Research (K-II & Sixth Sense)

“The following is based on my opinion and research I have done over the past couple years. I plan on continuing to study and work with other investigators in furthering our understanding on how this device works and why we are getting the results we are. I also, have included articles and websites that I feel are important because I have high hopes that further understanding and experiments being done will further contribute to the advancement in the field of the paranormal”

-Chris Fleming

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Intro and Info on how I came across this device:

While I had seen the K-II meter on the internet before, I never knew what its purpose was or how it could be beneficial in an investigation. I first discovered how to ‘think out of the box” with this device while working with a California Ghost group (Ghost trackers) back in 2005 at the Saddle Creek Lodge. Upon watching the responses the K-II was having with a local investigator. The infrequent light ups didn’t impress me, but the possibility that the ghost was affecting it did. And as they say, sometimes we need to see it or try it for ourselves. I decided to try something. I decided to test my own abilities to verify if what I was feeling was an actual ghost pulling me into the corner of that room.

Upon asking the group to walk over to that particular spot, they held up the device as a few more light ups occurred. Curious, I asked the ghost, that I believed was present, to make it light up 4 times, then 7, then 2, then 1, until I felt it was reacting to my specific instructions. I then began to discuss the differences between the ghost being energy and us being still physical and bound to 3 dimensional rules. Once I felt I gained an understanding, “You can hear me, I can’t hear you!” I began to ask for direct responses to my questions, which I surprisingly soon began to receive. I was amazed with this device for two reasons. 1) I was able to verify my own senses that a ghost was present, not just by a light up, but by specific responses to what I asked when I asked it. If I felt something or saw something in my head, male, female, angry, sad, more than two spirits, etc. I then asked the ghost to tell me if it was YES or NO through the meter. When I felt strongly about it and I felt confidant I was right I asked the spirit if it was a male or female and it responded with what I had felt. The yes and no answers also were accurate. 2) It seemed to be a new form of communication, similar to things I asked for as a kid, flicker of lights, knock on walls two for yes, one for no. Make the curtains move, turn the lights off for yes, drop the temperature in the room, and so on. Yet, this was a more direct and simple way to get a response everyone could see. After this investigation, I decided to buy my own to test it further.

Over the next couple years, I used this device at various locations, but it wasn’t until I got to the Stanley Hotel that I used it in front of more than 5 people. Quickly people saw how much of a great tool it could be. Whether one was psychic or not, here was a tool that could respond to a conscious form of energy and establish what seems like a two way communication with the ghost world. That is my theory, and it the results we have seen seem to support this.

Soon people began asking me where they could get one. With that in mind I decided to offer it on my website. I don’t own the device but I support what it does and can do, in not only picking up levels of EMF but also establishing a form of communication and detecting various forms of conscious energy. Don’t get me wrong, I take full advantage of this device and use it around the house and in hotels to detect any leakage that can be dangerous to my health. You would be surprised what readings I have gotten in some hotels and then politely asked to be moved to another room since the levels are dangerously high. So it can be multi-purpose in its use.

Getting back to the ghost thing….while this all seems remarkable at first, it feels only natural now as we look at various forms of communication we have had over the centuries. Morse code knocks and raps in prison cells that inmates use to communicate, Cell phones lighting up when receiving a signal, and the list can go on.

Things you need to take into consideration when using the K-II meter:

1) This device was originally designed for electricians to detect high levels of exposure and leakage of EMFs.

2) Electromagnetic field strength is displayed by five multicolored light emitting diodes (LEDs) corresponding to levels of electromagnetic field strength.

3) The K-II operates from a single 9-volt battery located inside the back of the instrument.

4) The K-II is a single axis instrument, meaning that magnetic fields will be detected only in the horizontal or vertical axis depending on the orientation of the instrument by the operator.

5) This device will only detect fluctuating electromagnetic fields. For example a stationary magnet cannot be detected because the magnet is not inducing a voltage in the sensing coil of the instrument.

6) This meter will detect low frequency ranges of 50 to 1000 Hertz and very low frequency ranges of 1000 to 20,000 Hertz. The K-II LED’s show the strength of the detected magnetic field rate from1.5 to 20+ milligauss.

7) One of the important features of the instrument is its rapid response to electromagnetic fields. While other instruments seem to have a slight delay in response, the K-II is virtually instantaneous in response to electromagnetic fields. This makes the K-II very sensitive to short-term transient fields.

8) Operating the device is very simple. Pressing the thumb switch turns on the K-II and starts a self-test. The light emitting diodes light up in succession and then settle down to a single green light which indicates a range of zero to 1.5 milligauss. Releasing the thumb switch shuts off the K-II. The instrument can be kept on continually by pressing the switch and by inserting a small coin in the opening above the switch.

9) The diodes will light up once when you first press the meter down and keep it done once it settles you can begin. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS LIGHT UP AS A SIGN. This only means the meter is on as long as you keep it pressed down.

10) Turn cell phones off. If you do have a cell phone, keep it at least 4 feet away. Incoming calls and outgoing calls WILL cause the diodes to light up violently until the call is answered or hung up. So you should know better to have a cell phone on during an investigation anyway.

11) Always do a sweep of the room or area for any spikes on the diodes which could mean an electrical discharges form outlets, cables in the floor, wall or ceiling. Always spot this first to rule out any interference and or improper readings.

12) Keep in mind spikes caused by #11 will mostly be constant and keep the diodes lit until you step or move away from the vicinity of those EMFs. Upon practice you can easily tell the difference.

13) Keep in mind #12 applies to all EMF detectors and should always be followed and tested

14) Watch the pressure you have on the K-II meter. You don’t want to wear out your thumb, nor do you want to have it slightly coming off the meter and lighting up the diodes or spiking. This is a false reading. Every time this happens say out loud “that was me!” so everyone in the room knows that it was not an ACTUAL response that you are looking for in your investigation. I can’t tell you how many newbie’s mistake this for a sign. Overtime you will know the difference when you see it yourself and can help those in need of understanding the difference. Like anything else this is technique and tool is new to the field and people have to learn how to properly use it. No different than orbs on digital cameras and background noise on EVPs.

15) You can modify the casing to house an on/off switch. There are people out there that will do it for you. DO NOT modify where the button is on the casing nor eliminate the use of the on/off press button as it was originally intended. This defeats the overall use of the meter and you have now limited its capabilities. Create a side switch so you can either turn it on and leave it or press the button as it originally was designed and use it that way.

16) I believe that the conscious energy that is respondent to the meter is a form of PK energy that can be caused by an entity, ghost, or spirit, and maybe even ourselves if one is powerful enough to send that form of energy out. While an actual presence of conscious form of energy alone may or may not cause it to go off, I am leaning more towards a form of PK utilized by a conscious energy that is present and wants to communicate when contact is established. This seems more likely as meters put side by side have had different readings and in many cases one goes off while the other doesn’t meaning the energy being sent is selective. If it is selective that means it has to have been chosen and an actual presence in front of it would cause both to go off not just one. The conscious energy form (ghost or spirit) seems by all accounts to be deciding which meter to use and in experiments we have performed we have watched it go from one meter to the next as asked in a large room as well as one meter on the floor (with coin in it) go off also when asked, while all other meters waited their turn.

17) I have not had success at every location with this meter. I had very little at Waverly, a lot one night at the Queen Mary and none the next day. Keep in mind the location, people around and if whether or not there is a presence that is not only there, but wants to talk to you.

18) Many ghost groups, investigators and adventurers are studying this device further and its capabilities. This is fantastic and I hope and believe that this will develop into something even greater.

19) I know there are many skeptics and even ghost investigators that just don’t believe that this is possible and I understand. See it for yourself by working with a ghost group or attend an event at a haunted location and watch how people are using it. For every story I hear of someone that is not having much success I hear a couple more that are having amazing success.

20) I will be happy to show people how properly use it at events I attend. Just ask me!

I believe this is definitely a tool that can be added to the field of paranormal investigating and demands further study and breakdown to figure out how it works. I believe this is a step in the right direction to developing even greater devices and shortening our gap of communication with the spirit world. I look forward to the day we can just pick up a type of phone and chat with a loved one on the other side. Whether this is possible or not, all we can do is try to use what we do know work towards building that bridge.

-Chris Fleming
Updated 9/26/07




The K-II meter was designed and created by K-II enterprises a company that creates other devices and meters. They state the following about the K-II:

Measures the EMF (Electro magnetic Field) strength of every electrical device in your home, workplace or school; outdoor power lines, underground lines and even when you travel and shop for appliances. Health concerns about the negative effects of ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMF) from appliances, power lines, and home wiring have caused the U.S. Government to issue a warning to use “Prudent Avoidance” to help reduce your exposure to this risk.

Since EMF’s are everywhere it may be impossible to totally avoid them. The SAFE RANGE EMF METER from K-II can help you measure these potentially harmful fields and determine the safe range to help reduce exposure. It also helps you determine which appliances produce high level emissions.

While I don’t know who was the first person to use this in a ghost investigation, many other EMF devices have been used in its place, namely the Tri-field meter. I assume over the years it has been implemented to determine if there is any unknown energy in the room to coincide with cold spots, feelings, or activity as that is how the tri-field was used and how it was being used when I was first introduced to it.

Updated 9/26/07 – More info coming soon!



Research & Schematics

Modify K-II with on/off switch find out how here



Articles on K-II




My Space blog on K-II to discuss developments, questions, and success




“I have had the opportunity to work with Chris Fleming several times on ghost hunts and he had introduced me to the K-11 Meter. After seeing the results and impact it had on the hunt, I personally had to have these meters for our team of paranormal investigators here in Connecticut. It’s a valuable tool in the field to help document the activity as it is happening. And you have several investigators getting the same results – that’s all you can ask for. I definitely recommend the K-11 Meter to all in the paranormal field.”

– John Zaffis
Founder of the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England;
Author, “Shadows of the Dark,” and “The Trouble Within.”
The John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal.

* * * * *

“The K-II has become an essential piece of equipment that I utilize on all my paranormal investigations. It goes with me everywhere, and has been a helpful tool in validating that I am indeed in the presence of something paranormal. ”

-April Slaughter
TAPS Para magazine Staff Writer / Investigator,
Deputy Director of Field Investigations with the Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon, Inc. aka ASUP

* * * * * *

“The K-II meter represents both an excellent entry level EMF detector for those new to paranormal investigation, but also has useful features such as a brightly lit LED display that will appeal to the seasoned veteran ghost hunter as well. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment and in my opinion is the best EMF detector in its price range. For those just starting out, as well as those who have been investigating for many years, the K-II meter should be a staple in every ghost hunter’s tool kit.”

-Patrick Burns Haunting Evidence on Court TV Paranormal Investigator

* * * * * *



We have 5 known senses that assist us in recognizing our environment and the many things we come in contact with. Food, people, temperature, weather, substances, sounds and so on. At least this was what I was always told in school. We have 5 known senses that assist us in recognizing our environment and the many things we come in contact with. Food, people, temperature, weather, substances, sounds and so on. At least this was what I was always told in school.

But what about the frequencies and vibrations we cant hear? What about the things such as waves, particles we cant see?Electrical, artificial, and natural. We only see 10% of our physical environment dont we? So what happens to the remaining 90%?

Our sixth sense I believe allows us to feel, experience and sense many of those things we cant recognize with our other 5 senses. And believe it or not science has been aware of these things as you will soon read.

Ever get that tingling on your neck, the rush up your spine, the coldness up your arms and to your fingers? Or that feeling of being watched, that strong intuition that tells you to turn your head or pause and look around?

What do we call this? Intuition, sixth sense or are they one and the same?

I believe that Intuition is a big part of your sixth sense and where it ends, there exists so much more.

What allows some of us to feel we are being watched, to know someone is going to call, to sense danger, and to recognize something is wrong? This feeling, this sense happens to all of us sometime in our life and yet it is so simple to know and recognize as another sense that we don’t fully understand by modern science.

Is it not recognized because we don’t have a protuberance or organ somewhere on the outside of our body to say, Here I am?

Or is it somewhere inside, possibly along our spine just before the central nervous system enters into the brain. Just alongside and inside the back of the neck area?

Over my years this is where my theory of this remarkable ability and sense exists. This knowingness that sparks, goes off during a time of recognizing a change in our environment or to something or someone we may or may not know nearby or from a great distance.

In my studies the Aspect theory experiment has allowed me to believe that we are all connected right down to the particles that created us. Since we are all connected information must be able to travel in a way we do not fully understand.

Is it not true that birds can communicate as such in flocks when flying to know exactly when to turn? Fish can all sense danger when swimming in schools and quickly divert and angle away? As well as move so quickly in perfect unison like a wave of water in and around rocks and objects in the water all together in perfect harmony. How do these species know when to turn and react simultaneously? Is it because they area all so closely connected, spawned almost entirely together at birth or over time? Or is it their cells and tissues coming from similar sources that the information can travel and connect knowingly from one cell to another?

Science does not know how these species do it, but what we do know is that they do communicate in such a fashion that is we do not fully understand so therefore we may not fully understand some of our own abilities in how we do things.

So when we look at humanity and over the ages generations and generations. Are we not all connected also? Did we not all come from a similar source? Or have over time we forgotten this connection?

How did we find food when we were primitive and hunted yet didn’t have signs or local Macdonalds down the street to take care of our hunger and craving? Did we not have to rely on our intition or sense of knowing when food was near by? If there was any movements or vibrations nearby that would signify animal and therefore food? What told us to go this way or that way to find these sources? And how did we know to avoid danger from predators?

Is it possible we used a sixth sense to guide us and show us the way allowing our intuition and sense of change in the environment to guide us to the source, which we over time recognized as the way to find food and the way to survive.

Now that things are done for us and food is easy to find, have we given up on the ability and the use it or lose it senario kicked in? Dampening our ability and over time conditioning us to forget how to use or recognize this remarkable ability?

During my childhood I saw ghosts, i know this, others who where with me know this also. Over time I began to recognize the feelings, the sensations when this eternal energy would move into my environment. Changing the very vibrations, frequencies, or temperatures in my comfortable surroundings. Over time, the experiences created a similarity and in the sameness it became a signal for me that I was not alone and there was something around me.

This same sixth sense, upon further understanding and recognizing allowed me to be even more sensitive and able to notice other forms of energy (whether that be waves, frequencies, EMFs, etc, or things that were seemingly unknown).

But in what we dont know about ourselves, or in many cases are not able to accept, we do know and see in other species around us. Here is an excerpt from Wikki on Senses ( regarding Non-Human senses. It is interesting how many species abilities can be described in a way that in many cases represents high sensitivities that many humans have experienced and has been labeled “Sixth Sense” or “ESP.”

Analogous to human senses

Other living organisms have receptors to sense the world around them, including many of the senses listed above for humans. However, the mechanisms and capabilities vary widely.



Among non-human species, dogs have a much keener sense of smell than humans, although the mechanism is similar. Insects have olfactory receptors on their antennae.



Cats have the ability to see in the dark due to muscles surrounding their irises to contract and expand pupils as well as the tapetum lucidum, a reflective membrane that optimizes the image. Pitvipers, pythons and some boas have organs that allow them to detect infrared light, such that these snakes are able to sense the body heat of their prey. The common vampire bat may also have an infrared sensor on its nose.[9] It has been found that birds and some other animals are tetrachromats and have the ability to see in the ultraviolet down to 300 nanometers. Bees are also able to see in the ultraviolet.



Ctenophores have a balance receptor (a statocyst) that works very differently from the mammalian’s semi-circular canals.


Not analogous to human senses

In addition, some animals have senses that humans do not, including the following: Electroception (or “electroreception”), the most significant of the non-human senses, is the ability to detect electric fields. Several species of fish, sharks and rays have the capacity to sense changes in electric fields in their immediate vicinity. Some fish passively sense changing nearby electric fields; some generate their own weak electric fields, and sense the pattern of field potentials over their body surface; and some use these electric field generating and sensing capacities for social communication. The mechanisms by which electroceptive fish construct a spatial representation from very small differences in field potentials involve comparisons of spike latencies from different parts of the fish’s body.

The only order of mammals that is known to demonstrate electroception is the monotreme order. Among these mammals, the platypus[10] has the most acute sense of electroception.

Body modification enthusiasts have experimented with magnetic implants to attempt to replicate this sense,[11] however in general humans (and probably other mammals) can detect electric fields only indirectly by detecting the effect they have on hairs. An electrically charged balloon, for instance, will exert a force on human arm hairs, which can be felt through tactition and identified as coming from a static charge (and not from wind or the like). This is however not electroception as it is a post-sensory cognitive action.

Echolocation is the ability to determine orientation to other objects through interpretation of reflected sound (like sonar). Bats and cetaceans are noted for this ability, though some other animals use it, as well. It is most often used to navigate through poor lighting conditions or to identify and track prey. There is currently an uncertainty whether this is simply an extremely developed post-sensory interpretation of auditory perceptions or it actually constitutes a separate sense. Resolution of the issue will require brain scans of animals while they actually perform echolocation, a task that has proven difficult in practice. Blind people report they are able to navigate by interpreting reflected sounds (esp. their own footsteps), a phenomenon which is known as Human echolocation.

Magnetoception (or “magnetoreception”) is the ability to detect fluctuations in magnetic fields and is most commonly observed in birds, though it has also been observed in insects such as bees. Although there is no dispute that this sense exists in many avians (it is essential to the navigational abilities of migratory birds), it is not a well-understood phenomenon[12]. One study has found that cattle make use of magnetoception, as they tend to align themselves in a North-South direction[13]. Magnetotactic bacteria build miniature magnets inside themselves and use them to determine their orientation relative to the Earth’s magnetic field.[citation needed]

Pressure detection uses the lateral line, which is a pressure-sensing system of hairs found in fish and some aquatic amphibians. It is used primarily for navigation, hunting, and schooling. Humans have a basic relative-pressure detection ability when eustachian tube(s) are blocked, as demonstrated in the ear’s response to changes in altitude.

Polarized light direction / detection is used by bees to orient themselves, especially on cloudy days. Cuttlefish can also perceive the polarization of light. While I do believe in we all have a sixth sense, I must say I also believe many of us don’t use it and in all respected to “known” science we definitey don’t fully understand how it works. But I for one know it is there and intend to keep using it and improving it each and every day.

In the future when my experiences have shown me what I need to I will feel comfortable enough to share what I believe can be done to help assist in sharing information and techniques that can help those wanting to increase and further develop their sixth sense.

For now I feel the best thing is to understand “ambiance” and what it means in our surroundings by recognizing it. Once we begin to become more conscious of this we can then begin to recognize the makeup of the ambiance and any changes that occur guiding us to what the source of the change can be.

Meditation also can assist in clearing our mind and shutting down our other senses mentally to allow our sixth sense the opportunity focus and reach out and recognize what is going on around us that our 5 senses can’t.

For now read about ESP for the somewhat conservative understanding of what it is.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

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