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One thought on “Drawings”

  1. Hi Chris, I heard you on coast to coast radio one night, you were great and you seem to be a very smart logical guy. I myself had many experiences of the supernatural kind, since I was very young. However because these are very dangerous times to live in both spiritually and physically. I would like to warn you to refrain yourself from communicating any further with them? You don’t need a ouiji board to be open to their attacks. Remember curiosity killed the cat.Besides everything they say are lies.Invest your time praying to the one GOD in the name of Messiah JESUS CHRIST and ask for protection to Michael the Archangel. He will block them for you. You are a good soul, that’s why they are after you. They feed on good souls for energy like parasites at nights when we go to sleep. I believe they try to tap on are spiritual abilities when we sleep to get any info on what god is up too. That is why GOD takes memories away in this dimension. They demons do the same.

    Anyways I am writing to you also because you wanted viewers experiences feedback for a description of these demonic imps. I had seen one when I was vacationing a island in Greece called Cephalonia back in summer 2005. I was staying in my father village house when one night at around 3:00 am. I was getting ready to go to sleep. When I heard what I thought to be someone trying to open slowly the exterior rusty iron gated doors and though to be a burglar. These were heavy doors and made lot of noise when opening or closing.

    I immediately open the exterior light and ran outside, only to see the gate doors being a quarter open and to my amazement what looked like two humanoid hairy hands with sharp black claws. It quickly released the bars on the gate doors. This creature was very fast and I only had but a glimpse of it, all I can say it looked very small like 2 or 2 and a half feet tall, humanoid in its features with pointed ears and dark brown or black grey hairs on its body (fury). My eyes didn’t let go of it even when I attempted to run toward it. This creature ran under a car. But it was too fast for me, as if it disappeared air. Just like you Chris, I don’t fear them. small, dark, hairy with claws very fast pointed ears large head for it size. That’s my description.

    Although I experienced it myself. Please keep in mind that us humans know nothing of them only what they want us to know or want us to see or experience. They take forms sometimes animals, loved ones, horrific creatures and a lot of times aliens. Not to say there is no other creation out there by GOD. I hope this was useful for you. Good luck on your book.

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