Growing up with ESP and seeing Ghosts



Q: How old were you when you first realized there was more to reality than your five senses perceived? 


I was about 4-6. My parents were not seeing what I was and these things would appear and interact with things in my room. Doors moving, reflections in mirrors, sheets moving, etc. I realized that kids at school, most of them, were not having these experiences. Priests at school didn’t have answers. My dad chose to ignore it and my mom asked me not to tell anyone. So I figured something strange was going on here, and yet it was intriguing at the same time.


Q: What was your first paranormal experience? How did you react to it, and how did it change you?


I got tapped on the shoulder one night while I was in bed. I turned around and no one was there. I thought maybe my parents did it. The next morning when I asked them at breakfast they said they were asleep and it wasn’t them. The next night when it happened again I knew it wasn’t them because they sleep with their door closed and it never opened. Plus, I never heard any footsteps and no one. I mean no one was in the room or could move that quick to tap my shoulder and disappear. I freaked out and no longer slept facing the wall. I slept with my back to the wall and my face towards the open side of  my bed and looking towards the door. If this happened again I wanted to see who did it. I eventually got my wish and saw who may have done it. Months later I saw my first ghost.


Q:  Have you ever seen lights or what looks like star shows at night in the house or in your room while you were a kid?


As a child I saw a couple of things that were like lights. I saw a ball of light once shoot down the hall and have a contrail to it. Very weird and odd. On another occasion, I saw a male ghost appear in my room while my friend Bud was sleeping in a sleeping bag  about 10 feet away from my bed. This male ghost was glowing with an internal glow to it that did NOT light up the room or illuminate the walls. It seemed to be self contained. The spirit seemed lost or confused, and I was scared, so I called out for Bud (he didn’t answer) and after that didn’t work I yelled out for my dad who came down the hall and turned on the hallway light. As soon as the light went out this ghost imploded into a spark and then vanished! As if it went into a black hole or something. Very odd.

It wasn’t until many years later while I was investigating Thunderbird Lodge in Lake Tahoe that I saw a tiny pin point light, which at first I thought was a lightening bug. However, in dead winter that was impossible. Plus it had a purple color to it and was hovering about 6-8 feet off the ground. It lit up and sparkled when I asked, “where did this guy die?” I followed the path to where this light appeared and picked some horrible place memory of a tragedy. I was told that just below where I saw the light (it was hovering about 6-8 feet above the ground) was where the cook died after being attacked and killed by a bear. This light led me right to it. I wonder if this was the soul of the man who died.

On another occasion at a haunted lodge. I saw a multitude of sparkly lights appear inside floating above the indoor bridge. Which I then termed “Sprites” short for Spirit Lights,” I felt these were spirit guides and conscious soul energy that were of a higher and more vibrant frequency. Closer to the light, more positive spirits. Not angels per see, but spirits sent to watch over or guide in our quest and investigation. They sparkled when I asked them to show themselves again. It was brilliant, like fireworks. Another person with me recognized them as well.

During a personal channel session, I caught two of them on video while I was under deep trance. One of them appeared when it was stated a spirit guide would be appearing. So perhaps they are spirit guides.

So what does this mean? I believe these lights, when they are bright and sparkly, can signify positive light (beings) spirits. Letting one know they are there for a short period to guide, protect, acknowledge or assist.

I would say when you look in the sky you sees stars. Small pinpoints of lights. They were like those, but inside homes and some would move or flicker and or appear with multiple lights. Some even took the color of red or purple or yellow, but most where pure bright white.



Q: My children manifested their abilities at a very early age. I want my kids to have normal childhoods without stifling their gifts. What can I do to make sure they stay strong in themselves without becoming isolated from their peer groups?


All children have abilities and are special, the question and journey is to find out what they are. All children deserve a normal life. Some have more hardships then others.

Support from the adult family is what is needed for all children with or without gifts. Healthy or not. Wether a child is healthy and has many gifts or talents, psychic, intelligence or athletic, needn’t matter. Each child houses a soul and even children with disabilities unable to interact  in society by normal standards, still have abilities and are heroes for doing greater things with limitations. Who is more special, the healthy child who can do everything? Or the child with physical limitations who smiles with courage and attempts everything!  They are all special and they are all heroes. When you look into a child’s eyes  you can see a soul there, pure and with purpose. Regardless of talents or health, they create joy and love in our life. To ignore them as a child creates more problems, more disorders, more dysfunction by neglect, isolation, regret, hatred, and fear during their upbringing than any other time in their life. They are shaped by what goes in and around them at these stages. The young ages are when they are conditioned and behavior is established for their adulthood. An adult is not conditioned or emerges a behavior pattern as an adult, it is learned, instilled and bred into them.

Look at their fears and address them. Listen to them always. Teach them compassion, honesty, trust, care for all living things. Help them understand different viewpoints and what obstacles they may run into BEFORE they run into them. Discuss these things, so when and if they do happen, they will be in a better position to be wise and understand them, as well as understand people such as their peers who cannot comprehend what it is like to see, hear, feel and communicate not only with each other but with those THEY have chosen to ignore. Think of it this way. Homeless people are ignored, shunned and mistreated all the time in our society. What does that teach our children? That it is okay to treat the less fortunate this way? They shouldn’t be homeless! Yet, our society allows it. So when it comes to something, they can’t see. Why would it be any different? Some of us CAN see, hear and feel the invisibles of our society. The ghosts of our present and past. Why wouldn’t they be upset, scared or angry if it is new to them or not discussed by their friends? With these abilities comes great knowledge, and even greater responsibility.  Elvis was told he should go back to driving trucks, he would never make it as a singer. He believed in something. Many successful people, many heroes in our world, great leaders, were once told they were not good enough to follow their dreams. If they listened, they would not have accomplished what history has recorded for them. Do not despair about what others do not see or understand. Only You can create who you want to be, and only you can walk forward to accomplish it. Take with you what they say and prove them wrong, not to hurt them, but to teach them in the only way you can…Through implementation and progression through your work and accomplishments based on what you believe. Write your own history for their children to read and study. Today’s teachers you run into might only know the past and fear the future. You and your children are the future. Empty pages of are waiting to be named history.



Q: My child sees ghosts and I don’t know what to tell them, should I lie and say they don’t exist?


No never! Its okay not to have an answer, we are human and when someone experiences something we can’t possibly understand approaches us, does it really make sense to discount it? Or think they are lying. You weren’t there. If you experience it as well, then you know something exists. If you don’t believe in ghosts or never had an experience then how do you TRULY know that they may be seeing something you cannot? It is best to NEVER lie to your child, if you don’t know what they are seeing or experiencing tell them the truth, that you don’t know. Share with them that you have never seen what they are describing and if it is not a trick of the light or their imagination you want to see it with them as well. Tell them everything will be okay and even though you have no answer you will be there for them to find out what it is. Believe in your child. Better yet, prove to them that they can believe in you. Lying to them by making up a story to describe what it is or ignoring them is the worst  thing you can do. Do you want to teach your child to lie? If you don’t believe your child, how do you truly know that they aren’t seeing something. Were you there? The worst thing a child can go through is  to have a legitimate experience and not have anyone believe them, especially the one person who is supposed to protect and believe them no matter what. If you lie to them or chastise them just because you don’t believe can be more damaging then good. When they get older they will remember that and it can and will effect their decisions and interactions with others on a social level. Support for your child and being there for them helps them grow to trust and feel secure in knowing that the people they love are there for them, no matter what.

At a young age a child is not fully developed to understand things yet. Kids do have nightmares and imaginations, however, because of being open they can sometimes see things and connect better then we can. Children were not born to lie, they are taught to lie. It has been proven that children’s eyesight is more sensitive to a larger spectrum of light then adults. They can see further outside our Visual spectrum and into more of the IR frequencies. Since as adults we can’t, doesn’t it make sense  that they may in fact be seeing something our eyes are no longer capable of?

It is best to tell a child that you don’t have all the answers and you may or may not understand exactly what he/she believes they are seeing. Just because we don’t see it or understand it, by no means does it mean it is not there. Parents that say that “there is no such thing as ghosts” are being ignorant and arrogant. Plus you are lying to your child. If they are seeing something, you need to find out what it is. Not ignore it and yell at your child. One day your child will tell you exactly how they feel about the way you made them feel by not believing in them and it won’t be pretty.

The best thing is to tell your child how much they are loved and that you will do everything to understand and be there for them if they are scared. Let them know you are there for them. Reassure them they are never alone. That they are protected by your love and the fact you are an adult is you responsibility to offer that.  Never lie to them, or that can instill upon them that you don’t believe them and cause insecurities and trust issues later in life. Plus, should they continue to see things as they get older they will know you lied and they will have been conditioned, thanks to you that it is “okay” to lie. No child should be taught to lie.

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4 thoughts on “Growing up with ESP and seeing Ghosts”

  1. You are amazing in your words and thoughts. Your whole energy is beautiful. Thank you for answering these questions with a sincere heart. Blessings. Nadia

  2. Melanie, there is no place I know of anyone can go to directly. Unfortunately, this is not treated by society with regards to outlets people can visit and be counseled easily. I am not sure where you live, but you might want to look up any spiritual groups or counselors that take on clients with psychic abilities in your city. Try internet, look at testimonies and make sure whoever you meet or group you go to has a good rating or well known. There are some people floating around that may not be who they say they are, So please be careful. Maybe if you post your questions I can do my best to answer them. -Chris

    1. Actually, this is what I would like to do, and I think I can help people, but I’m not sure where to begin. I guess saying it here is my first step. 🙂

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