My Best EVPS Vol. 2 & 3   2004-2006

My Best EVPS Vol. 2 & 3 2004-2006

New set of EVP volumes posted on You Tube covering the years 2004-2006.

Volume 2 includes some of my favorites. The children’s voices at Culver Studios captured on a video camera I left in the hallway, is insane. We were not able to determine who or why the children were there. The statement is clear and chilling with “don’t buy my coffin.”  I include more EVPs from Alcatraz and a remarkable EVP I captured right after I took a photo of a strange anomaly on camera. Hotel Coronado was a life changing location for my Co-host Gail Porter when we did Dead Famous and contacted Kate Morgan in the very room she haunts. Listen to the spirits remarks. 

Volume 3 presents some tongue in cheek EVPs from the Bird Cage. A location I would love to go back to. EVPs captured at Boothill Cemetery while I was helping spirits cross and the Winchester house were we heard a voice and captured it on the recorder. The potter schoolhouse is the famous location where the movie the birds was filmed.

EVP research is the gateway between our world and theirs. 





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2 thoughts on “My Best EVPS Vol. 2 & 3 2004-2006”

  1. I have watched your show dead famous and have seen you on several shows, I believe in paranormal phenomena and just wondered what happened with Gail porter? Did she become sick and could no longer be on the show? Sure miss it
    Wish there were other shows out there like it!!!

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