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Q: How has celebrity helped or harmed you? Do you see positives and negatives to the increasing focus on celebrities in the paranormal field?


As for Fame, my father was a celebrity. He won the Stanley Cup and played 13 years in the NHL. Everywhere we went people wanted his autograph and to meet him. So it has always been a privilege and honor to me. My dad taught me if you want respect , you have to earn it. Just because you are on TV means nothing. It is what is in your heart and what your intent is. I thank everyone that wants a picture, and autograph, to share a story or my favorite…a hug. As my dad always said, when someone asks say, “Thank you for asking!”  So no, I don’t believe it has harmed me.

My intent has always been, and always will be, to communicate with ghosts and bridge the gap from our world to theirs. Being on TV has given me the chance to visit places I would never have had the opportunity to as well as work with some of the brightest minds in the field. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

I don’t consider myself a celebrity, I would rather be known as someone who opened up people’s minds and contributed to this field. The positive thing is this field has gotten the exposure it needs and the attention it deserves. What scares me is I have a feeling some people are on the verge of messing the credibility up. And that could cause the field to take a few steps back. I want to see this move ahead into further research and development as well as more public awareness of life after death. There are getting to be a lot of posers and actors saying they are paranormal investigators.

As for the negative? I have noticed some in this field have egos because of fame and TV. Some of them are in this for the wrong reason. Some are only doing it for attention and fame as well as to be in the spotlight. They feel this is their ticket, so they play the part.  I have seen people stepped on and lied to, and in some cases I feel lied to as a fan and investigator myself. I have witnessed Back stabbing and black balling that has not only shocked me but also disgusted me as well. Search for their TRUE intent and listen carefully, very carefully to what they say, and more to what they DON’T say! There will be your answer and the negativity will reside from that.

Money and fame can change that in people that have never had it before. I can not tell you how many people have come up to me telling me they have a TV show and If I want to be on it. Just because they are on TV or have a TV show does not mean I want to be on it. I have been in this field professionally since the early 90’s and I have been living this life with interest and passion for over 35 years. Having a TV show does not make you an investigator. Look at some people who were on TV as investigators. Where are they now? I am still doing what I do and I have a lot more to contribute still in  my lifetime.

The greatest thing I feel I have ever been a part of was “Psychic Kids,” because it gave me a chance to work with kids who were just like me as a child. Scared and unsure how to fully use their abilities. If I can’t contribute to this field then I shouldn’t be in it. “Dead Famous” was great and “Ghost Hunters” was cool, but taking away the fear in a child’s eyes and helping him/her feel special instead of scared, is priceless. We are all special, with or without psychic abilities, and no one, I mean no one, should tell us otherwise.

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  1. Chris, on the show Dead Famous, your co-host was a young blonde woman. I can’t remember her name but she was sick during the show. The show was no longer aired and I always wanted to know if she was ok. The two of you had a great connection and the show was really great.

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