators to document the sightings

    1. PS I feel that bill vaile will need more than 15 people to actually sight the things for more people to think this is legit. I’m a christian and I believe in this type of stuff, but in this day and age people are growing distant from religion because of all of this political correct bullshit. Also to meeseekers I recommend you watch insidious it sounds like you’re astral traveling, having seen the movie,it is very dangerous and scary to think about actually astral traveling

  17. I was having trouble sleeping o attempted a sleep guided meditation on youtube. tried twice but both times had a close to same nightmare which has been bothering me. in my dream I was a child, i never remember the start of the dream but i am inside a shed which appears to be built like a log cabin (have never seen anything like it personally that i can recall). I remember a creature which is shaggy haired and dark, the size of a large man but has long, upturned arms (elbows bend the wrong way), and a white expressionless face whose only features are small, black eyes and a mouth with no lips and jagged teeth. in the first dream he kept trying to smash his way through the door, but i managed to hold the door closed and woke up in terrible pain and completely drained of energy, felt like i’d ran a marathon. the second time the creature made it inside and pinned me to the wall by my arms with his long slawed hands. I kicked at him as he grinned with his jagged teeth and i said “i know this is a dream” and I woke up. Like i said, it’ been bothering me and wanted to see if anyone has had an encounter or dream like this. (p.s. no more guided meditations or anything close for me)

  18. My grandparents bought a home in Wilmington, CA. It was a gov. Repo due to drugs and prostitution which as an adult now my first thought would be never! and omg why! It was quite growing up there for a time. Looking back in reflection, my grandfather was an alcoholic he would see the imp as you call them running around, he thought it was a small child for the longest time till he got a good look at his face. After my grandfather passed was when the trouble for the rest of the family started. We added a back house which I eventually moved into a small one room/bath for me and my two kids. The children were the ones that started seeing them first. They would see it looking in the window as did I but I could only see it in a dream state, they would see it awake. One night and this is why im posting ,for Ive told maybe five people in this world. I dreamt two talking, the imp with its master and he told his master I want to eat her flesh. I wolk up to my son who was snuggled in my arms 2 to 3 years old at the time bitting me and snarling. I grabbed his face and pulled him off he was asleep! I jumped up and looked at my chest it was bleeding. The morning came and it had turned purple, with huge teeth marks. My son had no memory of doing it. Two nights passed maybe longer, I hear them talking again, the little one tells the tall one hes going to rip into my skin again. This time right before he does I wake up and grab my son before he lunges at me, stopping him with his mouth open trying to bite me, im starting to shake now in anger while im writting this. How dare them.
    I told my soon to be husband whats going on now the big one is trying to come in and paw at me, but again in my dream state he cant use my son for some reason. I told the pastore who was marrying us at precouncling. He tells us hes heard and seen much worse but do not be scared, take your family two every corner and window and door and bless your small home, stand up to them with the authority that christ has given you.
    We took his advice and for a time it worked, but then one morning my husband left just before sunrise to work. I was laying in my bed and I heard wings flapping again in my dream state, but this time more awake then ever before! He opened the window as if to sneak in. This time a jumped out of bed and tried to grab him! I screamed to the heavens in another language. I know I was talking to God, to angels to get him, that this was the one. Cursing him as he took flight. I wanted to hurt him how dare they use my son! There’s so much more so much more over the years to add on. But these two from this point left my tiny home alone, until I moved, but I felt them watching me. I would stare into the corner near a tree in the back yard and start singing “praise be to our king” as my hair on my arms stood up. Over the years my my sisters moved in, they became addicted to drugs leading to my nephew who lived in the house commiting suicide. He was 14. He was hearing voices and seeing things and never wanted to be alone there. My sister who bought it from my grandmother sold it. My husband tried to warn the new owners but he didnt listen who would. Its too crazy. I never put it together all the things that happend while my grandfather was alive. One night in the living room maggots were coming up from the carpet. Maggots!! It was just me and a friend there who stopped by to visit. She had told me she felt someone watching her. I told her I felt the same she wasnt one to back down and suggested we pray. The Maggots came right after the prayer! We just grabbed the vacuum never putting the two together just thinking why are these bugs here! As fast as they came they were gone! Yes, way to much to put on one post.

  19. One Wednesday night my husband was admitted into the hospital and he wanted me to go home and get some sleep for the next day…. I like to sleep with a fan in my face; and I didn’t end of going to bed until 1:00am. I woke up at 5:20am due to the fact that my fan was oculating and I like my fan stable and not moving at all. I woke up and fixed my fan, and I went back to sleep, and around 6:15am, I felt my bed cover being tugged and then I saw something jumping on my bed. I reached for my flashlight and it wouldn’t turn on, so I reached for my cellphone and turned on my light on my phone and then reached back over to my flashlight and it turned on. I saw several small creatures that looked like the third picture from the bottom… They didn’t hurt me or anything, they just annoyed me… When my husband got home a few days later, he said he felt something step on his head…

    1. I always smell sulfur when one is around. It comes occasionally, doctoring my dreams so they’re mass confusion and horror I cannot wake fully from. However, Chris, it isn’t “holy Angels” protecting you, it’s your cats.

      Whenever I smell the sulfur, the cats are outside or nowhere near me. I’ve never had one of these encounters with them around.

      Tonight was the worst…or should I say best. Due to reflexes, I managed to grab it outside my covers and the burning sensation caused me to throw it. I then pretended sleep and it came back, this time I threw it hard. I scrambled for the lights and felt like I was moving over cinders as I did it, Hundreds of little burns.

      I think this imp has a real hatred for me, causing it to lapse in judgment. In many of the dream encounters, I’ve gotten very mad inside them and turned on my tormentor hard. At times, I’ve hunted them down in the dreams, daring them to appear.

      Maybe it’ll continue in a wounded state. Then I might have a chance of catching this thing, if my hands can hold it long enough.

      1. I am being attacked by the imps every night or any time I try to nap. I have 10-12 of them that have managed to get into my body while I sleep. It has been almost 2 year of this torment. They try to keep me from sleeping. It appears to have something to do with a certain energy level. I have been attacked by hordes of these spirits and have finally learned how to capture them before they can enter my body. It will take more than your hands, though. I will be glad to share all information with you, if Chris wants to give you my e-mail.

  20. I think those are NOT imps but aliens. Ive seen the real Imps. They look more like comedy and tragedy masks with arms and legs. They appear and disappear in a POP type way. Only children can see them for some reason. Im trying to find them to destroy them. They must be destroyed and not allowed to put terror in inocent children. Nasty, evil, worthless pests! Ive also seen aliens. You ALL have seen them but most of you are blind and brain washed into a trance state. Some of them look like us. Wake up and look around you! I mean REALLY look around you! I cant wake you up, YOU must do it on your own. Theyre here and they have always been. Dont try contacting me, I dont excist. Goodby my friends. I have some Imps to get rid of.

  21. Hi, do you have any advice on discernment of angels and demons for a person who sees auras and entities? I’ve been seeing for about 6 years now, I’ve learned to accept it because not seeing makes me confused. A couple nights ago I believe I was contacted by an entity in my sleep. I was sleeping really well, no restlessness at all when a face entered my dream that wasn’t there before. It disrupted my dream to the point where I woke up out of my sleep to see it standing at the end of my bed. I’m very aware of lucid dreaming and how our minds can seep into our reality when we wake up; but this was out of the ordinary for me. The way the dream was disrupted by this face was almost like a jack in the box feeling. The face was cometely ubrelated to my dream. And the face itself was abnormal. It was wide and almost perfectly circle and the eyes were a deep brown and black swirled to the point where you almost couldn’t recognize the colors were distinct at all. They were like marble. And it was smiling very very wide at me. Creeped me the hell out. I’ve seen demon dogs, I’ve had demons growl at me. I’ve never really seen angels but I’ve seen their auras and light. I’ve also seen orbs and ghosts. But this was different. It was very geometric and had a strong presence. But very very creepy to me. Could I be wrong about how I feel? Have you experienced anything like this before? Thank you for your time

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