The Ouijia Board! by Siegella

The Ouijia Board!

by Siegella

Here is the most frightening experience I’ve had using an ouija board.

(Sorry it’s kind of long, I just wanted to convey our state of mind and attitude when this happened)

It was probably 2 years after I first used an ouija board. I guess I was around 15 at the time. My cousin, Kim, was visiting me for a week, and we both had used the ouija board together before. In fact, we started together 2 years prior, and had already contacted several entities. So one day we were playing around on the board, and we hooked up with some entity. I think he was actually talking to us at first, but I can’t remember about what… but later on all he would do is repeat the same message over and over- no matter what we asked or said- he would just repeat it… “Just wait until tonight just wait until tonight”. Kim and I laughed, and didn’t take it seriously. After all, we had contacted probably close to a dozen entities already and nothing bad ever really happened… why would we believe this to be anything more than just some spirit just trying to have fun scaring us. Heh… We got tired of getting that message so we quit using the board for the day. We never gave the message another thought… we never even talked about it after we put the board away. So nighttime came… it was getting late, maybe 1am or something, and we were in my room. We were just talking and laughing like normal kids do at 1am and then we heard something. Scratching on the screen outside my window. We just had to check that out! So I go over to the light switch and turn off the lights, so we can see out the window easier. Then I go over to the window, and I had blinds which were down and closed, so I raised the blinds… Kim froze and I think I jumped back several feet to where she was and then I froze. I remember her saying “do you see it, do you see it” and I did! I started to describe it to her and she was nodding… it was exactly what she saw. It was located at the bottom of the window, close to the center, the size of it was somewhere between a basketball and a softball.. roundish… greenish/grayish/silverish… and even though I couldn’t really make out details, I could tell it was hideous. It just kept staring in… it didn’t move… but we both could feel it staring at us. Finally we got up the courage to go back to the window, and lower the blinds. Less than a minute after that, I peeked inbetween the blinds, so see if it was still there… it was gone. And that is the last I ever saw of it.

Well, that’s not much of a story… it didn’t come after us or try to possess us like the stuff we see in the movies (thankfully)… but I Know I saw something… evil… or perhaps… it was an angel trying to scare us out of using the ouija before we got in over our heads… Dunno… but I really don’t want to see another demon, and if I ever see a spirit… I want to be expecting to see it first…

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