Q: Curses, are they real and do they exist?


Yes very rare, but be careful. Most cures are just a play with the mind and self created due to fear or doubt. Many curses are just scams to scare you. This is information real mediums don’t get involved with and those that do, could be making it up to create fear and instill your trust. They can then make you believe that only they can get rid of the curse and that is when they start asking for money to do it. If that happens RUN LIKE HELL AWAY FROM THEM!

If someone creates fear like that, and you keep having to come back to them. Be smarter then that. True real mediums give advice to help people improve their life, they don’t talk about curses or create panic or fear.

Many cultures outside the USA believe in curses and some, because the power of the mind, do come true. The only curses I feel anyone should really fear is when someone sends a spirit or demon after someone to harm them or cause chaos. I believe that can and does happen. It usually ends up with dire consequences for the one that placed the curse.

Prayer, love, and faith in the holy spirit will I believe protect and lift any curse, unless it is part of your path and experience to complete your destiny. Some events and setbacks do make us stronger and are pre-planned to teach us something.


Q: Do We Have Soul Mates?


While I believe in soul mates I don’t believe in just one. We are all connected and in this place together there are more than a handful of souls we travel with and interact with in each life. Not just one. To have just one would limit ourselves we are all friends on the other side and our goal is for the betterment of us all, not just ourselves. We know we cant do anything alone in this life and because of that we arrive in groups and cross paths at different times in our lives to assist, influence and guide one another to accomplishing each of our tasks and goals. I have seen and recognized many souls in this life that I deeply know from another place. While our relationships with one another may vary from life to life, many new souls may enter into our lives as well. Yet, there may be that one that we have shared the most lives with, the most ups and the most downs. This soul may know us more then any other, and that may be what we call a Soul Mate.

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