Through the Clouds and Out of the Net by Chris Fleming

Through the Clouds and Out of the Net

by Chris Fleming

It was Saturday, January 3rd, 1998 at approximatly 4:00 pm. My girlfriend at the time and I had just finished running through a long list of emails I received under my UNKNWN MAG username. We were in a hurry to finish up and get to the Gym and workout. I sent of my last response on aol, when a screen jingled onto the left handside of my screen.

A question typed up…”How much do you know about the Unknown?”. Huh? I responded verbally. Looking dumbefounded at the 16 1/2 inch monitor screen. My girlfriend Jen leaned over besides me. “What’s that?” She whisperd and pointed to the screen. “That’s what you call an instant message…from someone that I have no idea who the heck it is. I looked at the user name, “Skyclouds8”. It didn’t ring a bell. I was cautious not to answer it. I have heard time and time again about a trojan horse and other crazy virus programs that a person can send you by an attached email file and then later send you an instant message to activate it. Once you respond to their instant message they become directly linked to your system. Able to access your computer or steal your password and log on to the internet for free at any time using your password. I was afraid of becoming a fish on a hook.

I decided not to take the bait instead I sent out my own instant message to see if whomever it was would respond. They didn’t, back and forth we went sending instant messages. The sender curious to what I knew about the Unknown. I was compelled. Being a publisher of a paranormal/supernatural magazine called, “Unknown Magazine”. I began playing the devils advocate. “A lot!” I responded. “I have had numerous experiences with the Unknown hence my decesion to publish material of my own or expereinces sent to me. The sender Skyclouds8 seemed adament about finding out how much I knew and soon got straight to the point. “I don’t have much time…have you heard of the NSA? “No”, I typed and sent the message off. He explained to me what it was while when I realized I was getting into something seriously informational and quite psossibly Top Secret lead or I was a sucker for someones game of set the bait and see what he knows.

I decided I had to keep this person on as much as possible and suggested on going to a private chat room. I quickly set it up and was soon joined by this mysterious individual.

The copy that follows is the exact conversation we had. With my girlfriend besides me I glared at the screen. Seeking and hoping to learn information not shared to anybody outside this persons realm. With an experience in Psychology, I occasionally asked questions somewhat off the topic to test this person and check their character, see if they were pressed for time or if they actually knew what they were talking about. I can’t prove wheter or not this person was real or a jokester. But what I do know, is there was a phone number given to me. I called it a week later and received a women on the other end who knew nothing about what I was talking about.

But this is how it began…

You have just entered room “UNKNWN MAG Chat15”

OnlineHost: “SkyClouds8” has entered the room.

UNKNWN MAG: Just wanted to play it safe

SkyClouds8: not safe enough… brb

UNKNWN MAG: whats brb

SkyClouds8: it’s safe now.

SkyClouds8: brb=be right back

SkyClouds8: I had to encript the room

UNKNWN MAG: thanks…what can I do for you?

SkyClouds8: so how much do you think you know?

SkyClouds8: about the unknown

SkyClouds8: well, I bet you that I have some stuff you have never seen

UNKNWN MAG: More then your average Joe…personal experiences myself,, and legitimate contacts

SkyClouds8: I work for NSA… a higher goverment that the CIA

SkyClouds8: I have seen some shit that would blow your mind\

UNKNWN MAG: What alien race have you witnessed…..?

SkyClouds8: the GREY’s

UNKNWN MAG: They do get around….What significance will they play this year

SkyClouds8: they have had a signifagance for 60 years already

SkyClouds8: but nobody knows it

SkyClouds8: I wrked w/ the greys for 5 years

UNKNWN MAG: Are they trying to speed up the continental shift and The New World Order?

SkyClouds8: more than you know!

SkyClouds8: The new world order was started 65 years ago.

SkyClouds8: did you know the pope is the leader.?

SkyClouds8: hard to bleave?


SkyClouds8: thats the way they desighned it to be

SkyClouds8: sooo unbleaveable that the public would not bleave it

UNKNWN MAG: I hear the economy will collapse this year, Marshall law will go into effect

UNKNWN MAG: Is the Pope a hybrid or replacement?

SkyClouds8: They used the pope. (a public figure) to hide it

SkyClouds8: will be…

SkyClouds8: hold on while I encript this room w/ a new one. this has just been broken into

SkyClouds8: ¥© ^active!

SkyClouds8: ok, safe

UNKNWN MAG: What can you share with me, and what do you want me to do with the information?

SkyClouds8: I want you to leack this info to the public to the people of the USA


SkyClouds8: the press of every state.!

SkyClouds8: it’s time to stop the maddness and tghe lies

SkyClouds8: agreed?

SkyClouds8: guess what?

UNKNWN MAG: I knew that the first time I heard of this…it doesn’t take much investigation to realize h

UNKNWN MAG: how real it is

SkyClouds8: the MIB are real.

SkyClouds8: bleave it or not…

UNKNWN MAG: They are Hybrids by the greys to keep things secret

SkyClouds8: their not like the “MOVIE” but very similar

UNKNWN MAG: Souless ones

SkyClouds8: you see

SkyClouds8: they have desighned the public so that

SkyClouds8: all the truth is right out infront of us

UNKNWN MAG: I know more then you think…tell me something I may not know.

SkyClouds8: X-files. all true

SkyClouds8: there are really X-files

UNKNWN MAG: I knew that….all of it is based on true incidents

SkyClouds8: i worked on them for 6 years


SkyClouds8: for ex

SkyClouds8: I was IN a UFO (triangular)

SkyClouds8: greays…

SkyClouds8: the technology that we have today

SkyClouds8: is all alien

SkyClouds8: you ever seen teflon?

UNKNWN MAG: I know it comes from roswell crash doesn’t it?

SkyClouds8: thats what the outer part of the greys ships are coted w/

SkyClouds8: memory metel is also from the crash

UNKNWN MAG: yep…night vision….kevlar……led lights…


SkyClouds8: yes

SkyClouds8: velcrow


SkyClouds8: bleave it or not…

UNKNWN MAG: of course…

SkyClouds8: the aliens are not as safistacated as the public sees them

SkyClouds8: they are much like us

UNKNWN MAG: I know….. I heard someone killed three of them with his bare hands

SkyClouds8: all of the technonoly that we have is just on e step behind

UNKNWN MAG: very light weight

SkyClouds8: them

SkyClouds8: for ex

SkyClouds8: the newest super computer in the world is

SkyClouds8: 123 gigs

SkyClouds8: alien processers are 170gig

SkyClouds8: very fast

SkyClouds8: titanium

UNKNWN MAG: We are getting closer…lasers now being installed in Nuclear Silos

SkyClouds8: is the secrete behing faster than light travel…


SkyClouds8: I know

UNKNWN MAG: What will happen next?

SkyClouds8: I have been very close to flying the mission

SkyClouds8: weell, 2000 the goverment will introduce them to us

UNKNWN MAG: Travel at speed of light?

SkyClouds8: but first they have to make us weak and defenceless

SkyClouds8: yes

UNKNWN MAG: Economy will collapse this year, is that true?

SkyClouds8: the goverment wil;l introduce the greys to the public


SkyClouds8: no, 1999

SkyClouds8: 2000


SkyClouds8: then we will start space travel.

SkyClouds8: threw out the hole

SkyClouds8: universe

SkyClouds8: w/ the hgelp of the greys

SkyClouds8: help… sorry

UNKNWN MAG: Will the Continental shift occur before or after the greys are introduced

SkyClouds8: 303-666-7734

SkyClouds8: after

SkyClouds8: we will no longer be based on earth

SkyClouds8: but on mars

SkyClouds8: earth will just be a chek point

SkyClouds8: an air port, if you will…

SkyClouds8: all this is very hard to b;leave to you is it not…?


UNKNWN MAG: I have witnessed some things first hand

UNKNWN MAG: The psalms reprsent each prensent year

SkyClouds8: hahah! me 2

UNKNWN MAG: read the them from 98 to 2005

UNKNWN MAG: I mean 1005

UNKNWN MAG: that represents the years 1998-2005

SkyClouds8: the greys have just introduced crystal plasma to the goverment.

UNKNWN MAG: what does that do?

SkyClouds8: a form of liqued metel.

SkyClouds8: it can take any form

SkyClouds8: instentanesly

SkyClouds8: on comand

UNKNWN MAG: like termintor 2

UNKNWN MAG: Does it think?

SkyClouds8: it is the missing factor to WARP speed

SkyClouds8: no

SkyClouds8: you see

UNKNWN MAG: so this liquid can be used for warp speed

SkyClouds8: it is imposable to travel faster than light, if you will.

SkyClouds8: but

SkyClouds8: you can fold space and time

UNKNWN MAG: a to b can be shortened

SkyClouds8: w/ titamium and LCP

SkyClouds8: yes…

UNKNWN MAG: step over the line not through it

SkyClouds8: you’v got it

UNKNWN MAG: like a worm hole?

SkyClouds8: not only shortened but brought completely togeather

SkyClouds8: no…

SkyClouds8: it’s a dimentional door way

UNKNWN MAG: yep… I have pictures of portals at a friends house…used by the greys and reptilians

SkyClouds8: how do you think the greys can go from A-B so fast in the sky?

SkyClouds8: I have been threw one before…

UNKNWN MAG: white squares or bars of bright light…they are..

SkyClouds8: ye

SkyClouds8: s

UNKNWN MAG: Bradshaw ranch in Sedona is above a alien underground base

SkyClouds8: do u have a lighter?


SkyClouds8: take the lighter and light it, keep it lit


SkyClouds8: hold your face over the lighters flam 4

SkyClouds8: 6 seconds

UNKNWN MAG: yeh right

SkyClouds8: that is how it feels all over your body

SkyClouds8: when you shift dimentions

UNKNWN MAG: warm huh?

SkyClouds8: very

UNKNWN MAG: gives a diffenrent twist to a warm and fuzzy feeling


UNKNWN MAG: So are the greys controlled by the Dracos or Reptilians?

SkyClouds8: they are indaviduals

UNKNWN MAG: not clones or drone workers?

SkyClouds8: in allince


SkyClouds8: haha

UNKNWN MAG: Do you know of the Dulce wars?

SkyClouds8: yes


SkyClouds8: do u know of atlantice?

UNKNWN MAG: a little–they are still around underground aren’t they?

SkyClouds8: it excistes on X planet

UNKNWN MAG: X….Outside of Pluto?

SkyClouds8: the planet orbiting the 8 galexys

SkyClouds8: threw the black hole in the next galexy

UNKNWN MAG: Can magnets effect the greys from mind controlling us?

SkyClouds8: no…!

UNKNWN MAG: Even a helmet made of magnets

SkyClouds8: BULL SHIT!

SkyClouds8: all BULL SHIT

UNKNWN MAG: what can then, besides a guardian angel?

SkyClouds8: you,

SkyClouds8: can…


SkyClouds8: every human has phys abilitys

SkyClouds8: just don’t know how to use em

UNKNWN MAG: I know…I have used it at times…but tends to scare me with what happens next. So I choose to keep it off, due to my past childhood. 

UNKNWN MAG: I mean good…yuck

SkyClouds8: but they are activated the first time you travel threw the Dimentions

UNKNWN MAG: Out of body?

SkyClouds8: in or out

UNKNWN MAG: (removed – private information)

SkyClouds8: SHIT.

SkyClouds8: the codes been broken

UNKNWN MAG: they catch on?

SkyClouds8: put me on your buddy list

UNKNWN MAG: otay? send emails dif name…

SkyClouds8: the world in my name has a capital i for the L

SkyClouds8: bye\

OnlineHost: “SkyClouds8” has left the room.

That was how it ended. I havnen’t chatted online with this person since then. Checking AOL exclaimed their username doesn’t even exist. However, I haven’t been on line very often since then due to heavy workloads so any further contact time has been limited. If and when this person shows up again. I’ll be waiting. Put this name on your buddy list and find out for yourself. Let him/her tell you their story. Until then we’ll just have to wait.

Note: The next few days after this internet conversation were definitly the most paranormal and heartbreaking I had had in a long time. From unwelcome visits to and ending with my computer crashing. But that’s another story in itself.

Chris Fleming © 1998.

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