Interview with Supernatural Magazine

Interview with Supernatural Magazine

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Supernatural Magazine”

  1. OMG! Chris this is really weird. I read your article which was fabulous! This is weird how our lives mirror one another both Psychics both similar occurances …not to sound creepy 🙂 My neck was broken in 2009 as well..I’m curious to know when your accident happened?? I rolled over in bed Oct 2009 and my neck broke in three places.. C4, C5 & C6 region. I now have a plate in my neck. Was just wondering if you knew of any other psychics that had weird events happen to them in 2009? Hugs!

  2. Hi , Chris
    just wondering can u read me at all
    can u see the small alien things round me ?
    i have pics and vids of em and gave them to scientists
    ur the only one other than me and cameras that can see them
    would u like some vids and pics
    i have odd ones cant be explained hang round me like ahm flies i guess
    they wont let me sleep for long periods of time
    they keep me awake or soemthing is warning me of them perhaps
    or they are doing it
    i cant be sure
    please contact me and tell me what u see bout me
    thankyou for ur time Chris

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