Death and The Afterlife


Q: When Someone dies can they hear us?


Yes absolutely, I have found that spirits can hear us anywhere. Like prayer, when an intent, emotion-love is behind it, a signal is sent it can reach them and they not only receive it, but feel it. At times not only do they hear, but they come forward and are present. I would highly suggest, lighting a white candle in a quiet room getting on your knees and praying out to him to let him or her to let them know how much you love him. Speak directly, knowing in your heart and soul that this person is listening. See them in your mind and your heart the act of hugging and seeing their face as you tell them how much you love them. Do more then just imagine yourself there with them, feel it. Open yourself up to it. Our perception and thoughts can direct the message directly to the person and in some instances bring both us and them together. I don’t think its like a message is sent across the universe of over a great distance. Its not like up or down, its a level of presence or space that can be occupied with a conscious thought. You think of them, okay fine it’s a thought, but you have emotion and intent behind it, and you add to that your belief that they can hear you. Imagine how purposeful and powerful that is!

I have been fortunate enough to experience this myself as well as with others, as we called out to this person and shortly we all felt their presence. Ask the holy spirit to assist you and give you a sign all in your prayer. Ask for a sign, to receive a sense of peace in knowing they are and will be okay. Share that your healing will come from that. Spirits can hear these messages and feel them as well. Sometimes they give back a feeling to us of their presence. For us to know they are in peace and more then just okay, they are in a better place is a wonderful and powerful thing. Be open to it to allow it in,  give with a pure intent in your prayer/calling to them and open yourself up to receive them with the holy spirit. 

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4 thoughts on “Death and The Afterlife”

  1. My mom died 3 years ago. i had time to say goodbye to her, but i didnt, i couldnt. how do you say goodbye to your mom? Now, i live in regret and heartach. I would give anything for 5 more say to her what she should have heard, how great of a mom she was. I have not tried to talk to her in all this time. Im afraid she wont respond. But im going to try what you said and hope for some healing. Thank you Chris. I am a big fan!!!

  2. Chris, I just met you this past weekend. You helped me talk to my aunt and uncle and now I know they’re Ok. I still can’t believe they answered us in both languages! I feel at peace knowing they’re always with me.Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

  3. Chris,
    I first heard of you on ghost adventures show, will you be coming to cleveland ohio soon.

    1. Check my appearance schedule frequently. I was in Ohio last year at a college speaking. Was in Akron.

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