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Q: I think I maybe psychic? How do I know for sure?


Write down what you perceive and receive. Check it with facts and what others say. Identify your hits and misses. Learn the different kinds of abilities and test yourself as well as keep a record. WE tend to forget and not have anything to compare it to. When you look back on what you saw, heard or felt and find out it came true or is accurate then you know that you have a high sense of intuition. A sixth sense if you will. The feelings and sensations you get from the actual messages, you will learn over time which ones are the real deal and which ones are random thoughts. Everyone gets intuition, but there are those who get way more then normal. Only way is to keep record and follow it. 

I kept a journal when I was a kid of some of the things I dreamt or felt. I also told friends and family what I felt or saw. So later on if it happened they could confirm it. 
Please don’t try to be psychic if you are not. I have seen a few people all of a sudden claim they are psychic to gain attention. That is not fair to others and not fair to themselves. They may have some other destiny they are supposed to follow and waisting time going down the wrong path. 
You can work on increasing your intuition and sensing things beyond your normal senses. This occurs when you build up your awareness. Mediation works the best. Why meditation? Because by focusing on your breathing and practicing in a quite setting. You learn to listen to thoughts, images and sensations you would normally be distracted from. It is in this awareness that you learn to recognize that which comes from a higher source. 
Keep in  mind, if another psychic brags about their correct predictions constantly then run away from them. They are either lying for attention or doing it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes both. 
Don’t ask another psychic if you are psychic. They will not always know. It doesn’t work that way. If the universe wants the person to know, they will show them in truths and in ways that the person identifies their unique ability. 
It is best for you to go on your own spiritual quest. Read enough material and research the various abilities and see if you have any of them. This way you fill find answers from experience. Which is the greatest teacher. If they ring true with you and what you have foreseen or received, then naturally you will know. 
There is no immediate answer. One cannot say “Yes you are psychic!” I have seen some psychics do this. By spending only a couple minutes with you. How do they really know? In most cases it is not what you think. A licensed doctor does not make a diagnosis to he has done tests. A real psychic knows this. Testing and experience in knowing what rings true from perception determines ones abilities. 
That is like someone saying, I am a football player? The person looks at them and says “Yes, you area football player!”  But they haven’t seen the person run, catch a ball, pass a ball, block a ball. How do they know unless they test them? Being psychic does not mean you can walk down a street and say who is psychic and who is not. Doesn’t work that way. Unless spirit says, tell them to write. Tell them to pay attention to their dreams. I am just stating this because I feel some people should be careful.  


Q: I am afraid to use my abilities.

Then don’t use them. You are not ready. Try not to worry about it. Best to just forget about it if it scares you.  Focus on something else in your life you enjoy, such as a sport, hobby or practice. 

Ask the universe (The Creator, Angels, spirits) to guide you or teach you over time. Using ones abilities comes with time and practice to understand the signals. Be comfortable with the signals and sensations that come with it. One person cannot teach you. It is built on years of experience and knowing what the signs are and how you feel when you recognize them. Everyone is slightly different when it comes to what makes them tingle with high intuition. What works for one, may not work for another.  

Patience is key as well as writing down, what you see, feel and experience and comparing it to events in time. 

If you are getting anxiety by not knowing right now, and really uncomfortable then this is a sign there are other issues going on. Normally this can mean a disorder or issues you need to learn control regarding your behavior or reactions to various stimuli involving relationships, dire situations or social skills.  These things, and other forms of internal stress are best addressed with a licensed psychotherapist or counselor. Not another psychic or medium or in better understanding psychic abilities.  

Don’t blame it on your abilities. A well balanced, grounded person can normally handle intuition, ESP, empathy, or precognition.  


Q: How did you get your training or strengthening of your gift?


This is not an easy question and may or may not apply to everyone. I was born with seeing and sensing things. I had dreams that came true. I felt people around. I sensed when they would appear, or if they were near me. During my experiences and interacting with ghosts as a kid in the home I grew up in, I learned a lot. I asked questions, I tried experiments to get them to interact and move objects or show themselves. It didn’t always work, but when  it did I learned something. Dreams were very powerful for me back then. I would see them and have some conversations with them during the day or night and when I went to sleep some of them would continue the conversations or show me things. I could decipher what was premonition or prophecy and what was just fantasy. It was amazing for me during that time. As I got into high school and things continued to come true, I realized it was real. I didn’t have any teachers except my mom discussed ESP when I was really young. Because I would tell her my dreams and when they would come true she would say “That is ESP.”

It wasn’t until I worked with top experts in the field of parapsychology that I could label and identify some of the abilities I was using. I became more familiar with place memory, as apposed to think the energy and emotions were from a ghost, as I mistook this energy in the past. I could recognize the difference in sensations to tell me whether it was a real ghost present or just left over residuals of a ghost or traumatic event. As an adult I could observe more from a psychological and scientific eye than a child’s view of what I was used to as a child -confusion and fear. This new observation helped me realize it was real and was nothing paranormal or supernatural. It was just an experience that science has not caught up with yet nor understands. It really is natural when you delve into it.

Read books about the terms and what you can do to practice. The best book I sifted through (I never really read the whole book) helped me identify some of the terms and label the abilities, was a book by Echo Bodine called “The Gift.”

There are many teachers out there, but you can only learn so much. Experience is the key to all lessons learned. Go out and experience for yourself. If you don’t know the answer, then go find it. Not once, but twice.


Q: What is place memory?


Place memory are emotions and energy that have been left behind and recorded in an inanimate object. Wood, cement, steel are great objects to hold place memory.  If someone is murdered, dies or suffers huge emotional stress or trauma the release of those emotions and feelings create an energy outburst that can permeate anything that is in close proximity. The floors, walls and ceiling can house that energy over time until they are replaced, like a recording or picture, they are recorded. Highly Sensitive individuals can pick up, feel and absorb these emotions. In an empathetic and reactive kind of way. In some cases, it can be extreme while for others it can be mild. Pictures or images can appear in the mind as the emotions showcase the past event that occurred. Like a movie or recording, bits and fragments are felt that can affect some sensitives to such a degree that they feel they are really there witnessing this past occurrence and for some empaths and sensitives they can even feel what the person was feeling that was there in history. Sometimes, seeing and feeling what that person did before they died and as they died.

One way to hone this ability is to practice psychometry with objects and go from room to room noticing and sensing the differences in the ambiance and environment.  Having other individuals go from room to room before hand releasing emotions and out bursts of energy before hand can help you identify some of these emotions when you go in. Testing each other then gathering data to see what you missed and how you can improve. Also, blindfolded tests with subjects being approached by different  peoples emotions or with various EMF devices and electronics (under silent conditions) can help identify changes in the room, hence the recognition of emotions and how they affect the surroundings are good ways to hone and practice this ability.


Q: What is Psychometry?


Psychometry, also called “token-object reading” is the art or practice or holding an object such as a watch, pen, coin, wallet, shoe, shirt, etc. and speaking out loud the images and feelings that first come to mind. There are memories and emotions recorded on the object from the owner or people they came in contact with. The goal is to pick up on these memories and sensations and correctly identify them.

Joseph Rhodes Buchanan coined the word “psychometry” in 1842.[2] Buchanan developed the theory that all things give off an emanation[3]

“The past is entombed in the present, the world is its own enduring monument; and that which is true of its physical is likewise, true of its mental career. The discoveries of Psychometry will enable us to explore the history of man, as those of geology enable us to explore the history of the earth. There are mental fossils for psychologists as well as mineral fossils for the geologists; and I believe that hereafter, the psychologist and the geologist will go hand in hand, the one portraying the earth, its animals and its vegetation, while the other portrays the human beings who have roamed over its surface in the shadows, and the darkness of primeval barbarism. Aye, the mental telescope is now discovered, which may pierce the depths of the past and bring us in full view of the grand and tragic passages of ancient history.” [2]

Source: Wikki-Psychometry


Q: What helps you to stay grounded and stop feeling as if you’re going crazy?


I never felt I was crazy. Well scratch that sometimes I do with what I pick up. As a kid I  wondered why it was happing to me and not kids at school. My mom experienced somethings with me as well as my dad, who tended to ignore it after it happened. When some of my friends slept over in grade school during 3rd-8th grade, they had experiences as well and because of this it became confirmation for me that things were really going on. Besides my own personal experiences, I had many collective experiences where we all were having the same experience. Some of us began to interact with the ghosts in my house. When we did this, amazing things happened and I began to become aware of my senses to their presence when and just before they appeared. I now that feeling now. I always stayed grounded because I never thought I was better then anyone and I always wanted to try and understand why they were here and what they wanted. My faith kept me safe and I always felt angels were around, not as much as I wanted them to be, because they felt it was necessary for me to learn many things on my own. I did go to doctors when I was younger and they said I was fine, they saw nothing wrong and believed I had extraordinary experiences and my perception of these encounters was above what most go through. I use to think growing up everyone else was crazy because they could’t see these things. Today, I still question things and realize if you get into it too much, it can make you crazy. The dark energy does this.


Q: How do you discern your own intuition from a true paranormal experience when contacting the dead?


My intuition warns me or tells me details of something I need to know or be concerned about. It comes from a higher power and my higher consciousness. A true paranormal experience I react to and or sense moments before and during. The experience is beyond my intuition and caused by another force and or conscious energy of its own accord. The experience comes from the interaction with something else.


Q: I get dreams that come true, many times they are bad things. What do I do?


In most cases these types of pre-cognitive dreams are showing you a potential future. Sometimes they can be changed, in most cases they can’t. It is believed that the future has already been written. It is up to us as a society whether we want to change it or not, and yes under certain circumstances it can be changed. I others it can’t because things are meant to happen to teach lessons and gain experiences. Dreams about an individual in a tragic or accident situation can sometimes be avoided. Some dreams serve as warnings where we must pay attention. If we don’t the dream is a witness of the final outcome. I have various occurrences in my life where this occurred with multiple witnesses, the dream was listened to, acknowledged and  when the event began to transpire it was avoided. One instance saved a life.

We tend to think about only what is in front of us, yet there is a way that our mind, our spirit and our soul is able to access a higher consciousness that is able to view life from all different angles. Like a 4 Dimensional view. From seeing these visions before they occur gives us time to prepare and time to make choices and decisions.

There should be no fear in these types of dreams. Write them down, pay attention to them, do what you need to to prepare. Many people dream of a loved one dying and then the person dies. Does that mean that the dream caused it? NO. It only means that the persons time is short and you have the chance to either spend time with them before they pass and tell them you love them or if it is a tragic event you may be able to warn them and divert the accident.

Dreams that are on a grander scale, like world events prepare us collectively for en event that in most cases is inevitable. Big change contains a lot of energy and that energy can affect the masses as well as our consciousness. This has been tested and researched. Read about the Global Consciousness project.

Dreams can be amazing things if we pay attention to them. Especially the ones about the future regarding an event or about a person.

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  1. My son(started seeing ghost since 6 yrs old)can see and hear ghosts. How can he stop seeing them? The old lady spirit scared him a lot. If that’s not possible, how can my son protect himself from the ghost attack? We’re desperate for help. Thanks!

  2. I have always been able to sense spirits around me but never seen one. I do get random thoughts that surprise me if they come true . I was laying in bed I was pregnant with my 2nd son and I heard in my mind that he would be born the next day and that my family that had passed would be there to watch. I didn’t know what to think until the next day when I went into labor 3 weeks early.. Just random things like that make me believe that I am sensitive to things and spirits around me . But I don’t know what to do with it and I don’t know what it’s called or any info on it so please help!!!

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