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Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.

Imps, Devils, Little Creatures of the Dark.


Imps, Devils, Demons Infestation of the Home. 

Back in the mid 1970’s while growing up in Hoffman Estates, IL I lived in a house that was haunted by Ghosts and shadow people. Besides the standard normal hauntings, there was a period of time that I was also terrorized and attacked by little demons. They would peer out of the walls, walk out of, into, or fly out of (as a black mass) closets and dark corners of the house. 

Where they came from or why, I still to this day have no idea. Years of Ouija board use? …maybe.

I became so terrified as a child that I slept with the lights on, slept with my back to the wall each night, and had by me a glow in the dark plastic toy sword my mom got me to help me feel safe at night. I even ended up placing a last rites cross, with candles and Holy Water beside my bed each night. Not sure why I used a last rites cross, probably not the best idea. As a child I had no idea what it was really used for and always felt having the cross on display would be like having Jesus besides me while I slept. 

While this is an extremely long story of events and encounters, I have decided to post some of these drawings to better illustrate what I saw. The drawings at the end are encounters when they, Imps and what I assume was a Lord Demon,  returned  and appeared during 2009-2011 after 35 years.

Last encounter was with an Imp (same as the full body creature in the closet) just over a month ago (December 2013).

Please note I am a Catholic and a very spiritual person. I have also seen many heavenly angels throughout my life, which is a whole story on its own. I am only discussing these creatures right in this posting to bring to attention that these things exist and more people need to be aware. There has been angel and demon interaction that I have witnessed as well, such as a battle that occurred when the lord demon appeared. 

I discuss both Angels and Demons in many of my lectures and those of you who have seen me speak may remember these encounters. Some I have spoken of publicly in the past. Do not under any circumstance try to contact or investigate these creatures. They can spread like a virus. I would rather have people pray to God, put your faith in Jesus Christ and pray for protection for yourself and loved ones. Angels do watch over us and go to battle each and every day for our souls and spirits over the dark forces that reside on our planet. I would never have realized to what levels this occurs if not for the things I have seen and witnessed. Whether you are of faith or not, I hope you realize that there are forces we do not understand. Both Good and bad. Regardless of your beliefs I hope you one day you put your faith in the good over the bad. 

All drawings by Chris Fleming done from 1980 to 2013 to illustrate his encounters and experiences. May not be downloaded, used or printed without written permission. 


Spirit Box Session in my house where the name “IMPS” was revealed to me.





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