Spirit Art Readings – Summary & FAQ


What is Spirit Art?


Visions I get from your reading, such as spirit guides, angels, friends or relatives, or visions related to your past or present incarnation. I mix my mediumship with my art abilities. Creating a visual and spiritual image of the vision experience in an artistic medium that will be captured specifically for you. Each piece of artwork is one of kind and done on the spot either face to face or over the phone. That you can keep and hang in your home, office or meditation room.

The mini reading will consist of information I see and receive during the session. It can consist of words, images, direct messages and guidance related to your path and possibly what you need to work or focus on in your life. We won’t know until we start as each reading varies. I have to draw what I see.

What Art Medium do you use?


I use either bright pastel’s or pen (longer sessions) or ink with vibrant watercolor washes (shorter sessions).

It will take me about 20-40 minutes for the Watercolor Spirit Art mini reading session or 1-2 hours for Pastel Spirit Art Readings to do the reading and complete the Art. We start with the initial phone call as I tap into your spirit and pull forward the images and messages presenting them to you. I will begin drawing. You can leave the call at any time, you don’t need to wait until I am finished. This can be done over the phone or Skype OR if meeting face to face,  you will have the pleasure of watching first hand as I create your personal Spirit Art.

What do I get with my Spirit Art Session?


You shall receive a mini-reading and I will share with you what I see in relation to you and your soul on the other side. Who comes forward and what they show me. I will draw those deep spiritual visual images for you.

When I am done, I will mount and seal your pastel spirit artwork so you can take it home or I ship it to you if not done in person. All artwork is completed and finished during that time (1-2 hours- Pastels Only). Watercolor Spirit Art work and mini reading is not mounted and sealed in a clear mylar protective sleeve.

The artwork you can proudly display in your home or office. This will be your spiritual connection and contain a memory and or message personally delivered for you. 

Why are you offering Spirit Art?


I have a BA in Fine Art and was told a few years ago that I am not using my gift by a fellow psychic as she read me. She stated I am to draw what I see during my spiritual readings and share with the people I meet. This artwork will strike a deep memory in the persons soul and remind them either of who they truly are or what they need to be reminded of. To test this I began sessions with family and friends to see if she was right. My family and friends are happy to say, she was right.

I personally love doing Spirit Art. It not only allows me to express my love for art, more importantly it gives me the opportunity to see beautiful and heavenly things I would not be able to see otherwise without my clients and their guides spiritual approval. Such wonders I have seen! It also brings me much peace, as I am sure it will for you too!

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