Q: Why do I see Ghosts?


Actually there can be many explantations. Are you really seeing a ghost? Do other people see the ghost or spirits? If not, just you? Have you asked them why? What does it want? I cannot tell you how many people never ever ask what the spirit wants? Most of the time they show themselves because they know you can see them. Or it is by accident. You confront them, they either leave or attempt to not be seen again. Some even just want to be recognized because they may feel lonely. If we deal with negative spirits some are trying to instill fear in you or your child. That is when it is best not to show fear. 

What gives us the ability to see ghosts. Some people can see ghosts frequently, while some have seen a ghost by either luck or chance. 

Did you have an event or experience in your life that involved Near Death? If so, lets first take a look at those that have had traumatic physical experiences. In many cases people that have had NDE’s have come back with an increase in conscious awareness, ESP and the ability to see spirits. Why is this? Well, only thing I can think of is the travel of soul out of body awakens your true higher self and this awakening reminds you of your true spiritual capabilities. To perceive, connect and communicate with spirit. Whether you are able to achieve parts of these connections or fully achieve, you have accessed the spirit plane and this back and forth has allowed a gateway of open consciousness to a higher level of understanding. You accessed a higher plane of energy. Frequency. Once you have done this, you are still connected. Meaning, your mind can now access things beyond our 5 senses because your energy has been altered, changed to that higher frequency. 

Ghosts are rarely seen in our visual spectrum. They are seen just outside the spectrum in IR or UV range. Why this is we don’t know for sure, but they must be (theory) vibrating or broadcasting at a certain vibration or frequency that is just outside of our sensory range for sight or hearing. The question is, is this a dimensional thing or have to do with the EMF field spectrum. Being just outside of our range of perception. I don’t know for sure. I personally don’t always see ghosts. It is usually random and when I least expect it. But I do see them a lot in various forms. Lights, black masses, whips of smoke, shadows, faces, or actual body forms that take various levels of transparency. Sometimes seemingly solid while other times, almost see through. Some even have appeared in a blue or white glow. Why is that? I honestly have no idea. 

Why do I, Chris Fleming occasionally see ghosts? I feel it has to do with my earlier spiritual experiences in childhood. I once asked a spirit how come I am sensitive to spirit and ghosts. They said because of my child birth. What does that mean? is that part of my spiritual plan to have access to these abilities or is it something that happened during birth? My mom was in labor for 44 hours before I was born. Could this have done something to my spirit or consciousness? I have no certainty. The method doesn’t really matter, what matters is that it happens.  

What I learned is that most spirits can see “us” as forms of energy, colors and lights. Just like when we look through a thermal camera and see bodies with heat signatures and colors. Why is this? Energy. Perhaps because they are energy and energy maybe able to perceive things as… energy in its purest and true form. Remember light and our own senses created by our human body and brain allow us to interact in the physical world. Our eyes and brain perceives things as solid objects, not as particles or atoms or….sparks of energy. Without eyes we maybe able to recognize our true makeup which is energy vibrating a specific frequency to present itself as solid in this 3rd dimension. While in the subatomic level it is hollow made up of a vast amount of spinning particles vibrating a certain speed to hold it all together. 

Back to question. Why can you see ghosts? With the number of theories on why. Why even ask the question if you are okay with it. Test it. When you see the spirit/ghost acknowledge it. Ask it to do something or prove that you are really seeing it and it is not your imagination. Perhaps a sign would confirm for you what you see. 

The more we become open to things, the more we begin to perceive and the more we become aware and when we become aware. Our Reality changes. Our view of the world around us changes and new things are introduced. Some of us see ghosts because we just do. They exist, like other forms of nature and we have become privy to it. 


Q: Why can’t I see ghosts?


No answer can answer that fully. While a skeptic may try to answer that with “Because Ghosts Don’t exist.” They would be half right. Ghosts don’t normally exist in our visual spectrum. We just can’t see them with the limitations of our eyesight. Some people are tuned in whether by their belief or something physical in their body that allows them to see through. IN a room filled with people normally 30% or more have seen a ghost. They don’t exist in our spectrum, but they exist somewhere and maybe right alongside us naturally. Our eyes just weren’t made to see them and with good reason. But like you don’t always see rainbow and rainbows exist, not as a physical object so do we see ghosts under the right conditions of light or affect of light on the EMF spectrum.


Q: How can I see spirits?


Good question, however it may not work for everyone. What I do is at night before you go to bed. Sit in the dark comfortably and stare ahead, Look into the darkness and don’t move your sight. Stare straight ahead and as your eyes adjust to the dark. Be aware of any movement on the corners of your eyes in the darkness.  After about 10 minutes of doing this, ask if there is anyone there to show themselves and continue to stare ahead within time you will be able to see not only in the dark, but become aware of movements such as shadows, forms, fragments moving in and out of the invisible. That which was once invisible slowly becomes visible as your eyes adjust.

I did this as a child in the day time and could see particles and waves moving in my room and even outside on certain days. My mom thought I was nuts and used to say, “You can’t see particles they are to small!” Yet I would see these round specks flying and bouncing off of everything. Filling all space.  I still can at times.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask. If I gave it a number only 30% of the time,  when I have asked did they ever show themselves, but when they did, oh man look out!

Like fishing in water (where else would you fish?) or hunting land and air, patience is always key!


Q: Can Ghosts or Loved Ones Appear in Dreams?


Yes, I believe they can. Ever since childhood I have had dreams off and on of ghosts, spirits or loved ones communicating through dreams. I have even woken up and had them standing right there or walking out of the room. A friend of mine in grade school and I had the same dream one night and talked about it the next day. We both gave each other clues and shared the details the next day on the bus going to school. This was a confirmation that we were really in the dream and aware of each others presence. How is this possible? I believe our spirit and soul can leave our body when we go to sleep. The body needs sleep but our spirit and soul never sleep. Sleep gives us the time to detach from the body and wander off into the astral plane. Sometimes to places we would like to travel but don’t or can’t. It even gives us a chance to converse with loved ones, receive messages and meet up with our higher self and be reminded of our purpose. We may even receive information that assists us in times of need or gives us the necessary information to build our lives and complete projects. With this opportunity, other spirits can access the realm we pass through from dream state to astral plane. Some of these meetings are planned by both parties and sometimes there can be intrusions. Sometimes these intrusions by ghosts can be frightening other times confusing. When we reconnect with our body we may forget things or only remember bits and pieces.  There are many worlds that exist. The spirit realm and the third dimension are just two of them. While many of our dreams may just be visions, fantasies, wishful thinking, or nightmares. There will always still be those dreams, meetings and gatherings with spirits that we know and feel are real. Pay special attention to those, you are meant to learn from them.


Q: Our House is haunted and we are terrified. What do we do to get it to stop?


Move. Actually that is the final option. Like people, everyone has a story. The question is what is your story? What is the story of the location? What is it about the location that has a spirit or ghost there? What has troubled them or caused them to stay instead of crossing over? What is going on in your life, your family or your emotions that has caused the ghost to react because of your presence? All these factors need to be taken into consideration. There is rarely just one answer. Keep in mind we sometimes attract spirits and ghosts into our lives. Or sometimes we are stuck in the middle of a place they won’t let go of. Spirits can also come into our home attached to a guest. In many cases there is not much you can do if you don’t understand the ghost that is there or the reason why it is there. The best thing to do is have a well respected medium come in to communicate with the spirits and find the solution and give you and the spirit a final resolution. Im most cases if an agreement cannot be made between the spirit and the resident. Then the spirit will be communicated with and assisted to move on and or removed from the home or a particular person. 

During the process, the best thing is to NOT FEAR! Stand up to it, set parameters. IF you show fear and just try to ignore it, It gives the spirit power and causes more anxiety then is necessary. Fear usually drives them to do more, among other negative emotions. Ones beliefs need to also be checked. Strong faith and guidance of light can protect and remove any negative energies. It may not be the final resolution, but is is the beginning. Sometimes a spirit is angry wanting attention and will not leave until it is heard or something is resolved. Find out what that is. The answer becomes the key to unlocking the secret of getting rid of it. Spirits don’t always want to be trapped where they are, they sometimes need help and on some occasions hauntings are nothing more then the spirit wanting attention. Attention to have someone assist them to move on, since they don’t know how.

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    1. I know that you have already gotten an answer because this question was asked in 2012and it is no 2018. However, the answer is yes, absolutely yes. I need the answer as to how to stop them and how to get them out of me,

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