Radio Interviews with Chris Fleming

Chris has appeared on over 800 hundred Radio Talk shows since 1997.

To listen to some of the most recent shows, click on the links below to take you to the hosting site:

 – 9/22/2014  EBN Talk Radio  – Chris Fleming is interviewed by Rocci Stucci & Tammy Prissel

– 9/26/2013 Live Paranormal / Phenomacon

– 6/26/2012 – Darkness Radio – Medium/Psychic Chris Fleming joins Darkness Radio to discuss paranormal topics pertaining to psychic gifts and strange hauntings

– 5/17/2012 = Darkness Radio – Psychic/Medium Chris Fleming joins Darkness Radio to tell touching stories of animals who have crossed over…

– 12/6/2012 – Darkness Radio – Psychics Chris Fleming and Mark Anthony join Darkness Radio to address the topic of whether there is forgiveness for murderers on the other side, either from the living or the dead..

– 12/12/2011 – Dead Air – Blog Talk Radio

– 11/30/2011 Dead Air Paranormal Radio

– 3/21/2011- Darkness radio – Paranormal tech inventor Bill Chappell and investigator Chris Fleming join us to talk about using technology to hear voices

 – 2011  – 30 Odd Minutes w Jeff Belanger

– 4/28/2010 – Ecto Radio

– 4/18/2010 – Steve Hultay Radio Network

– 2/23/2010 Dead AIr Radio

– 2009 Ecto Radio Episode 93

– 9/20/2009 Whispers from the Heart Radio Show

– 3/1/2009 – Darkness Radio – part 1  part 2   –  In this 2 hour interview with Dave of Darkness Radio, Chris recounts his memories of growing up in a haunted house. Chris’ mother Patricia and childhood friend Blu join him to share their experiences as well. The interview is split up into two files – the second hour and third hour.

– 9/2008 Haunted Southern Nights

–  8/17/2008 LPRS Radio – Interview regarding Dead Famous 






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  1. Hey Chris love your podcast wish you would do more Mabey 2 a month can you please do some on astral projection I’m getting better I practice every night and can get out sometimes and a lot of times I get out and I can’t see anything or if I do I fumble around like I’m drunk any advice thank you

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