Q: I still have FEARS. I saw things as a child and I have ignored it my whole life. Even so, I am still afraid. What do I do to overcome my fears?  I still hear and see things. 


If you did see a ghost, why is that a bad thing? What is it you really fear? Is it what other people think of you? Or is it that you don’t know what spirits are? Did you ever ask what they wanted from you when they lingered around or appeared to you? Well, why not ask them? If someone takes something of yours or bumps into you, you would say something wouldn’t you? Well, ghosts (spirits) are people to, just not physical. First you must figure out what you are really afraid of. Then understand that ghosts, spirits – were once people too. They just don’t follow the same laws we do when it comes to physical rules. They have more freedom yes, but they aren’t able to interact physically like we can. I believe they can hear our thoughts and recognize our fears.


You must have confidence and realize you are a powerful spiritual being. You can see, hear and maybe even feel them. Few people can. So what does this mean? It means you have the opportunity to help some of them, help some of us, understand life after death. Understand and communicate with the soul and the afterlife. So many people today need to bridge that gap. Why fear something that can help so many people? It’s not supernatural, it’s natural. You may have heard that before. Our physical mind and our senses are not fully aware of these invisible realms all around us.


If you don’t want ghosts around, don’t be afraid.  The ones you don’t want to talk to or don’t care for, tell them to leave and if they don’t then ask other spirits, pray to angels, Jesus, your spirit guides – good ones, to help you get rid of the ones that scare you. What is uncomfortable for you, you need to make them leave. There is no harm in asking or communicating through prayer, but there is harm if you don’t do anything and let them control you. Only you control you. You know this. Now prove it and regain control of yourself first. Then set parameters for them. It’s your home and your life. Tell them what you will allow and what you won’t allow. Understand most of them were people at one time. Just like you and I.


Keep in mind sometimes ghosts just want to be heard or recognized. They aren’t necessarily there to hurt you. We co-exist with many things on this planet, just because we can’t see it or its not readily noticeable doesn’t mean it is not meant to be there. We all our. Recognize that, everything has a place and just because it exists, doesn’t mean because you need to understand or fear it.


Q: When it comes to seeing ghosts, how does one learn to deal with this?


First overcome your fear of not being in control. Get control of yourself first. Control what you can. Consider them always as people first, its just the scary thing that they pop up when you least expect it. I know, I still jump or get startled. Then I laugh because no matter how many times I have seen ghosts, they can still surprise me. It’s okay to be startled, laugh it off.


How to deal with it? Understand they are people. You don’t know their story, you don’t know why there are there and you need to consider they may not know anything about you as well. Sure they may pick up on some of your thoughts, but that has to do with more about them then you. Ghosts, spirits, phantoms are everywhere, always have been, always will until judgement day comes.


It doesn’t help to ignore it, acknowledge it simply by stating, “Okay I hear you or Okay I see you!” That is really all you have to do, then just state you are busy and not interested in interacting. Go about your daily business. You call the shots, you control your environment. Sometimes all they want is to be acknowledged, that is it.



Q: I have had dreams that come true and see things that happen to people before it happens. The fear of what COULD happen next and no one believing me “taught” me to suppress a lot of my ability.  How does one re-learn to use these gifts?


You already have them, you already learned them. You have just chosen to abandon them out of… fear. Let go of your fear, embrace the truth, embrace the unknown and ask the universe to show you what it must to help others and help YOU help others. There can be no fear, when what you do, you do out of love, compassion and assistance. To truly see ones life, death and success means you are evolved on a level that allows you to see people for who they truly are. The physical and the holographic reality we have created in this world shouldn’t be a concern. You can see who we TRULY are. Why we are here and what purpose we have? In this,  you can see one’s destiny at times. What you see if it be death or tragedy is not necessarily a bad thing. Our experiences here are only temporary and in that brings experiences for the soul and mind. We take that with us when we physically die and our soul departs,  going home to a higher self, higher spiritual realm. It becomes an addition to higher, greater understanding and awareness of the creator and who we truly are.


What we observe we can use to help and guide others, warn some, counsel others and prepare many. Seek not to be a hero, but guide those that need one, counsel those that fear, and don’t seek approval from those who choose not to believe. You already know what they question. So why confuse both, them and you. Do not make it your fear. There is too much of that already, as you have seen for years in this world. Prey does not survive its fear when corned by a predator. It freezes and is devoured by the darkness. Do not let the darkness devour you. For light always survives in the dark, and you cannot fear anything, when you know even a little of who you are and where you are going.

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  1. In your comment you said, “…Ghosts, spirits, phantoms are everywhere, always have been, always will until judgement day comes.”

    What do you mean by that? And after “this day” there will be no more ghosts, spirits, etc?

    Thank you for any information you can provide.

    Many Blessings,

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