Awakenings by Allan Drake


Through The Mind’s Eye
True Accounts by Allan Drake

I remember my initial experience being in 1959 at the age of 14. At that time I was living in the area of Centerville, near East St. Louis, Illinois. While playing at an abandoned railroad station along the tracks one day, I spotted a light down the tracks. There was no sound or movement from the light. I developed a curiosity and walked towards it. When I arrived on the scene I could see a metallic, upside down, shallow, bowl-shaped craft on the tracks with three strange looking, humanoid beings around it. As I would later find out, the physical attributes of the beings I encountered at that time were one in the same with what is often described as “the grays” in the media (i.e. Television). They were between 4 and 5 feet tall with large bald heads, large eyes and a small nose and mouth. Each of them were wearing what resembled a silvery one-piece suit. More specifically, they resembled those described in the Betty and Barney Hill Case, The Interrupted Journey, which had been turned into a made for television documentary drama.

They appeared to be telepathic for I had an eerie feeling as if they were going through my mind when they stared at me. I had a difficult time and was quite shaken at first. Attempting to hide in a ditch nearby, I was hit by a bluish beam of light and rendered unconscious for awhile. I do not know what happened to me while I was unconscious. However, when I awoke both they and the craft were gone. In the aftermath of this experience, I went through a period of amnesia for close to a month, not realizing what had happened until later. In hindsight, I know that they were able to communicate with me and that I had developed a severe sinus problem, possibly due to a device implanted in my sinus cavity.

Following this initial encounter, I had developed an interest in U.F.O.’s, purchasing a device that could pick up any unusual electromagnetic (EM) energy in the area. The EM device had a long wire that served as an antenna and could be placed in the window. It would give off a buzzing alarm if there was any activity such as the above mentioned incident. On one occasion, the device’s alarm remained constantly buzzing. Since this occurred during the evening, I was very tired and chose to ignored it. I found the circuitry burned out the following morning. In order to do that, there had to have been an incredible energy source in the area. I had given the device to investigators from a UFO organization. They promised to return it but never did.

From this point on, my experiences increased and seemed to be nocturnal for the most part:

  • During one late evening at about 3 am, I was watching a late night movie when I felt a feeling in the air like that of static. The television started acting strange and what seemed like a huge wind suddenly hit the house as if to tear it apart while my front door was swinging back and forth. I was in a shocked condition. This was not the wind though. There were no storms in the area and the weather was clear at the time. However, it seemed as if something large was right over the house. Suddenly, it all stopped and the television slowly returned to normal. My wife, who was asleep in the rear bedroom, had awoken from all the noise. Later, we found that the antenna on the roof had been bent.
  • While driving to a theatre with my son one evening, I had stopped at the red light on an off ramp. At that point our car was hit hard from behind. When we looked back, there was no one to be found!! Later, upon checking the trunk of the car, we found circular marks pressed into the paint. These marks were arranged in a circular pattern. No one else was around at the time.
  • I was asleep in my bed one night when I awoke to some strange beeping sounds in my bedroom. It sounded as if someone was playing a video game. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I could not turn and look in that direction. Eventually, I fell back to sleep.
  • I had been standing in a parking lot in North Hollywood, California, at about 3am in the morning when I saw a large boomerang-shaped object fly over head. It banked one way then the other as it passed over, then flew rapidly away. It was greenish in color and was as big as a large airliner. It was about a couple thousand feet high.not too far away when I noticed it.
  • While at my job in the Santa Monica mountains, California, I was sitting in my car at the bottom of a hill. A co-worker, who was above me looking down, told me that he had seen a bluish light about the size of a basketball hover over my car, then fly away rapidly.
  • Afterwards, I attempted to open up my own telepathic communication with the aliens by sending them messages through thought projection. One evening, while with a girlfriend at her front door, she became afraid. I told her that I knew what it was for I too was having a strange feeling come over me.

During these various incidents, I have been receiving what I believe to be telepathic information from these beings. Below is the emblem of the Association of Planets that was sent to me telepathically by an entity that is called Abel. This is what has been passed on to me:

They tell me that Earth had been a platform for genetic experimentation by various advanced races from several star systems as well as other dimensions. These different races joined together to form an organization called The Association of Planets. Various scientific teams added their contribution to the life forms on Earth through genetic engineering. Most of the plant, animal and sea life was developed by them. The life forms that did not work out were eliminated.

They tried to maintain a balance in that one life form would not destroy another. There were mistakes made at times. The dinosaurs are one example for they consumed too many resources. Eventually, the advanced beings became interested in developing a form of intelligent life that would resemble the human form, which is similar to some of the advanced races involved with Earth’s development. They experimented with different kinds of human forms and finally settled on Modern Man. By taking DNA from a primate, they rearranged it to form Man.

There was one advanced race among the Association that was angry with this creation of intelligent life for it did not resemble themselves – large bat-like creatures. This race tried to take over the Association by force and was defeated. They were removed from membership in the Association of Advanced Worlds. Every since that time, this bat-like race has been trying to disrupt the activities of the Association here on Earth and in our Solar System.

After Mankind was finally developed, Man was freely given advanced knowledge from these other worlds. However, Mankind had one flaw that would cause serious problems – unstable emotions. On Earth, Mankind developed a super-civilization, colonizing Mars as well as another planet that used to exist in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Unstable Emotions took their toll and this bat-like race interfered, causing a great war between Earth and this other planet which was utterly destroyed.

The super-civilization on Earth was destroyed but Mankind survived. The atmosphere on Mars was blown away by the shock of the other planet being destroyed. On Earth, an Ice Age developed due to all the pollution that resulted from the explosions. Mankind separated into different tribes and roamed the Earth. For awhile, the advanced worlds would back off and let Mankind go on its own. There was great disappointment with Mankind resulting in a war between the bat-like race and the Association with much loss of life. The Ice Age finally ended and Mankind started anew, developing civilizations like ancient Egypt at the beginning.

The Association decided to deal with this world in an indirect manner by planting “teachers” that they created through genetic engineering. There were various teachers such as Moses and Jesus. However, they decided to test Mankind with Jesus. Christ would give the material to Mankind that it would be judged by. At a time in the future, all of Mankind will be judged on this world. Those who are not ready will simply be reincarnated on other worlds to start over. Yes, there is reincarnation as there is a spiritual world which is actually another dimension. Mankind as well as other life forms in the universe evolve spiritually from one level to another. There are those who were of mankind that have already evolved to a higher state on advanced worlds.

After each lifetime we are judged and have to answer for any transgressions we have done. We pay for our transgressions in the next life by coming back until we are ready for advancement. At the end of a certain time period, Earth will be transformed to a higher world and those who are ready will be allowed to remain. Jesus Christ has already given the material by which Mankind will be judged. At that time, he will return and a paradise will be established on Earth. There will be no more sadness, sickness, crime or war and no need for police or military forces. Evil will come to an end!!

I realize how controversial this is. It’s sad to say, but there are those who will disbelieve me when I tell them this. I will try to understand them.

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