Forbidden ET Disclosure by by Lea MacDonald

Forbidden ET Disclosure

by Lea MacDonald 1-27-00

The following story was related to me by a close friend and should be considered carefully by those who would conduct a search for truth. This is not an account specifically about Sgt. Clifford E. Stone, although he played a considerable role in it. Both my friend and Sgt. Stone reviewed and approved this text prior to publication.

My friend – who has a significant interest in Sgt. Clifford Stone’s tenure with the US Army – had taken several files which were sent to me by Sgt. Stone (all clearly marked “unclassified”) and dropped them off at a local news station here in Kingston, Ontario.

Several days after doing so, my friend was informed by his father that he (the father) had been paid a visit (Jan. 8th, 2000) by two CSIS, SIU officers (Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Special Investigations Unit) along with one gentleman who was with the US government. (So much for a journalist protecting sources.) The two Canadian officers introduced the American as, “having a significant interest in what your son is doing.” The American wore a black suit and dark sunglasses. Yes…a typical MIB.

The men (CSIS) asked the father why his son was driving the father’s car. The ‘reason’ for the question: the father/son relationship was one of the father being a stepfather. The father answered the question to their satisfaction, and the questioning continued. The father was then asked to explain his relationship with his son and how long he had known the young man, etc. Those questions were also answered by the father.

As it turned out, the questions were only small talk, since the answers could have been easily gleaned through normal intelligence data-gathering techniques without having to contact the father directly.

Once the ‘niceties’ were out of the way, the flavor of the conversation changed and it became apparent the three visitors had come for other reasons. It seems they were quite aware of the Sgt. Stone UFO files the son had dropped off at the local news station…and they were concerned about the “information” contained in them.

The father was told that if the “information” was sent to anyone else, it would be deemed as an “act of terrorism against the US government.” Further, the father was told that if the son persisted, “He will be in prison so fast, no one would be able to find him for a trial.” The conversation went on to reveal the fact that “they” knew others were involved with the dissemination of the Stone “information.” Gulp.

The father was cautioned that his son was now under surveillance as well as the person who had passed the files on to him. Gulp, again. He was told that phones, computer communications and his physical whereabouts would be monitored.

Remember folks, we are talking about little green men and spaceships here. Hardly a case for CSIS – you know, the same guys that left a 3.5 floppy disk which contained secret information in a phone booth; the guys that left a briefcase in the back of their car at a ball game and had the secret contents stolen. Personally, I think they are in over their heads.

One of the Stone files was a copy of KGB reports which disclosed several sightings made by Soviet defense personnel. This file was from the State Security Committee, October 24, 1991 #1953/Sh. Of course, the file was a photocopy from the original Russian file. The accompanying translated file (in English) was sent to verify accuracy.

Furthermore, the KGB file had been prepared by Sgt. Stone as an attachment to a one hundred and seventy two page report, to attempt to secure a Congressional hearing on the subject of UFOs. The other files were Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 10-20, AFPD 33-2; Air Force Instruction (AFI) 16-701, AFI 10-1101; and AFI 14-302.

Probably the most compelling information in this series of files was the caliber of the people making the reports. All were Soviet military personnel. These people would be considered to be the equivalent of US field grade officers. (Major and above.) Along with these files were many other “unclassified” documents – one of which, was found at: This is hardly a document that would “bring the government to its veritable knees.”

I called Sgt. Stone and told him what had happened. As I was telling him about the two CSIS officers and the single American, he blurted out: “Standard protocol.” After relaying all of the story to Sgt. Stone, he suggested he knew what was up.

He told me that, typically, “They will look for the weakest link in a chain.” Sgt. Stone said he felt that link was my friend’s father. He said the agents are doing what is called a “slow burn” by which they hoped to be able to coerce the father into dissuading his son from continuing with his effort to alert the mainstream media. (The officers are apparently not aware of the massive indifference of the mainstream media.) He further suggested this is a common method of subtle intimidation used to squelch any effort to get higher levels of exposure for compelling UFO documentation. Stone added that the American was known as an “observer.” He went on to suggest that this person had said nothing during the interview with the father. When the son’s father was asked what the person from the US had said, he confirmed, “Nothing.” Stone said, “It’s the first step in several they use to get you to stop.” And laughingly added: “You see? There is a ‘twelve step program’ for everything.” Sgt. Stone also chuckled when I asked him how sharing “unclassified” readily available information, gathered by legal means, could instantly brand a person as a “terrorist.” Nevertheless, that exact comment was made directly to the son’s father.

Stone then suggested, “If you have any further contact with these men, ask the US Officer for his ID; tell me who he is and then tell him to call me. I am the person that sent you everyone of those files, and if they have a problem with that, they can come talk with me. Let me assure you, Sir, the material I sent you was tame compared to what you will be getting. They can try intimidation, beat me, even kill me, but after the death of my son, I have nothing to lose and they will never keep me from showing what I know to be the utter truth.”

Sgt. Stone concluded with one final comment: “This is what happens when the truth starts to leak out. They become scared and try to keep the lid from coming off.”

I find it difficult to understand the official interest and intimidation over a subject the government has told us – for the last fifty years – does not exist or pose a threat to National Security. If the three gentlemen return, perhaps they might clear up that point.

Return they did.

Undaunted – by what we felt were/are hollow threats, and against their advice – we decided to next take the files to The Discovery Channel in Toronto. We turned them over to a secretary there who – after a short explanation – took them upstairs to her superior.

Knowing full well we were being monitored, I sent my friend an HTML file saying it was a “courier file” which had two pictures of aliens embedded in it. I told him it contained pictures of aliens which were part of a “final intelligence product” from the DoD. I should mention that such a “catalogue” is quite real, and was viewed on several occasions by Sgt. Stone. This catalogue contains pictures (some sketches, some photos) of the 57 different species known to have visited, or which were now visiting Earth, as of October 1989. Along with the pictures were descriptions of various ‘cultural attributes’ associated with each alien type. The clandestine side of Sgt. Stone’s NBC group (Nuclear Biological Containment/Clean up) ‘affectionately’ referred to them as “The Heinz 57.”

This act of “terrorism”…of turning over the files to the Discovery Channel…earned my friend’s father a FAST (the day after the file was sent) second visit from the same 3 men. They were not at all happy – probably from spending hours tearing apart an email file which simply contained a sniffer log of the IP number from the officer who was monitoring both our sites. Their anger caused me to remember a line from the movie, ‘Men In Black’: “We at the FBI don’t have a sense of humor we are aware of, ma-am.” As always, I talked with Sgt. Stone that evening, to go over the details of the day’s events. Sgt. Stone has indicated that he will be developing the alien catalogue and passing it on to me to have it posted. He said, “It’s time people knew that what they have seen, or even had contact with, is real. They need to know that someone believes them and is not going to say they are nuts, or it was ‘swamp gas.'”

Regrettably – as I wrote this report – I received an email from Discovery saying:

“We have a rigorous and formal procedure for reviewing proposals for new programs. We have film crews all over the world shooting documentaries right now. We don’t take ideas for new programs over the phone or e-mail; however, you are welcome to submit your idea in writing after you’ve read the guidelines for program development.”

To the MIBs: You see,, there is no problem here; the mainstream media doesn’t “get it.” Not even with the documentation in front of them. However, I know someone who does…

End of Series, for now?


Hello, Thank you for your note. It is legitamate. I’m not in this for money or anything else. I started out with a mild interest and was basically a debunker. That is, up to the point where I started checking out Sgt. Stome. I spent over a year doing this. Than I contacted him. He is who he says he is and from the material I have seen, he was there, and did that. Once I came to understand he was telling the truth, this whole thing changed. It was not fun anymore. When “they” (the government) come to your door and get “up close and personal” everything you once believed goes right out the window.

I am now continuing to do this because it has changed into a “war of wills.” Cliff/me, against them. Remember, this is all about little green men in space ships. And they come and try and shup me up? I got two words for them and they are not “Hi there.”

I know too much now, to ever turn back, or look the other way. I am even kind of angry writing this because I never know who I’m really talking with. No, Im not angry with you, just at the whole situation. For the most part, 99.9 % of the people have been wonderful.

Sorry, starting to rant; not my style.

Thank you once again for your note.

Warmest regards, Lea MacDonald

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