Paranormal Investigating


Q: What drives you to pursue this field of study? For some, it is fear of mortality, for others the desire to know what reality is. What is your motivating factor?


What drives me is to  make my way back home. By inspiring others that their is life after death and we are more then what we are told. All my experiences happened either by chance or for a reason. I still have questions and want to communicate more frequently but that doesn’t always happen. My motivation is I “know” they exist. To many people are blind to the fact that ghosts are everywhere. They have been around since the beginning of, time far longer then psychology and science. I like to get proof, the more proof, the better but what kind of proof is it, and who is it for? It has become more of a support to that what I already know.

I am not afraid to die, I actually welcome it. We are not from here, we are here in containers for a short period of time, then we go back to our true selves. So I can’t let my life NOT have a purpose. I do what I can to contribute, enlighten,  assist and share what I know and just pray that along the way many people are helped by what I do. My goal, when my time comes, I get to celebrate in heaven with all the people whose lives have crossed my path-together.


Q: Where does one start to become a paranormal investigator?


Read books on ghost hunting to become familiar with the terms and uses of equipment. The more you know the better. Nothing beats experience but if you can learn all the terminology it will help tremendously. Practice using equipment before going out in the field and watch and read about other investigators and what they do. Take notes  and experiment experiment. That is the only way. There are some wonderful groups out there. Check out their websites and what their protocols are as well as guidelines when they investigate.  Understand and read what ghosts are and the different types of hauntings. You want to know all this before you go out ghost hunting so when you do, you don’t miss anything and know how to react should something happen. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t as well as what works for some and not for you. The results do vary from person to person. Don’t listen to naysayers, find out for your self, test for yourself. Just because you have a recorder and a couple pieces of equipment does’t make you a paranormal expert or investigator, practice, years in the field, and what you contribute does. Remember Preparation and research is key!


Q: Where do you hope to see this field of study go in the next decade?


Away from the ego and towards the research. Actual grants being issued to further research and well known people in politics, government, high society get involved in assisting in further developments to the field.




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4 thoughts on “Paranormal Investigating”

  1. Chris, I was wondering if you are going to upload the EVP session you held in The Concert Hall at The Stanley Hotel on Saturday night, November 17, 2012. I thought the ghost wanted a knock knock joke and you concurred. I will keep checking back from time to time to see if you decide to share the recording. I know you are extremely busy and may not post it at all. It was very interesting watching you interact with “ghosts”. You are an expert. I know you have been doing it since the age of nine. Hope you have a pleasant and “relaxing”, if relaxing is ever possible for you, holiday.
    Wishing you only the best,

  2. My 10 yr old daughter has been having a recent increase in paranormal experiences. Do you have any guidance for children who are afraid of what they see and hear? Any direction is greatly appreciated.

  3. Bryan Lauer, founder Realtime EVP I hope that the quest to explain what spirit energy is and how it reveals itself to us is video taped more often. I now know that I can capture that energy in motion with night vision camera without delay! Simply a mater of more lighting and understanding the path orbs or sport energy. They travel through doorways,up stairs and follow people or pets. They, the spirit energy travel around an area they are connected to.You simply have to think Inside the box and you will have the evidence on to video.

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