Interview on Darkness Radio regarding Mediumship and ITC

Interview on Darkness Radio regarding Mediumship and ITC

You can listen to June 25th’s broadcast of Darkness Radio where the host Dave Schrader and Guest Chris Fleming talk about Mediumship and ITC. 





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One thought on “Interview on Darkness Radio regarding Mediumship and ITC”

  1. This show on Darkness Radio was particularly interesting when you talked about your damaged knee as a possible providential influence on your course in life to help other people. I’m still thinking about that for myself.

    Sometimes you’re the bravest S.O.B. I’ve ever known – except when it comes to talking about aliens.

    You’re not alone in having multiple categories of paranormal experiences. Although I’m pretty much the only one I know of that is similar to you in this, there must be more people than just you and me who would like to hear what you have to say.

    I know you have to follow your heart/instincts, and I support & respect your decision to keep some things private, but boy I hope you open up sometime soon.

    Thanks again.


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