Fear No Evil Part 1 by Chris Fleming

What you are about to read is a brief overview of some of the paranormal events that have occurred in my lifetime. This is a true story. What you read here is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. While I have had more experiences than I could ever commit to paper, I believe that these are the most significant events concerning Ghosts and Demons that happened to me as a child in my earlier years.

Note: Things continue to happen to this day.

Fear No Evil

by Chris Fleming

Born in May of 1967, I was an unexpected child. I came a little early. My mom had planned to conceive me 6 months after she got off the pill, but instead she became pregnant immediately. 6 hours before mothers day and after 42 hours of labor, I was born.

As a child, my mom used to tell me I was very special. She never knew what it was about me that was so special but she felt closely connected, and at peace, when I was with her.

Once in Long Island, when I was only a little over a year old, my parents had hired a babysitter. While out to dinner, my mom had a weird feeling that something was wrong. My father kept telling her to quit worrying. She couldn’t bear it anymore, so she called home to see if everything was all right. The babysitter told her that everything was fine. However, the babysitter then went to check on me and noticed I was gone. I was found not too long afterwards, a few blocks away at the beach; sitting in the sand, looking out to the ocean. No one knew how I got there.

My father played professional hockey, and was constantly away, or we traveled with him during the season. It was hard for me to make any solid friends. I hated being alone. My dad was rarely around, so I spent most of the time with my mom. But when she wasn’t around, I hated being alone with someone else.

When we lived in Salt Lake City, I had an imaginary friend whom my mom says I named “Chip.” I did everything with him, and whenever my mom asked if I wanted something she would also have to ask Chip. At times, when I got in trouble, I would blame Chip. Chip was around for 2 years. The day he left, I told my mom that Chip had to leave because he was needed somewhere else. Before he left, he told me not to be sad. I have no recollection of any imaginary friend.

As a child, I grew up trying to be nice to people. I had a baby sister whom I adored and always looked out for. Although I always had to be the center of attention, I knew enough to take care of her when she was afraid. I loved animals and grew up with two cats. One was a stray we got while in Salt Lake City. Tiger, which was what I named him, appeared shortly after chip left.

This cat slept with me every night until he was put to sleep 19 years later. I always felt safe with a cat with me, even in the dark. The dark was my worst enemy while growing up. I believed that many things came out at night. But, during the day, they were invisible.

While I do remember some brief fear of the night and things that moved in the shadows while we lived in other states, most of my strongest and strangest memories took place in the home we resided in from 1970-1990 in Hoffman Estates, IL. My father purchased a 2 story colonial house there. It was a new development area. The nice thing about our block was that we lived in a valley right in the beginning of a cul-de-sac. Across the street was an open field and park. Behind the houses in the circle was a dense forest and behind our house was a large hill (almost an acre). We were safe if there happened to be a chance of any storm or tornado. It would blow right over. However, on some occasions our basement would flood.

Things began to happen to me more and more often. I would have weird dreams, both good and bad. I began to feel that there was always something “after” me. There is a certain period of time that I don’t remember how it all started, but the following is what I do remember.

I believe I first began to hear voices. My name would be called and there would be no one there. In the middle of the night I would get up and walk to the bathroom. I would get back in bed and lay down. As I faced the wall, with my back exposed to the open side, something would tap me on the shoulder. I would turn around and nothing would be there. This happened on many occasions and caused me to not sleep facing the wall anymore. Instead, I would make myself always face the other way, and hope I would see something then be suprised by its touch.

In the mornings, I would always ask my parents if they had came in my room and touched my shoulder, or had tryed to pull the sheets off my bed. They would normally respond with “No, we were sleeping, and whatever happened was probably just a dream or your imagination.”

When I would try and shrug the feeling that it was my imagination, something else would always happen to confirm in my suspicions that something real was going on.

Dreams began to get worse. I would dream of things happening and then they would. Before we moved to Salt Lake City I had a dream my sister drowned. I stood and watched her drown while others also stood there. (see “My sister Saved” in issue #2 of Unknown Magazine). This almost came true, if it wasn’t for this dream warning me.

But, my dreams were not just filled with precognition. Constant nightmares and visions of Demons would plague me many nights. They would come from the darkness or sometimes it seemed like another realm or dimension. The places I feared an remembered the most were the basement, the closet, dark rooms- namely my parents’ room, and sometimes the living room.

One day, while wide awake, faces began appearing through the walls in my bedroom: Evil disfigured faces with large beady eyes, scaly tight muscular and bony faces. I could sense their evil and I laid in my bed one morning eyes wide open staring at them in shock and fear wondering what they wanted. I felt the room begin to spin. I watched as the walls seemed to move and start closing in on me. I felt the room was getting smaller and they were getting closer. I couldn’t take any more, so I jumped out of my bed, ran into my mom’s room, and woke her up. It was early morning. It wasn’t dark out. the sun was shining bright through the windows yet she wasn’t up yet. I tried to tell her what was going on in my room, but she seemed uninterested, groggy, and told me it was my imagination, and to go back to my room. I was too afraid. I laid on the floor, and waited. Eventually I went back, and the room seemed normal. They were gone.

One night I wasn’t so lucky. I was in bed reading a comic book, when all of a sudden I noticed a face peer out of the wall. I quickly looked, and it was gone. I went back to reading, and noticed it in the corner of my eye again. There it was, and then another one, and another one. Soon their heads dissappeared as the metal closet double door started to quickly open by itself. Out of the closet darkness came a horrible presence. I sat up in awe with total fear, and decided not to wait until it was completely open, because I knew I had to get out of that room. For some unknown reason, I knew they were coming for me again. I bolted out the door, screaming, and stumbled into my parents room. (See Unknown Mag #3-“Out Of The Darkness They Came”)

My mom and dad were out of town frequently because of their busy schedules so we occasionally had a live in maid who would take care of us while they were away. This lucky individual’s name was Bessie. She was a sweet heavy-set black lady that was very religious, and a joy to be around. She used to come in my room asking if i just opened, or in some instances closed, her door, and yelled out her name. I of course had no recollection of doing so. She knew strange things were going on in our house, but she usually shrugged them off – until one night.

I went running into my parents room and Bessie was folding some clothes on the king size bed. I ran to her and jumped on the bed, my 7 year old body scurrying around her frame for protection. I screamed, “they’re after me, they’re after me.” Bessie was freaked out. She turned around as “it” came into the room, A black spinning form that looked like a tornado entered. It was like the small tornado on the “Looney Toons” cartoons that the tasmanian devil travels in, but this was real, and very sinister. There was a presence, or presences, in this tornado. It twisted into the room and stopped about 15 feet away. Bessie began yelling “what is it, what is it??” I yelled, “It’s after me…it’s right there!” and I pointed, bouncing up and down in sheer terror, crying and screaming. I feel to this day that Bessie didn’t actually see this thing, but she felt something was there, because she began praying the catholic “Our Father prayer” and yelling verses from the bible. This thing stopped like it had hit a wall. It tried to come forward a couple times but seemed to be pushed or even bounced away. It soon left the room, going the same way it come and things soon calmed down. I told Bessie what I saw and she kept cursing, seemed panicked, and had a hard time calming down. While things in the physical world continued to be seen by me, so did the dreams. Almost like clock work, I had dreams of a group of short 3-4 foot demons always trying to take me away or drag me into the darkness, whether through the closet, into the basement, into my parents room, or through the walls. As they pulled me away into the darkness I felt like I would always wake up.

I remember one night after I was attacked by an army of these demons in a dream. I fought them off as they slashed away at me. I fell over and threw my arms up to protect me from their sharp fingers or claws. The sudden movement woke me up. As I awoke, I noticed my arms in the air flailing away. When I bathed, in the morning, I felt a burning sensation, and looked down at my stomach. I noticed a couple of long scratch marks there on my stomach. I can’t say for sure if this was from the dream or whether I did this to myself. Also note, that I had two cats while growing up, so it could have even been them. But also note that they were declawed and I slept with pajamas on. But what I do know is that whatever happened to me physically occurred that same night.

You might ask what do these demons look like. Even though I have seen these things time and time again. It is very hard to describe the detail of their grotesque figures and features. Imagine a short thin creature, about 3-4 feet tall. Its skin is a brownish-red burnt color. Its skin is so tight you can see almost each individual muscle. The muscles are elongated, tight, as if it would cause pain from the stretching. Its feet and hands have sharp claws: Some broken, some complete. Their arms are long and bony-looking, yet covered with tight stringy muscles. They hang down and seem longer then normal. Their faces and heads are a little larger than their bodies, as if they have shrunk and are very malnourished. Their faces have the look of horror, fear, and determination. Their large, beady, dark eyes are surrounded by a semi-hairless head with small pointy tight ears. Their faces are very tight, and look maybe even slightly decomposed due to the bony features in their faces. If I remember correctly, some seem to have bony stubs on their scalps or sores. They seem to always travel in groups. When they are alone, they are not as couragous. But in a group, they are. It’s as if there is some other force pushing them forward to complete their job. If they fail, they seem to fear punishment for their failure. However, they know of another force-one much greater then theirs. And they seem surprised when it shows up, or when I call upon it. It really frustrates them.

One night, I awoke with a sense of fear. I could feel that something was present. I grabbed my sheets and looked up into the hallway. The light was on, because I always put it on before I went to bed. I hated sleeping in the dark, and would use a nightlight to calm myself. However, as I watched the hallway, I saw a small, disfigured creature walk past the door, down the hallway and my sister’s room. It even cast a shadow on the floor. It walked side to side, in a creeping motion. I breathed in deeply and held my breath. I couldn’t even scream. I only saw the back view of it but it looked like one of the beings in my dreams. I covered my face with the blanket and prayed myself to sleep.

Another night I awoke, and felt a need to go into my sister’s room. I walked in there as she slept and I noticed the metal closet door was moving. I was shocked for two reasons. One, she had very thick shag carpet, and it was diffucult to move this closet door, whether you were going to open it or close it. While I watched this door open, and listened to the scraping sound on the carpet, fear overcame me, and I ran back into my room. I knew what it was, but was afraid to do anything about it.

Some nights, I would hear my sister scream and complain that she was having a nightmare. I often wondered if she was dreaming the same thing I was. Normally, she wouldn’t talk about it.

A couple times I woke and felt an evil presence on top of me. I could almost hear it’s evil breathing, and I felt that if I opened my eyes it would kill me. I would pray and try to get out the words, “God help me, please help me,” and this thing would eventually leave.

During moments of confession at my Catholic Church, I would tell the priest about these demons, and how they were trying to get me. He would tell me to keep praying, and put my faith in God. He never really gave me any direct answers. I think he was as baffled as I was.

I soon began to see more then just these creatures. I would see ghosts. Dark figures would glide across the room. I felt it was them who tapped me on the shoulder. They scared me just as much as the dreams at first. I felt they were different from the demons, but nevertheless they scared me.

During third grade a friend of mine slept over. I woke up seeing this glowing ghost hovering right above him. In glowed like a glow-in-the-dark toy, with a blue green aura that illuminated from within itself. The ghost kept looking around as if it was lost or confused. It looked to the left, it looked to the right. I was terrified. So I began to whisper my friend’s name, who was laying right below him in a sleeping bag.

(Name Changed) “Brad, Brad…wake up….it’s right above you…Brad…..Brad…”

He didn’t seem to hear me, so I went for my dad. After a few minutes, my dad opened the door and turned on the light. As the light went on, this ghost imploded into a small light, and vanished.

The next morning “Brad” told me he had seen the ghost, but was so afraid he didn’t know what to do or say. He said it came back to my bed, and seemed to look for me after I left for my parents room.

Needless to say, when I called Brad the following day, his parents wouldn’t let me talk to him and said he was not allowed to sleep over again. When I later asked him why he responded, “They told me that it’s for the birds!”

After that event, I began sleeping in my parents’ room when my mom was away. I slept with my dad, and come to think of it, these things never really appeared when my mom was home. The things I began to witness were nothing short of amazing. As long as I was in my dad’s room sleeping beside him, I wasn’t really afraid. You could say I was more curious. I would watch a ghost glide down the hall of the master bedroom and watch him appear as he went past the moonlight. I would also see the ghosts’ reflections in one of the large vertical mirrors hanging on the wall. This one particular ghost glided up to the mirror, Stopped, and turned around to look at its own reflection. I whispered to my dad. “Dad, someone’s in the room.” He turned and said “No one’s there, it’s just your imagination.”

Another night, I decided to leave the hallway light on, and the door slightly open to my dad’s room, so I had some security with the light. I watched one ghost slowly start to appear as he walked into the room. He glided past my bed, and joined with two other ghosts who were facing each other and obviously communicating. It looked like two or three males and one female. They were all dressed but showed no sign of color. They were only dark figures, that looked as if someone was standing in the room in semi-darkness. The existing light source lightly outlined their bodies on one side. I lay there amazed and watched their every move.

This went on for many nights, and whenever I looked at the clock, it seemed to always happen around 4-5:30 am: Rarely before and never after.One night I was face to face with a ghost. (read Face To Face With A Ghost -Unknown Magazine #1).

On another night, I held the sheets tightly and looked around the room to see if there were any ghosts. The light was on in the hallway, and the door was wide open. I thought it might be too much light to see any ghosts. Shortly after thinking this, the door automatically shut by it self, fast and hard.

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One thought on “Fear No Evil Part 1 by Chris Fleming”

  1. Wow that sounds really disturbing and scary when you were little, that’s wonderful that you had such great parents….Im wondering what it means when you wake up ,this has only happened twice…once in an old hotel in Arizona…I was awaken to find a woman with a small thin built a bussle on her dress, that women wore in the cowboy days…I wasn’t scared and just went back to bed the next one was more recent in 2012 and we were surrounded by two cemetaries, the one on slauson where Rita Hayworth is buried and the other one by the 405? where al Jolson is buried…and I awoke to find a tall man, dark hair and skin, big nose, and his shirt had 4 sections of different patterns…I screamed and when I open my eyes again he was gone…a taxi cab driver died down the street and I thought maybe it was him, but I don’t really know…another time I visited the cemetery on Bristol parkway…in culver city that was across the street from our complex…and was sitting down reflecting, when a cat came out of nowhere, and was following me, and he had a tag on his neck with the name Buster…and this was in 2013…a year later I found out that my friend/boss had died in 2010 and his mother would call him buster…I felt later that he Tom/buster was trying to let me know that he was gone….and it goes on and on…sometimes when I close my eyes…not always…I see hideous faces,like you do…what does that mean

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