Dead Famous


Q: How many episodes did you do of Dead Famous?


We did three seasons (26 eps.), two specials and three back to back live episodes filmed in Los Angeles and aired in Europe. The series originally aired in the UK on Living TV and then BIO channel in the USA. It went on to air all over the world – Australia, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and more.


Q: What happened to Gail’s hair, did she have cancer?


No, Gail suffered from Alopecia due to events going on in her life at the time. She was like my sister, loved her dearly out of respect you can and research more about what she has been and is still going through.


Q: Was Dead Famous cancelled?

No,  the show mainly not renewed due to Gail’s health during the third season shoot. The series was very successful and ratings were extremely well. The series had been picked up and sold in over 15 countries, BIO channel in the USA wanted more episodes, but we could not continue. Gail was a huge, integral part of the show. Early 2006, there was concerns while filming in the United States, so it was decided by Living TV to be responsible and not renew the show at that time. There were plans for a 4th season and talks of a 5th as well. Note: we did have a 4th season list visiting such celebrities as Jimi Hendrix, Wyatt Earp, John Belushi, Kurt Cobain, Three Stooges, Van Gogh, and Freddie Mercury from what I can remember. There was a long list the producer had drawn up which the Network would agree upon.

All of production was saddened the show would not continue. It was a lot of fun doing and we had become a family. While there were talks in possibly replacing Gail, things obviously never moved forward and I feel it would have been difficult as well not having her apart of the show. Our chemistry made the show.


Q: Would you do Dead Famous again?

Yes, I would love to implement the type of equipment I have now and work with the right people, as long as the introduction would allow for more of the evidence I capture. Many great elements involving EVPS were not used in the first three season. I feel we could surpass what we started in the first generation of the series with the type of equipment available today.


Q: What was your favorite episode?

Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Al Capone, and about a dozen more!



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24 thoughts on “Dead Famous”

  1. will you and Gail be working together again
    You were such a great team never missed you two
    when your show was on here in the UK

  2. I think Dead Famous was the best paranormal program ever made. I can not tell you how disappointed I am that it is no longer going to be in production, I am very sorry to hear about Gail and I sincerely wish her the very best. Here is hoping that sometime in the very near future it will come together and production can once again begin. I think Dead Famous is miles above the show “Ghost Hunters” which is so lacking and drab — it should end production already.

  3. I agree, by far the best ghost busting series. Chris and Gail work very well as a team, and the incidental music really sets the atmosphere for each dead celebrity. Very thought provoking and we all want series 3 to be on DVD

  4. Do you know why this series doesn’t have DVD’s that are compatible with region 1? I have desperately been searching for this show for months now, and have only been able to find DVD’s that are region 2 compatible. I realize that this series is owned by a company in the UK, but don’t understand why they wouldn’t produce it in formats compatible for different regions of the world. Any light that could be shed on this issue would be most appreciated.

  5. My teenaged daughter at the time and I loved these shows, pre-overkill for paranormal investigating, still remember moments, and wish the next season’s “to-do” list could have been carried out…keep us posted if you are able to pursue these, even though I know you mentioned your chemistry with Gail can’t be duplicated.

  6. Used to watch Dead Famous which inspired me to search for the DVD’s. Rather expensive these days now. Seriously wishing Chris and Gail could re-ignite the series. By far the best paranormal investigation show. Alcatraz was my favourite.

  7. I was telling my daughter about an episode with you and Gail and I believe it was at Whaley House Museum but I can’t find mention of it anywhere. Do I have the wrong place? Have the two of you investigated there together?

  8. What season was it when you encountered the
    Spirit of Aileen Wunrnos?
    Im fascinated by her and want to watch it again.

  9. Hi Christopher, any ideas as to how I can watch dead famous episodes, searched everywhere and can only find 1 full episode on YouTube! Hope you can help, absolutely love this show and miss it!

  10. Please we need to campaign a return with chris and dead famous ! The best series i have ever seen, so interesting the history etc., please xhris team up with somone else if need be we need this series back now !!!! X love and light x

  11. Awesome show !!
    Watched first time around and watching it again now .. Bring the show back for a new series !!!

  12. By far the best paranormal show ever. I am getting ready to pay £100’s of pounds to get both Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD, thats how good it is. Chris and Gails chemistry cannot be replicated. I know Gail has been going through some very hard times, but I’ve always thought, if she ever wanted to kick start her career and financial troubles, you guys should start a new series for the new generation, I’ll start the campaign and even contact Gail through Twitter!! When i get the DVDS I will be showing all the non believers around me… That’ll soon make them believers!! The title music was spot on and still gives me chills! Chris your brilliant mate, Thankyou for giving us Dead Famous!!!

  13. Hi Chris, If the show ever returns would you guys consider doing investigations around Robin Williams, Erin Moran, Prince, George Michael, James Gandolfini to name a few ?. I also love the show immensley & am quite fascinated.

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