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Q: I think my child has psychic gifts what do I do? (or How do I tell if my child is Psychic?)


This is a question I get a lot. Not one easily answered. There are a lot of factors to determine whether or not a child is tapping into or using their sixth sense. What are the signs of ESP? (Extra Sensory Perception) Ask yourself the following first – What do you know about ESP? Research to better understand the various abilities that one can have. Some children or people have more abilities then others. Some may have one or a few. Check out the book “The Gift” by Echo Bodine. She has done a great job breaking down all the different types of abilities that exist when pertaining to the word “psychic” and in using your sixth sense. Learn the categories to find out which one or ones your child has. This will tell you their strengths as well. The more you understand the terms and how they work, the better you can be there to guide them or at least understand what you are dealing with. 

It is okay to be naive and not know what to tell your child at first. Just be there for support. It is your responsibility to not ignore what your child is going through or tell them to ignore it, but to seek answers. One cannot ignore signs and senses that is part of their spiritual growth. They need support, Guidance. Every child does. Arm yourself with the knowledge that is necessary to look into it with them, together and find the answers. 

 When it comes to calling a child special. Every child is special. Every child and family is different. Some children can do this, while other children can do that. Doesn’t make them really special. We throw this name around, wanting our children to stand above others. This is not necessary. All children are special with their own “special” abilities. No child is better then another. Each child has a unique talent, gift, ability, challenge, and so on that they have been given before they came here. IT doesn’t have to be psychic abilities. Whatever it maybe, It is their path, and hope, that they pursue their talents, abilities and if need be overcome any challenges that they maybe dealing with. Why is one child born handicapped, while another child is born with incredible physical abilities? It doesn’t make either child more important then the other. It does make each child incredible in their own way. 

Each of us is born with a different challenge, a different path that we must learn, pursue to overcome or accept. Parents must not look as one thing being something prohibiting their child from succeeding in life, but a gift all the same where lessons will be taught from it to both the child,  to make them stronger, and to the parent to teach them lessons as well.  A child with incredible talents or a unique ability maybe born with it to learn something specific or teach others on their path or destiny. We cannot fully understand why some children have certain degrees in talents, while others don’t. Try not to compare to other children, accept what your child can or can’t do. It is part of nature to determine what is necessary for their development and spiritual growth in this life. Each child is blessed in a way that will carry them through life to a higher level of consciousness and strength. 

If your child says he or she sees spirits or ghosts. Then perhaps they do. Write down what they see and when they see it. Do research to see if anyone in the family or that has lived in or near that location matches the description. Sometimes you maybe very surprised. Have them NOT fear it. But, ask questions. Find answers to those questions for them. 

Just like sports or hobbies. You need to be there for your child to help them learn and become involved in what they do. 

 If your child displays characteristics that represent certain psychic abilities such as precognition, high intuition, clairvoyance or clairaudience. Learn more about it, have your child spend time practicing it. Keep a journal. Have them keep a journal. The more they pay attention to it. Practice it. Accept it, the more control they will have and the more they can become comfortable using it just like any of our other 5 known senses. 

Don’t ever force your child to be psychic if they don’t want to. Ever. 

Be patient and be there for them. Its their belief not yours.  


Q: My Child See’s Ghosts what do I tell them, what do I do? How do they overcome their fear?


First, it is okay to not know what to do. To admit you don’t see it or understand what is going on. Do not ignore your child. Do not treat them like they are lying. How do you know for sure? How do you really know for sure? If you get down on them for what they are seeing they will grow up thinking there is something wrong with them and it WILL affect their self esteem later in life. Just because you don’t see it or understand it, doesn’t mean you should choose to ignore it or lie to them. Stating it is just their imagination does not help.  Because once again, how do you know for sure? You don’t. They maybe actually seeing things you can’t. Children’s eyes are still being developed as they get older. They can perceive things with the sense of sight, we, as we get older cannot. Understand the visual spectrum of the difference frequencies we can and can’t see. Children are born with a coating that wears away. This coating allows them to see slightly out of the spectrum compared with what we can see when we get older. Also, their consciousness is more “open” to seeing things that we have denied or decided not too. This plays a big part in awareness and perception. What we believe we perceive. 
Best thing to do is find answers with them. Tell them, “I may not see what you see. I may not understand what you are seeing or why? But, as your parent I care about you enough to find answers for you and work together we can better understand this.” This position will create a stronger bond with your kid. Offer them support, but also teach them that you care enough to work with them, not against them. They will greatly respect you for that later in life. Telling a child it is just a shadow or their imagination does not get rid of their fear. If it really is something, they are concerned enough to tell you. You should be concerned enough to listen and take time to figure it out. If you ignore them it tells your child you don’t believe them and that lying is okay instead of admitting the truth. They most likely are telling the truth and you don’t believe them. You brush it off. How do you think that would make them feel?  It can cause insecurities that you don’t care about their feelings enough. Especially their fears. Is that how you want your child to perceive you? No, you want your child to know you care enough that you will protect them by being there for them, even if you don’t understand everything. Your “effort to support them” teaches them they are worthy and that you will help them find answers. Trust me. I have been there. 
If you do understand and believe in the spirit realm. Then be honest. If you have had experiences in your life, share that with them. Tell them not to be afraid. Seek answers with them on who or what it can be. Maybe it was a bad dream, but maybe it wasn’t. Teach them to not fear, but ask questions next time they see it. Ask  “What do you want? Why are you here?
Explain to them the theories on life after death. The Soul, the spirit. Some of the reasons we see ghosts. Spirits that have been left behind or have stayed behind for various reasons. 
Teach them to be strong, perhaps putting faith in something greater, stronger, more positive. Of the light, always helps. Angels, spirit guides. If you are religious explain some of scripture for them to put their strength and faith in Jesus and The Father. Or depending on your faith, your choice of who to pray to and confide in during times of strength and protection.
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2 thoughts on “Psychic Children”

  1. When I was 11,12year’s old I had a scarlet vision during the day time of a girl teen or women getting harmed I a red barn near grocery store in Hatfield Pennsylvania regret not going to the police being scared I. Said nothing wish. I had.

    1. i was about the same age when i had what i called my daydream. I was laying on the hood of my moms car star gazing when night became day and i was watching a plane crash from the co-pilots seat. i was terrified and told my mom what happened. she explained it away as i fell asleep. The next morning when i got up mom was quiet. she just kept stairing at the news. my daydream had happened. i felt so bad i couldnt stop it. it bothered me for years and at times still does because i felt every emotion that the person i was seeing it thru was feeling

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