Abduction by Janet Russell

by Janet Russell

“In 1962 I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest child. I was on the way to my doctor for my monthly check-up. I left the house at 6PM and my appointment was for 6:15PM. As I was driving to the doctor on a well traveled road, Rte 112 in Medford, I happened to glance up at the sky and saw what was an awesome sight. It looked like the moon only 3 times the size but it was purple.”

“I remember pulling over to get a better look at it. Just then the ‘moon’ faded out and it became another color. It went from purple, blue, green, orange and silver. It just kept spinning and fading out. Well the next thing I knew I was at the doctor’s office and it wasn’t 6:15PM…it was 7:30PM and they were just getting ready to close.”

“The doctor asked me where I had been since I was usually so prompt. I looked at him like what are you talking about. I had no idea that I had lost over an hour’s time. And he also remarked whether I had been to Florida and I said ‘no why do you ask?’ It was March in New York and my face looked so sunburned it was actually peeling. I really didn’t think anything of that remark but when I got home I told my husband what I saw and he wanted to know where I had burned my face.”

“Well it was very strange because all of a sudden I became very psychic. I could know what people were thinking. And my Interest in UFOs and the paranormal became intense. About two weeks after this incident I happened to read in a local paper that two policemen saw the same sighting. Well then I knew I wasn’t crazy. I became so intensly interested in UFOs that to this day I buy anything related to the subject matter. I probably have well over 500 books, most of them unread but it has become an obsession with me.”

“Well anyway about three years ago, still obsessed with the phenomenon, I went to a local meeting where they were discussing UFOs. I knew I had found the right place. Brian Levens spoke about scoop marks and implants. He showed some photos and lo and behold they looked just like what I had on my upper right arm. Well of course I questioned him about them and he then asked had I ever been regressed back to the day of this occurance. Of course I hadnt.”

“Well then he introduced me to Dr. Jean Mundy. She worked with Dr Mack and Budd Hopkins, so of course I felt safe with her. Well no one was more surprised than myself when I went through this regression. I was shocked to see what had happened to me in 1962…33 years after the fact.”

“Well it appears that I was taken into a craft in what looked like a large eye that opened up under the craft. I was then in a small white room, where I was pushed against the wall by what looked like a PRAYING MANTIS. There looked like a metalic slab behind me. I figured it must be a type of x-ray or something. I was then greeted by what looked like two Greys (I called them snowmen, because of the whiteness and the big black eyes). I was told that I would not be hurt. I was told that telepathically. Then what looked like a Reptilian joined us. All the time I was not happy to be there thats for sure.

“Well they then led me through this craft. I passed a black room and I felt it was not a comfortable place to be, I then also passed what looked like a gold room and I wanted to go there but I was told I was not ready yet. I was then taken into a small pale pink rooom that had 20 incubators…10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. I was shown what looked like petrie dishes with embryoes in these dishes. By the time that I looked into the 20th incubator it was a baby. She had a very large head with aqua shaped eyes more like the aliens then ours Her hair air was very sparse. But the love I had for this child was immense. I have four children and the love was more than I felt for my own children. I did not want to leave there but I was told I had to but I would see her again soon.”

“I was then taken into what looked like a pale blue room, and was told I would not be hurt. Again I saw 20 incubators, the same as in the pink room except it looked like there were tadpoles in these petrie dishes. Again each incubator had a fetus in a more developed state and when I reached the 20th incubator, I saw what looked like a baby Reptilian. I did not like that room at all. I still had my two Greys leading me and also the Reptilian. I was still told I would not be hurt.”

“I was then led into a pale yellow room which looked large and reminded me of a courtroom. It was very misty like fog. Just then the Reptilian left my side. I was then led to front of the room by the two Greys. I saw what looked like 7 beings all with cloaks on. One looked human, one alien, and one tall good looking male Nordic who seemed to be the leader. He told me I was judged, tested and passed. I had no idea what he meant. But as I looked at the Nordic being on an angle, he looked like a hologram. Just then I saw what looked like a small thin wire coming into my arm. As it did it sounded like two seperate records, one human at a very fast rate of speed and one a grunting sound. I asked why are you doing this to me. The Nordic said that I was given knowledge and I would know what to do with it when the time was right.”

“I now have a TV show and I lecture about my experience. I was upset that I had no idea that this could happen to me without my knowledge. I presently am on six TV stations and have a permanent segment on X-Zone with Rob McConnell radio show from Canada.”

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