Paranormal Access Event Recap – Cielo Drive Haunted Site of “Ghost Hunters Manson Murders” Episode.

Paranormal Access Event Recap – Cielo Drive Haunted Site of “Ghost Hunters Manson Murders” Episode.






On Friday, February 8th I held my first “Paranormal Access Event”**  in Los Angeles, CA with 6 lucky and wonderful guests (This specific event was limited to only 6 people).

We all met at Aroma Cafe on Sunset at 6:30pm. One of my favorite stops in Los Angeles/Hollywood for coffee, authentic and ethnic food and desserts. Urth Cafe and Newsroom Cafe are in my top 5 as well.

The haunted location we would be investigating that night was not revealed until dinner time. Talk about trust!

Where did we go? Well, based on the headline of this blog you already know, if you don’t, we went to The notorious haunted location that I personally investigated on the Ghost Hunters episode entitled “The Manson Murders” with Jason, Grant, Steve, Donna and Tango. You may remember it from the use of the K-II and the temperature drops. For over 6 years I have been wanting to go back there. Especially with new technology and the advancement of devices in the ITC field.

After a previous and gratuitous conversation with Dave Oman, I was given special access to his home and allowed to bring 6 “unsuspecting guests”.

After our fine dinner of conversation and stories, as well as Kitty performing “reiki” on my aching neck (thank you- it felt better!) we jumped in two cars and traveled to Dave Omans home on Cielo Drive. Within 15 minutes and a couple of wrong turns (forgot he lived on a hill) we parked and stood in front of the house. What a feeling it was for me, oh, the excitement!

Within two minutes of walking in and introducing everyone, conscious energy struck! I already felt a presence and then even more. I raced for my evp recorder and within moments we began capturing EVPS.

Dave gave us a tour of the house, and along the way we did EVP and ITC experiments using our recorders, Ovilus X’s, and spirit boxes. I am sure you are wanting to know what we got and documented.

Well, I will allow some of the guests to post their experiences and memories from the event and I hope over the next week to go through the evidence and post the data both audio and video.

Lets just say I believe we captured and experienced the following:

– We got multiple EVPS on more then one recorder. what I would call “Direct responses” pertaining to our questions and what sounded like horse hooves on cobblestones in response to a question regarding you guessed it, “horses”.

– We had a remarkable Spirit Box session/s where we believe we possibly (still need to verify with analysis of the recordings) spoke with and received messages from Sharon Tate, Michael JacksonJohn Arthur Johnson, nicknamed the “Galveston Giant (boxing legend), various spirits, and my father Reggie Fleming (a surprise that brought me to tears).

–  K-II responses and temperature drops to 66.6 with a control reading in the 70’s. (all documented on camera).

– Feelings and sensations that varied form person to person.

– and more!

But, like anything now that I am away from the location. I need to go through the collective evidence and do proper analysis to either confirm or deny the above data we believe we captured.

Will post once the research and analysis has been completed.


I ask now that the attendees please post their opinions and experiences during this event to share with fellow readers and investigators alike about this extraordinary location.

Big thanks to Dave Oman for allowing us into his home.


-Chris Fleming    1/14/13

**Paranormal Access Events are small events limited to a few people with full access to a specific, hard to get into haunted location.



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7 thoughts on “Paranormal Access Event Recap – Cielo Drive Haunted Site of “Ghost Hunters Manson Murders” Episode.”

  1. Chris, I had a wonderful time, even if you didn’t think so. The dinner was very good and parking on the hill at Dave Oman’s house was a little scary since I was driving Kim’s car. Hearing the horse hooves was unbelievable. I did not like being in that room for some reason. Enjoy spending any time with you investigating.

  2. What an awesome location! I mean,a house biult on the site of two infamous murders,sitting on ley lines,and a native american burial site,to boot!Dave,the owner,could not have been more gracious (or enthusiastic!).And you Chris, truly work on a high vibration. Even the spirits could see your angels! I am so glad you finally received your evidence. I was most moved when after reading a hand written letter from Sharon Tate she spoke to me. I hope we were able to help those who were unable to leave a path home. I also hope a few stay because I would LOVE to go back!!! Thanks for and awesome time!(even if I did have a fever of 100)

  3. I helped with an investigation at this home several years ago! If I remember correctly, the owner of the home was doing a documentary because he was experiencing a plethora of paranormal activity. If I’m not mistaken, he woke up one night to find a Native American spirit standing at the foot of his bead. I remember feeling extremely uneasy in the downstairs room. The psychics helping with the investigation were not told details of where they would be investigating, and hit the nail on the dot! One of the psychics said she could feel the pain of a woman crying out for her baby. The other psychic said that whilst on the car ride over, she could see “tiny demons” running up the hill leading to the home. Very scary! Lots of paranormal activity happening in this home. I feel lucky to have experienced it! Would love to go back. Thanks for posting! twitter: @madamparanormal

  4. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often.

    Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Great work!

  5. Chris,

    I first laid eyes on you in Dead Famous..Gee I miss that show. And seeing you regularly. You’re such a cutie! Don’t worry I’m not a stalker! Just an old woman that still likes to gorgeous men! I’ve also seen you on Ghost Hunters (yes, That One)! and paranormal children.

    Are you hopefully going to get your own show again any time soon?

    Here’s hoping to see you again soon?

  6. I just watched Zak, Nick and Aaron on their show investigate the Oman home. Why has no one investigated the actual home where the Tate murder was executed? Tex Watson is in Mule Creek Prison up in central Calif- maybe someone could talk to him?? He claims to be a Christian (only God and Tex know for sure)- I would be interested to hear any thoughts you have on this suggestion. Thx

    1. Because it was torn down, it no longer exists and new huge mansion has been built there and owner doesn’t want anyone in there. David Oman did a seance years ago that brought the spirits over or allows them to communicate from the land they seem to be attached to.

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