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Brief Description:

Chris Fleming is an international renowned Medium, Paranormal Researcher, Professional speaker, Writer and TV host. His presentations offer valuable and spiritual information bringing awareness, understanding and healing to those wanting to know about our soul and what happens to consciousness after death. He is a quoted expert in his field in both national print and broadcast media. He is currently writing his first book, Hey Dad I Love You, available end of 2016. Mr. Fleming lives in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Medium Description:  

Chris Fleming understands the fear of death and the unknown. Growing up in a haunted house, seeing spirits and dark entities and losing a family member wasn’t the end, only the beginning as things still approach him to this day. It can be overwhelming. An expert on topics such as the sixth sense, ghosts, angels, demons, life after death and many more, he is also quoted in numerous magazines and on local and national broadcast radio and television. His first book is in the works while his monthly podcast Spirit Talk is available on iTunes and Planet Paranormal. 

In his work, Chris Fleming travels across the country speaking and offering spiritual consulting services to individuals, couples and children. He provides coaching and workshops to help people overcome and desire to make adjustments in their life. Chris knows how to connect with people and bring forth messages from spirit that changes and improves lives. Mr. Fleming lives in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, IL.

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