Fear No Evil Part 2 by Chris Fleming

Fear No Evil Part 2

by Chris Fleming

I was stunned. It then opened all the way back up. My dad yelled out, “Chris,would you get back in bed!” I looked over to him, “Dad, I am in bed!” “Then quit playing with the door!” We argued for a few minutes that it wasn’t me, it wasn’t the air conditioning. the air wasn’t on and the windows were closed. Plus, no one else was home. I watched the door and whispered “Do it again.” Wham, the door closed. “Open it!” Creakkk, the door opened. Wham, the door shut again. This went on a few more times, and I began having fun with whatever it was doing this….until the door remained shut. I began to get afraid, and soon ran over to the door to open it. When I turned around to run back to the bed, it shut by itself again. I told it to stop, and opened the door once more, and the door game soon ended.

Normally, I was teased a lot, picked on and involved in a lot of fights. I was treated differently. On one occasion when I was surrounded by a group of kids, the encounter ended up with me throwing kids around. The kids left moaning and just walking away. I never lost nor ever got hurt. I always felt protected and still do today.

My school teachers during 1st, 3rd and 4th grade told my parents that I had an over-active imagination, and that I would end up being an artist. They were part right. I received a BA in Art, and art has been and will always be my love. But, my “imagination” was based on fact, and a reality they couldn’t comprehend. I had witnesses too my events. I had nothing to prove anymore. I knew that these things exist, and that they did not appear to everyone. I knew that one day, people would begin to realize this.

My mom would tell me not to talk about it to others, because they wouldn’t understand. My father would tell me it was all my imagination, yet when alone with my mom he would tell her that he did see these things when with me, and didn’t know what to do, but was afraid to tell me about it because he didn’t know what they were. I even heard them arguing, which turned into a fight one night. My dad was arguing that this was driving him crazy, and that maybe I should get some help. My mom realized I was fine, but something was going on. My dad said he couldn’t explain it, but didn’t want to look like a fool to me, so he chose to ignore it and act strong.

I believe we weren’t the only house on the block who had problems. I know of some neighbors who saw things too. The people in the house on top of the hill were having some friends over one night. Some high school kids, who used to cut our lawn, came and rang the doorbel,l complaining that they thought a ghost was in the house. Their parents were away and one of them saw a man walk through a wall. I listened as they told their story on our front porch. My dad went up there, and came back with nothing. He said that they must have been drinking.

Another kid I knew, who lived three houses down, told me he saw dark figures glide around his room a couple times at night.

Another neighbor’s daughter committed suicide while in high school. She used to babysit us. It was believed that she was messing with drugs and became very depressed. She hung herself in the bathroom. Since that day, the bathroom has remained a very cold temperature, and has an unearthly smell that the family cannot get rid of. I spoke to her a few times on the Ouija board, and did it once with her brother, who broke down crying when the board spelled out a few words only he knew of.

One night I had a lot of sightings. I lay in bed wondering where all the ghosts were. As I lay there they began to appear: Many of them, more then I could even count. They were all different. Some had a slight glow, some looked as if a normal person was standing right there, some even changed shapes and sizes. I was afraid of the ones in the back part of the room. They seemed evil, and wanted to come into the room but hung back there, as if they weren’t allowed to go any further. One ghost appeared in front of the bed. She was an old women sitting in a rocking chair. She was sewing something. I gazed at her not afraid at all. I became curious as she slowly looked up at me and smiled. I was astonished and raised my hand and waved to her. She waved back, then she disappeared. Another ghost behind, her wearing completely different garb smiled also, and walked away. They were everywhere. I felt like a kid in a candy store. My eyes lit up as I looked around the room. Some noticed me, some ignored me and some seemed unaware I was watching. They seemed to be from different periods of time/space.

I looked up toward the ceiling and watched a group of ghostly spirits float around the room. They seemed to be mischievious and playful. They looked like wisps of smoke and plasma, occasionally taking an identifiable human form, but mostly a morphic, smokey appearance. They had a blue-green aura to them, and I watched as they glided across the room, quickly, in and out of the walls and dressers.

As my dad got up to go to the bathroom, two flew into the closet. As my dad walked past, one of them came out and took on a weird, thin human form, and walked behind him as if in jest, making fun of his every stride. It was creepy and scary. I labled them poltergeist-types. Another flew over to me and landed beside the bed, I jumped out of bed and ran over to my dad who was relieving himself in the bathroom. He said “What are you doing?” “Dad, the ghosts were following you and one of them flew over to me.” As I leaned up against my dad’s back, “I was afraid it might hurt me!” “Don’t worry, they can’t hurt you,” he said. “Don’t be afraid of them!” I looked over to where I had been laying on the bed, as my dad asked me if I had to go to the bathroom. I replied, “No, dad…..dad….one of them is laying on the bed…he took my spot..” “Son,” my dad said to me, patiently, “Don’t let them think you’re afraid.” “I’m.. not afraid”…I lyingly said. At this point, I did something that to this day, I can’t believe I did. I ran over to the bed and jumped in the air, landing on my back right on top of the ghost. I kid you not. I looked over my right shoulder as a gaseous substance slid out from underneath me and rose into the air. It had a frown on its face as it floated away.

Sometimes I noticed figures floating outside the window. I could see their shadows as they floated past the window. I would tell my dad “there is someone outside the window,” and he would tell me to knock it off and gop to sleep.

As this eventful night went on, these ghosts slowly disappeared, one by one, until they were all gone. The clock displayed around 5:45am, so I finally went to bed. It was safe.

I began to put my faith in angels, asking them to protect me from the demons in the darkness. At this point, and at this early age, I realized that ghosts and demons were separate entities. Some ghosts were good, funny and mischievious, and some were bad. But, none were as evil nor as scary as the demons.

A lot of my nightmars would take place in complete darkness, or in my parents’ room. They would seem so real. In my parents room, the door would close, and things would go flying around the room. The devil, or evil spirit, would come and try to possess me. I would wake up screaming, sometimes confront it, or open the door just in time to get out. I still have this dream, once in awhile, about this room in the old house.

Back then, I began waking up in my own sweat night after night. The dream would always begin and end the same. I would awaken in total darkness, floating in the air. There was no ceiling, no floor, just darkness. Out of the darkness would come a being, whom I recognized as the devil. Night after night, he would appear; sometimes with different appearances, trying to scare me or earn his trust. It got to a point that whenever I would be in this darkness again I knew hewould be waiting to appear. The scene was usually the same. He would come to take me away. He either wanted to eliminate me or have me join him.

I fought many times and lost, but just before he would take me, I would wake up. The priest at school told me to keep my faith and pray. One night I dreamed of a cross with jesus hanging on it (I really had this cross in the physical world). It was placed down on a table in front of me for protection from the devil coming to get me. Instead, the jesus that was on the cross smiled an evil grin, turned around and peed on me. I woke up confused and upset. I cried all night. I felt my faith was turning against me. My mom told me that it was the devil trying to confuse me.

I was so mad that the devil did that to me that I started fighting back in my dreams. I would take objects into the dreams with me; swords, guns, etc. It would still end up the same. My arms would be cut off, I would be mangled and torn apart, usually waking up screaming, thinking he had won.

In one dream, the tide turned. I was so fed up with the same situation that when he appeared, I said “Go ahead” As I raised my arms outwards. “Cut off my arms, take my legs. The one thing you can’t have is my soul nor my faith in God. That I will never give up!” As I said this the devil screamed and vanished. A few times more he appeared in the darkness but all I had to do now was tell him to leave and he would. The dreams eventually stopped for good.

On one occasion, I lay in my dads room, for I was just getting over the flu. I kept thinking I was seeing things, My dad would turn on the light, telling me it was just the sheets, it was just the dresser, etc. I knew he was right, but my mind wasn’t right. I felt more afraid than normal. No matter what I looked at, it reminded me of something I feared. I wondered if any ghosts would be appearing. I waited and waited. None came. I finally felt the fear reside, and felt it was time to go to bed. I looked around the room, wondering why I hadn’t seen anything all night. Eventually, I started getting tired, and as I lay there in my father’s bed he began to snore. I faced his back realizing it was time for me to stop worrying and finally fall asleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, a huge light appeared behind me. Like a burst of flames, the room lit up. A horrifying, blood curling scream screeched from behind me. I sprung up, turning around as I also pushed away from whatever it was that just made it’s presence. I looked to the side of the bed that my back was facing. There stood a creature, a demon, a figure so scary I can’t even begin to describe it. It pointed at me and screamed like nothing I had ever heard before. The sound seemed to shake the whole house. I screamed in fear and cried. I scrambled for my dad kicking my body forward away from it and closer to him. I needed to hold him for protection. However, my dad had other plans. He too heard the scream, and was yelling himself. It shocked him so much that he fell off the other side of the bed onto the floor. I slid over the side on top of him. The apparition or demon left as soon as it had appeared. It was all over in a matter of seconds. My dad jumped up from the floor and turned on the light. “What the hell was that?” (At this age he may have used a different form of profanity) “The devil, ” I told him, holding him ever so tight. He went on cursing and breathing heavily. We both sat up on the bed, looking around the room. This thing had come out of nowhere. I saw it for a brief few seconds and my dad didn’t. But he sure in hell heard it. I had never in all my life seen my father so scared. Here he was, one of the toughest hockey players that ever played professional hockey and he was now at wits end, and as afraid as I was. We slept with the lights on for awhile and eventually fell asleep holding each other closely.

Since a lot of things occured when my mom was away, she became curious as to what was going on. She told me brief stories about her experiences as a child. Something used to come for her and try and take her away. She felt if she moved or opened her eyes it would kill her. Because of my experiences and her mostly supportive attitude, she began to use the Ouija board to try and conjure up spirits for advice.

Once while doing the Ouija board with my mom, I felt the temperature change as the board piece began moving around spelling swear words and 666. I felt myself slowly lift off the chair as my pajamas began to flutter violently as if a huge hurricane was surrounding me. I looked at my mom and around the room, noticing that nothing else was moving except for me and my clothes. I felt colder and colder, as if this evil entity was trying to enter into me. My mom yelled for me to stop panicking and start praying. We both did, and I felt it rush through me. It felt cold as ice. As soon as it went through, the room got warmer and the board piece started moving again. A Christian martyr from the year 15 A.D. began speaking to us on the board. He said he was called to save me from a demon that was trying to possess me. His timing couldn’t have been better. He told us that a lot of evil spirits like to take advantage of people who played with this device, and that we should be very careful when we did so.

This didn’t stop me. There was an interest inside me,a desire to learn more. Even though my fear was decreasing, my need to know kept me going. School friends and I used to do the Ouija board and used to have a couple of strange events happen. TV guides would fly across the room, strange screams would echo, ghosts appeared when we would go to bed. Bad luck, an out of body experience, voices recorded on tape and more. This all happened during my 5-7th grade levels in school.

Things got so scary at one point that while my sister was crying, I walked around the house with a crucifix, demanding all the evil spirits to leave. I told them that I was calling upon god and his angels to protect us and this house. Needless to say, most of the evil events died down from then on, except for a few more things here and there. The scariest parts seemed over.

I realized from talking to other kids that the things that were happening to me weren’t normal. Maybe I was special as my mom always said. Why did these ghosts always appear around me? What did they want? What were they trying to say? Why were the demons after me? What did they want? And where were my guardian angels most of the time when these evil things appeared?

The angels who appeared to me physically in my dreams mostly came to help me with my confidence dealing with others my age, mostly on a personal level. However, as I grew up, I was protected in bar room fights in college, car accidents, and during other threatening events.

In 5th or 6th grade my parents went through a divorce. It had nothing to do with any of my events. However, my dad had been causing some problems and threatening my mom. One night when I came home (7th grade timeframe). We were just about to go up stairs. As Mom turned off the light a horrifying moan echoed througout the whole house. We became terrified as we both knew something else was in the house. I stayed in her room and we locked the door. We heard noises througout the house and some creaking sounds. We decided to investigate, and the only thing that was out of place was a picture of my dad that fell off the wall in the basement.

While at an early age, I felt an evil presence, as I got older I felt a more divine presence. I learned to conquer my fears, and fight off the demons for good. Maybe it was a lesson. I don’t know for sure. But what I do know is that faith and strength can defeat that which is evil, both in dreams and in the physical world.

Still, I had problems growing up as a child that many children go through: The feeling of being left out: Hating certain things about myself. Losing my self-confidence. I had a hard time dealing with these things. I was going through a lot at a young age. Experiencing the paranormal and my parents always fighting and finally through a divorce. I felt all alone. I remember one night during 6th grade I was very depressed and doing some homework. I sat at my desk in my room, having a hard time clearing my mind. I put my head on my arms, asking God to help me. I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden I heard this ruffling noise and funny singing. I pulled my head up and looked over. In the corner of my room was a little angel. It looked like a little boy yet it acted more like a little girl being real silly. It had a bow and arrow, if I can remember correctly, and kept aiming at things, pretending to shoot its arrows. It was singing no particular song, just weird funny hums and words. It seemed to be trying to cheer me up as it bounced and flew all over the room.

I sat there with my jaw on the floor, watching its every move, giggling and sniffling at the same time. Suddenly it stopped and seemed to pose in funny statue-like poses, occasionally looking over to me. As it did this, I was wondering what in heavens name it was doing. It tip-toed and fluttered and began telling me, in total joy, with huge smiles and close eyed expressions, “Chris we love you, all of us. Don’t let these little things bother you. Don’t worry about such trivial things. It is just part of your youth. One day you will not even look back at these little things you worry about so much today.” We love you so much that I was sent here to make you happy! “Are you happy,” it asked me. “Yes,” I said as I giggled. The little angel gave a huge smile and hugged himself as he looked up, as if admiring his accomplishment or maybe looking towards someone or something else I couldn’t see.

Next thing I remember I pulled my head up from my arms and quickly looked around the room. “Wait a minute,” I said to myself. “Did I just dream this??” I walked out of the room downstairs into the living room, as my mom was watching TV. I stood there in awe, I looked around the room, looked towards the ceiling then at my mom. Second-guessing my self, I scratched my head and said “Mom, did you hear anything?” “Hear what?”she said. “I don’t know.” I scratched my head and walked out of the room, trailing the words, “never mind.”

Angels became a larger part of my life as I grew up. Voices would save me from making the wrong decisions. At times I didn’t listen, and the worst occurred. I was saved from a car accident from an angelic passenger (see Unknown issue #1), I felt an arm around me and a large figure behind me comfort my girlfriend and me as three gang members spread out while following us in the city of Chicago. This presence told me not to worry, and I reassured my girlfriend. Even during a football game (I played in highschool, college, and in a mens league after I graduated) a voice told me to run past the punt returner, to run straight ahead past my destination. I did this as the ball bounced off his hands, into the air, right into my path. I never broke stride. Instead I caught it and went all the way for a touchdown. Once again the friendly voice had a purpose and beautiful advice.

From my own experiences, I believe Angels can appear sometimes in physical form when in their truest form. Sometimes they look how we want them to look and in an appearance that would make us most comfortable. Even sometimes as a loved one. They can take any shape. As the bible says, “You never know when you may be entertaining an angel.” I believe this to be true.

They will take any form, or any route that is necessary to help us and keep us out of danger, while demons will do anything they can to turn us away from that which is good and that which our destiny has carved out for us. Fear is their greatest weapon, and our Achille’s Heal. If we give in to fear, we give in to their greatest tool. We are just as powerful as any of Gods creations. We are just as important. When we remember that, we have great strength and great power from the forces that try to take us down. Plain and simple: Demons want us to fail. They like when we go through hard times and this when they approach us, at our weakest hour. We need to know this to try and remain strong and not give in. They want us to fall. And, maybe they even want us to join them. I have seen both sides , Whether it’s heaven or hell, I have seen what beings may exist from there if a place such exists. It doesn’t really matter if there is one. What matters is that demons do exist. and we need to protect ourselves from them. It’s up to you on how you do that. I’ve learned my lesson and confronted my fears. I know who’s behind me now. One day it may be your turn.


When I look back I see how things were meant to happen. I witnessed things most people would never dream of. I have seen different types of ghosts, I have seen what they can do. I have seen demons, and know of their existance. I have seen that there is a God, and even a devil. There are angels all around us to protect us and offer us help if we need it.

My mom and her support made me realize that this phenomenon has been passed down and that I am not crazy. My dad, with his position of denial and hard-nosed attitude, taught me to not fear that which we don’t understand. Fear makes us weak, and allows us to be taken advantage of. My sister made me realize that I may be needed to help others and protect them, because I didn’t like the fact that these events affected her, too. My friends who witnessed these things with me made me realize that with my knowledge and experience, I could tell others, and share what I know.

When we become aware of these things that exist around us, we learn that we, too, are just as important. I have come to accept that we are all powerful entities. We can do amazing things, but are limited in these physical bodies. When we look beyond ourselves, and let go of the fear, open our minds and realize that we can control, allow, and alter a lot of things around us, we too become just as important. When we accept that we are just as important, just as powerful as anything else, then we have no reason to fear other things-even i f we don’t understand them.

We are all part of a big plan; some of us just don’t know it yet.

Today I investigate haunted places and have come in contact with ghosts once again.I believe they know of my experiences and relations with the afterlife as a child. Since I am older, and as I believe- more aware interesteing adventures await me. I feel I can call upon either the ghosts or angels, and they will be there.

In the meantime as I go through life, I have been able to comfort those that don’t understand life after death, and help those that are haunted by ghosts or demons. I try and give them strength that was given to me, as well as the idea that we are all powerful beings who can put our feet down when we need to. We all have inner strength and assistance from the other side if we ever need it.

There is a spiritual battle taking place, with a final showdown to occur soon. I believe I have been trained and prepared in many ways for it. When It takes place, I will be ready, and on the front lines to face what ever the final event might be. I have had my whole life to prepare, and I believe when it comes down to it, there will be many others like me, so I won’t be alone.



Everything I have written here is true to the best that I can remember. These events did occur and affected my life as well as those around me. Believe it or not, there are many more things that did occur that I did not write about. Probably 2-3 times more then you read here. Because I don’t fully understand these things and am not yet comfortable talking about them you will not see me write about it. I know you’ll understand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-Chris Fleming

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