What is a Spiritual Consultation?

A spiritual consultation is like a reading, where messages are received and connections occur with loved ones, but also spirit guides provide important information you need to be paying attention to at this time. We look at your life path, where you are currently and where you need to be. 

Using various forms of techniques I connect through local and non-local consciousness. Sending and receiving messages back and forth while presenting valuable information to you, the client. 

As I begin to receive images, feelings, words, thoughts, emotions, etc.  I quickly write them down on a legal pad. Sometimes a form of “automatic writing” takes over. It can be just a couple words or 1-3 pages of information. I have found that before the person even calls and asks the questions,  I have already received and written some of the answers, the specifics, and the reasons for the call “received” directly from spirit. I firmly believe that no one has the ability to deliver any psychic information on their own. It comes from the creator and universe or other spiritual sources. At times, I may discuss my opinion or assumption of what they are saying or information received, but I will “always state it as such.”

My goal is to deliver to you “spiritual information” through a connection with the other side to help you better understand your life, increase your awareness and develop your potential to be in better tune with the universe so you can work together to complete what is necessary during your time here on this plane. 

Questions maybe asked throughout, after I have presented the initial information to you that I receive during the start of the session. 

Why do I do this?

Namely, I want to help people. What good is it to have a spiritual awareness, receive messages, see images, connect with the afterlife, gone through a life of spirit contact and not do anything with it? Since the age of 4 I have experienced ESP (precognition and visions) and the awareness to communicate with the spirit world. My goal is to take this and help people improve their lives, overcome any self doubt, but also heal from any regret or loss and come to terms with the afterlife to better understand how our spirit works. 

How do I prepare for the session?

I meditate 10 minutes before you call or we meet. I will cleanse my vibration with a chime, connect with higher consciousness and ask those who are related to the client to assist and come forward to deliver what the person needs to know. When at home I sit down in front of my spirit alter and light candles. After using the chime, clearing my thoughts and establishing a connection, I begin jotting down what I see, feel, hear or witness. Which I will discuss with you when you call in. This will begin the session. 

How should you prepare for the session?

Relax, have questions prepared before hand asking the universe to bring messages forth during our reading. Don’t be nervous. You will have time to ask any outstanding questions I do not cover, after I have gone over the things I received first. If you feel the need to speak up, then please do. 

What to do after the session?

Take some time to think about what we discussed. Make an outline of some of the topics, suggestions, and messages received during our reading. If there are any new questions that pop up, right them down on that piece of paper and ask for the universe to help answer them with in the next 7 days. Pay attention to your dreams the next three nights, and be open to details that present themselves to confirm what came through during our reading. Take notes and look over your notes off and on for the first week to remind yourself. Then look at it again 2 weeks later and then again after 30 days. If you are not happy with your reading, please let me know at the end of the session. 

How to book a session ? 

Click on Book Now to be taken to my Genbooks page. This page will help set up the date and time for your booking, where you can also pay and select either a 45 or 90 minute session. 

You will receive an email once your order is placed and follow up emails before your session.  Check your spam folder if you do not receive any. The email will remind you of the date and time and present the call in number for your Spiritual Consultation. 

Cancellations or rescheduling:

If you need to cancel or postpone, please go to the Genbook website (you will receive an email from them when you schedule) and cancel or reschedule there. No need to contact me directly as all bookings and changes are forwarded to me. However, please keep in mind that cancellations and re-bookings can be done up to 8 hours prior to scheduled time . Please keep in mind I try to accommodate everyone, therefore, any missed appointments will be charged the full amount. On occasion, I may have to reschedule due to traveling. If this is the case I will notify you in advance. 



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