Spiritual Consultations & Spirit Art


Medium Chris Fleming Offers the Following:
Individual Spirit Art Sessions – Have Chris connect and draw what he sees in relation to your spirit. This can consist of spirit guides, relatives, and or images pertaining to your past, present and future. 
Individual Spiritual Consultation (reading) – Offered for 45 or 90 minutes over the phone. Find out what the universe wants you to focus on and receive answers to your questions regarding your path. 
Individual Spiritual Consultation – Face To Face – 50 minute face to face readings in Illinois and at events on EVENTS schedule when touring.  Find out what the universe wants you to focus on and receive answers to your questions regarding your path during these sessions. 
Spiritual Art Gathering with Friends – Book a spirit Art gathering with friends and or family. Includes a mini one on one reading, Angel Card reading and personal spirit art drawn face to face with Chris (matted). Deposit of $250. Price determined on how many people and time frame. Click link for more info on Spiritual Readings page. 
More sessions available on Genbook Website – Check Genbook page for other offerings such as one on one ESP training sessions, creating your definite purpose, group sessions, classes, etc. 


To Book individual, over the phone readings, face to face or Spirit Art – Click Link to review sessions and available dates. 

Chris Fleming Genbook Website

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13 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Hi Chris/OWE

    I think You are ‘Awesome.’ That coming from a 76 year old, is given in the original meaning of the word. You are the only one in your profession who has not received bad press. Congratulations.

    As I will soon be writing from the “other-side”, it would be good to have some ‘validation,’ Don’t need much in the line of Goals, Jobs, Social or Work related, as I don’t do/have any. You are the bottom of my bucket. I also realize there is no guarantee. I hope I have eliminated the need for Cold casting.

    If you feel you can help. Give me a shout back and I’ll schedule a reading.

    Read Ya,

  2. I had a excellent reading with you today! You were so dead on with every thing you were talking about! And the message from my loved ones about starting to live again, I so understand that.

    And you picking up on my Father asking us to forgive him, that what happened was a HUGE mistake, it just validated all i felt about his passing.

    And you seeing why I can’t handle going to New Orleans, about the 1800 some thing and being shot down on the dock near the french quarter. That explains why I can’t go to the French Quarter, why I get a migrane the closer I get to the water, and get physically sick and have that sureal moments. And just can’t get away fast enough.

    And about being point on about my brother and burden and guilt he’s felt all his life.

    Thanks again


  3. Hi Chris, I think you are totally great. I love your show, it is a real inspiration to me. I am 48 and just found out in 2005 that I was psychic and an empath and in 2007 I realized I could see, hear, feel, sense spirits. I am trying to channel, but the fears I had of spirits when I was little were absolutely horrifying. While I am no longer afraid of spirits that fear when I was a child is still there and I am unable to channel because of it, and this is something that I want badly to do. Do you have any suggestions? I have already tried my crystals, light therapy, spirit guides, soaking in salt water then sageing myself and the house, you name it I tried it. I really need help with this.I was also wondering how much it would cost for a reading. Thanks!

    Melissa Davis

  4. Don’t really know where to turn….I have ‘sensative’ type experiences all the time. Every time I reach out for help, people try to get me involved in witch craft or negative things, but I have no interest in that. I just want to explore the gift that I ‘might’ have….or at the very least to trya and understand it better. I saw Chris on the show ‘The Haunted’…and I feel like he might be able to help me to understand things. I would only want to explore this more if I were able to help people.

    1. Pray to god in a nice quite place and ask him and the universe to guide you. Seriously, stay away from witchcraft and negative things. Put your faith and trust in the holy spirit. Let that guide you with your gifts.

  5. Thanks so much for the reading earlier today, certainly gave me plenty to think about and the motivation to do things differently in mindset and in action. I’ll keep myself open for the signs and be prepared.
    And know I am watched over by my Guide, God and the Universe. Best wishes.

    1. hi i live in Uk and i have watched you on tv. I wonder if you still do the psychic consultations by phone and how much you would charge me? thanks

  6. hi i live in Uk and i have watched you on tv. I wonder if you still do the psychic consultations by phone and how much you would charge me? thanks

  7. I’ve been following Chris’ work for many years now. But over the past year have been drawn to his work even more. Now, I’ve recently come to a point, that I think a reading, has become eminent. I just had a dream with Chris in it, that kind of pushed me to this point (I think). And was wondering how do I obtain any type of reading from him. I think I’m gonna treat myself for once.?

  8. When I was a Child I knew that I had a gift. “I’m 55yrs.old now & I have some information that will help those of you that want to Unveil all the Gifts God has given to all of us, his children.
    As I was growing up I didn’t watch TV, & I wasnt subjected to all the technology that is in the world today. So my senses were “Sharp” I was More “In Tune” With Nature”
    So if you want to strengthen your experience here is some advice

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