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Q: How did you get involved with the Psychic Kids Show?


I had a conversation with the head of development for A&E about a show idea I had and they asked me what my background was and how I got into the paranormal. When I explained my childhood and what I went through, they were shocked.  They asked probing questions like, “What did you do about it, do you ever help other adults or kids out who went through what you did,” and so on. They then asked if I would be interested on doing an episode of Psychic Kids?  Of course I said yes, my whole life  I have been helping people deal with spirit troubled homes, fears, understand what ghosts are and how to cope with kids who see ghosts or have psychic abilities. I lived it and survived.

I was asked to do one show during the second season which was “Ghost School.” After we completed that episode the director asked if I would be interested in doing another one, two weeks later I was out working with another family and their kids shooting my second show.

After that I was asked back for the third season and contributed to three shows.

Season one I did two shows and  season three I was apart of three shows working with a total of 10 families and their children.

It was a dream come true for me to work with these families and kids and make a difference in their lives. It is something I will never forget and many of us still keep in touch. We are like an extended family.


Q: What did you like about the show?


Everything, the families and kids were amazing. I witnessed some amazing things and use of their abilities. The best part was it was organic. The director told me day one, this is an organic show. You and Edy get together and discuss what you want to do to help and work with these  families and kids. Do what you do best. We met with the kids and families for 4-5 days straight from morning to late night. The crew basically documented the entire thing. Edy and I called the shots on what we wanted to introduce and work on. It was wonderful and the most natural show I have ever worked on. It was like day after day of counseling sessions and experiments and testing of the kids abilities.


Q: Was there anything you didn’t like about the show?


No, I loved and looked forward to being apart of the show. But I  do need to point out two things. One there wasn’t enough of Edy’s work allowed in the final edit of the show. It all ended on the cutting room floor. Edy did a lot of remarkable work with these kids and families and you didn’t get to see that. We spent 4-5 days with them morning to night. Edy would work with them individually, then as families and then in full groups. There was remarkable growth, heavy emotion, and bonding that occurred with some of the kids and their families that sadly the public never got to see. The whole crew witnessed it. It was extremely rewarding, touching and impacted everyone. We actually brought families together! Edy had the biggest part in making that happen.

However, one thing I was not happy about was a location we went to – the Lizzy Borden house. I felt that was inappropriate. Kids shouldn’t be taken into a murder scene as gruesome as that. I was never told where we were going there into I walked in the door of the home and they told me. I was not happy. I almost backed out, however, as an adult medium who was there to teach (and protect) these kids, I felt it was important to be there for them and make sure nothing happened to them. Little did I know as a sensitive and empath what I picked up on was physically the most painful experience I had ever felt doing an investigation. Let me remind you, I had never been there before or set foot into this place until we filmed. While attempting to connect as a medium sensitive, upstairs we all smelt a horrible death decay smell. Brittany and myself started coughing and hacking due to the smell. I felt like I was going to throw up. I raced to the bathroom and then it hit me. I felt like I was having a heart attack. I clenched my chest and tried to scream but couldn’t I didn’t know whether to screech for 911 or what. I did everything I could to calm myself into a heard a male voice, then I knew. I raced out of the house as fast as I could trying not to fall and clenching my chest as soon as I got out of the house, I felt better but was embarrassed. I felt I lost it.

Edy Nathan came out and calmed me down and asked what happened. I told her I felt how he died. I stated I felt like his chest was crushed and opened up based on how bad the pain felt. I thought he was stabbed or sliced open in the heart as if the heart and lungs collapsed. I had no idea that the Lizzy Borden murders they were all hit in the head and not the chest. I felt like I was wrong but couldn’t understand why I felt the pain that I did.

Well, what I found out a week later was remarkable. When the brain is crushed or destroyed, the heart still pumps blood to the brain, since the brain can’t accept the blood the heart goes into cardiac arrest. The heart attack I was feeling was what either Mr. or Mrs Borden felt when they were hit in the head with an ax and their brain was killed. Their body went into cardiac arrest as the heart still pumped to the brain. For me it was an incredible and painful experience.

Needless to say I did not like that place because of it, but I would go back as I feel the family is still there as ghosts.


Q: Why was Psychic Kids cancelled?


I was in Jamaica filming another TV show when I got the word. I was with the producer and director of Psychic Kids shooting a pilot for another show when we got the phone call. We were all shocked. Couldn’t believe it. The ratings from Season 3 weren’t bad, they were slightly better then season one, but not the same as season 2. Worst case he thought the show would move to BIO channel. Most people don’t know, after Season One A&E decided to move the show to BIO channel. When they saw two cuts of the new episodes for season 2, they changed their minds and felt the show deserved to remain on A&E. So Psychic Kids went back to A&E. They ran the repeats on BIO channel.

We were all shocked and saddened. I read some posts and the rumors that skeptics had something to do with it, complaining the show was child abuse was complete nonsense and outright ludicrous.  It came down to an executive programming decision to green-light a couple new shows and make  the room in programming to do it. A&E had new people in and one of them wanted to go in a different direction. Anyone in TV knows it happens in the TV industry and movie industry all the time, unfortunately we were one of the shows the decision was made on. There was talk of a possible spin off with adults and kids who have psychic abilities but that never got to any production stage.



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5 thoughts on “Psychic Kids TV Show”

  1. I would watch your show and other paranormal shows on cable for entertainment. One day I sat in my chair and watched all day. That night something happened that has really left me shaken. I need to know if watching these type shows on tv can open the door for activity? Can they channel through the television? I know longer watch your show or shows talking about the paranormal. You seem like a great person, but I am to scared now.

  2. can anyone give me any advice or help? i would really apperciate it. i need someone who understands what im going throug….Hi, my name is Emma. I am fourteen years old. I know you are busy and have a lot of people to mentor and guide, but I wanted to right this e-mail anyway. Ever since I was little I have been able to see the color that surrounds a persons physical body. I see their aura. My aura and my interpretation of my colors are: turquoise (I am very energetic and organized), green (my natural spiritual ability. it is the main color in my aura), spots of purple (I don’t quite know what this color means), a neon, very bright blue color, and also white. I also can feel the emotions of others around me. when I am in a room with a lot of people I will go into a panic because there are too many emotions to process and it’s an “over load”. I can also change the emotions of those around me. I have the ability to control and refrain myself from doing this, but I have a natural calming ability. I don’t mind these abilities that I have just mentioned. The other things I have a sort of “problem” with or that “scare” me are seeing spirits and shadow people. they are all over. at school, in my house, at the park. where ever I am they are always there. When I see them, it’s not just a visual. I feel emotional connected to them. I get visions of how they died, and I feel the emotional bonds which they had in the physical world. I see other things about their lives as well. when I get these visions from the spirits and shadows I completely zone out from what I am doing. I just want to know if it is possible in any way to control when I see these things. when I am in school it is hard enough for me to concentrate seeing that I have ADHD but when I zone out I can’t control anything. I zone out in the middle of a biology lecture or in the middle of English. my parents are divorced ever since I was little. my dad knows that I can do psychic things to a degree. I have never came out and told him. I haven’t told anyone about what I can do besides by best-friend. she is the only one that knows. I don’t know whether it would help or hurt me to tell an adult about it. there are times when my abilities scare me. I have been physically attacked by spirits (scratched, but most often I am strangled to the point of passing out). when I see how people have passed I physically feel it, if they were stabbed I feel sharp pains in my stomach, if they passed peacefully in their sleep, I feel the last breath they took. I believe that I have a gift, but I want to help people with it. over the passed three months, a little boy named Jacob has been with me. he died when he was 5. he was burned in a fire. he was my love in a passed life, a childhood friend. I believe he is here to protect me. I know you are busy, you are such an inspiration to me. I’m sorry for this letter, it’s not very organized (usually I am very organized) if you want to reply or have any advice or anything (I’m desprite for help…) you can email me at thank you so much. xoxo

  3. I loved your show when you worked with the kids and I really wished people who are not involved and only want to ruin others chance at inspiration to deal with similar experiences. I feel the word “abuse” itself was misused just to make an invalid point. There are much more worst things shown on tv that contributes to abuse on children and don’t feel your show was apart of that I hope you can continue the show because there are many who support it.

  4. I’d just like to remind you, that here in 2014, you still have supporters from all around the world that are always going to be here. Psychic or not, we’re all fascinated by your intelligence, and you’ve helped us come a long way, spiritually and intellectually. We will never forget you. God bless.

  5. I have been searching the Internet tonight, trying to find out why this show was cancelled. And came across this interview. I was saddened beyond belief at the ending of this program, it seemed to help SOO many people. Did not make any sense to me,.. I watched faithfully every week. Also wanting you to know, here in Dec 2014, that I miss this show terribly.

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