Recent Ufo Sighting Illinois/Mo by Ray Single

Recent Ufo Sighting Illinois/Mo.

by Ray Single

The e-mail I just got mentioned a triangular craft reported by police officers in 4 different counties in Illinois then later reported in Missouri. This craft had a tail on it. I don’t have a tv but this is very interesting to hear. I am sending this mail to ppl interested in ufo’s who can shed some light on the subject for me.

In aug.94 when I drove up to the triangular craft in wichita, ks. it didn’t have any sound, markings, windows, or movement. It just sat there in the air. This craft was about the size of a house and had a tail on it. It only moved when it turned with the light facing me. Then turned back away and still without sound just floated away. The 3 corners had 2 red lights and 1 bright white headlight. But this craft in a second was gone then was way out in southwest wichita about 20 miles away. Then it looked like a bright star floating over the city. It always came out of the northeast heading southwest. I need to trace the pattern of this Illinois craft to find out if it was heading southwest towards wichita, ks. going thru Mo.

The abduction dreams that started after the sighting and waking up with the triangular markings on me are rare, but the paranormal and ghost photos happen on a more regular basis. Being followed all the time happened in Kansas more but not so much in Alabama. The helicopter hovering over the house in the middle of the night happened more in kansas than it did here. Some of the photos are at In Paranormal photos under Ray Single if you want to view them. The room still gets ice cold all of a sudden and things move along with sounds from the walls, other rooms, attic, etc. But I don’t know what all this has to do with that sighting or why it all started after the sighting. The markings fade away after a long while but I still have 2 scoops, 1 on top of my right hand and 1 on front of my right leg. The nose bleeds stopped a long time ago. Ghost is still here.

Now another strange story I was told last week from wichita was the fact that McConnell air force base came out with a new craft a few months ago. In the summer of 99. A Flat Triangular Craft. They claim this was the first test flight but had been working on this craft for a long time. They flew it around wichita one day so everybody could see it. But why does this craft match the same one I saw 5 years earlier. What does the paranormal have to do with the sighting. This letter will be sent to my Regular contacts as well as several members who had ufo in their profile. I would like to research this matter more in detail and request any feed back or information I can get on the subject. Thank You for your time.


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