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Can we change the future to save our own lives?

Can we change the future to save our own lives?

What would you do if you could change your future? Possibly even someone else’s? How valuable would it be to you if you could learn techniques to make a slight difference in your decision or action that could end up saving your life, capitalizing on a few seconds to avoid or alter an otherwise painful outcome?

Every day we go through sequences of decisions that determine our future. These multiple decisions create alternate realities, but during this creation of alternate outcomes (realities), we have a split second to choose which path we will take. Once we choose that decision, it becomes our path, redirecting our future. Most of the time these changes in paths are minor but other times it creates a major life-changing shift in our path. A few seconds can determine a different life, whether it be a major success or extreme consequences. When you come to realize the potential you understand that “Time IS everything!”

Let me say this again… Making the right decisions saves time. Anyone will agree with that. We all have challenges in life, but occasionally there are moments that affect us tremendously… physically, mentally, and/or financially for the rest of our lives. Every day people all over the world make choices that help them reach incredible success while others make decisions that result in failure, bad luck, or worse, death.

A man not paying attention crosses the street gets hit by a car. A kid decides to fool around with some friends and tries to show off but sadly makes one terrible move and ends up plummeting to his death off a skyscraper. A kid jumps on his motorbike and speeds down streets filming it all on his head camera, sadly a car pulls out ahead, he doesn’t have time to avoid the deadly disaster that follows. A man has a bad feeling about going to work, so he calls in sick. Hours later he watches on TV as the World Trade Center and his office on one of the floors collapse in front of his eyes. A man’s car runs out of fuel, so he walks a mile to a gas station to buy a tank of gas, while there something inside him tells him to purchase a lotto ticket, so he does. Days later he is a multi-million dollar winner. These are stories that have changed peoples lives forever! Some might say its fate, while others recognize an inner voice that changed their outcome. Did all these people get messages, hear voices? We don’t know for sure, as most of them are no longer here with us. But what if they did, but sadly, didn’t listen?

Throughout our life, there are events on our timeline that if we recognize it, will bring us great success and happiness or warn us of impending doom or danger. I am sure just reading this you can think of a few personal events your self where you got a feeling and listened and times when you didn’t. Yes, regrets suck!

These messages, which can come in the form of visions, feelings, sensations, dreams or sometimes internal or external voices are part of extrasensory perception, E.S.P recognized by what many call, and acknowledge as having a sixth sense! There are other terms as well, but they all fall into the (extra) sense of recognizing (sensory) the message (perception).

Since my childhood I have had numerous occasions where I felt, saw, dreamt or received warnings or opportunities. Many times I listened and a few times I didn’t. While it would take me many pages to share just some of these occurrences, I want you to know that there are times I listened to it and kicking myself that I flat out ignored it. I have shared many of these in my lectures over the past 12 years, on radio shows going back to the 1990s, and on my podcast Spirit Talk from 2006-2017. You could say E.S.P runs in the family, but I could easily argue that is is not normally a hereditary trait, I believe it is a sense of awareness that we all have. An awareness that just needs to be awakened. A perception learned, accepted and recognized for what it is. Extra Sensory Perception, the ability to see, feel and acknowledge information before it occurs into the physical matter or plays out as an event. Many of my friends and family members have had such experiences. While people closest to me over the years became more “aware” of the ability and tapped into it themselves.

There are numerous times in my life where I almost died. Death almost claimed my sister. But, the outcomes were changed. I am here to tell you, the decision can be recognized in advance, but it is in that moment of recognition that we either win or lose. We must pay attention at that moment before it leaves us.

I teach a workshop on the Sixth Sense. This workshop covers a lot of ground and you will learn procedures you can use in your life instantly. You will walk away with a better understanding and awareness of how E.S.P works and a written plan in the class to help you achieve your goals. This plan, and new perspective, along with your burning desire to reach success, will help you accomplish a definite purpose in your life. This purpose brings happiness, fulfillment and a greater understanding of the invisible universal connection that exists all around us. 

Here is a true and recent example of how I put to use one of the techniques that drastically changed my life:

Last summer I almost died. Yes, it’s true. I would no longer be here today if I didn’t listen to a recurring vision, a dire message, a warning, I got weeks before the event itself. A similar situation occurred two years prior on vacation. Thankfully, I chose wisely back then, saving my life from being stabbed or shot and saving my moms. It is another reminder to pay attention to present and future visions. 

When you read the following story, imagine yourself in my situation. Would you know what to do? Would you have listened? What would you have done? Realize, anyone of us can die or be affected by an event positively or negatively at any moment in our life. Accidents and stories of success occur every single moment of the day. They always will. Are you aware of these signs? 

The Drivers Side Crash:

Last summer in-between my filming schedule going back and forth to the UK, there was a two week period I was home in the USA. Getting caught up on my business and running errands before my next trip overseas, something strange was occurring when I was driving around town. I had repeated visions and body sensations of impact to my car. I remember when I would drive my 2006 BMW X-5 that I would get this overwhelming sensation out of nowhere of an Impact from the left-hand side. I would quickly glance around in fear as if it was about to happen. But, I would see nothing around me. The vision would go all black seconds before and all black right after. I remember feeling and hearing the crashing of metal and glass, the crunching and collapsing of the entire left side of my car and then the tremendous impact to the left side of my body, head and shoulders and then the final incredible blunt to my body. After…nothing, just complete darkness. This vision, this sensation occurred 3-4 times over a couple week period and would occur and vanish in seconds. I couldn’t shake it, so I told a couple friends about it over the phone. Just in case.

Maybe it was fear I thought. I was rear-ended in a car accident back in September of 2009. An accident that sadly changed my life and my entire future forever. Yes, I was warned about that one. 10 years before by a psychic, 6 weeks before with a vision and voices and again two weeks before while sitting at the mechanic shop getting an airbag replaced due to a recall. A voice said, “you will be back here in two weeks due to being rear-ended by another car.” Another voice said over a month before, “If you don’t walk out now you will end up in a car accident in the future.” The surprising thing is the day of, and a minute before the actual accident a voice said again  in my head (as I made a stupid split second lane change into the right lane instead of staying in the middle lane which it told me to moments before), “you will be texting a friend that you just got in a car accident!” Two minutes later, while waiting at a red light, I was rear-ended with my head snapping back and forth tearing axioms in my left frontal lobe and causing tissue damage to my C1-C7.  Due to that accident, I suffer almost daily with neck pain. I should have listened to the signs and made arrangements for what to do in case that feeling came back. Such as pullover OR stay in the middle lane. 

So you could see why I take these warnings a bit more seriously now while I drive. I had already been in 4 car accidents in my life (warned about 2 of them beforehand) and there is no way I care to have another one.

Back to the story.

This new vision felt real, and I know that feeling…. so I rehearsed it in my head over and over. I have learned, that usually these messages never state exactly when the event is going to happen. Just that it IS going to happen. It can be months away, weeks away, days away or moments away. So all we can do is prepare, somehow, someway. I find the best way, is to analyze it. So I did. I said to myself, “From the left, from the left. An impact will come from the left.” I reminded myself, in my head the vision. I was driving looking straight ahead, no idea where I was going, no idea where I just was going forward and clearly not paying attention to my left-hand side until impact. In the vision I was not paying attention to the left-hand side, I guess, at least based on the vision. It was a shock, out of the ordinary. So what Can I do? What can I figure out from this vision that was not crystal clear? Why was I not paying attention while going forward?

Well, what I do know is clearly a car is hitting me on the left-hand side, I see all black so either it has something to do with black. But when I pause, I notice this blackness is massive and maybe higher up than a normal car so either it is a truck or semi or some other vehicle that has a large front. It was large and black on the left-hand side and moving with great speed. The left side of my car is completely crushed and I am hit by the vehicle impact as well. Directly in the driver’s side. The door and glass hitting my head and body with great force and then the front of this vehicle hitting my body. If this is hitting me at great speed from the left, then I wondered. When driving how can this happen, where can it happen? I deduced it has to be at a 4-way intersection or when pulling out from… somewhere, where other cars can be traveling at great speeds from the left. Hmmm, what else? As I am being hit, I go completely black… meaning, I am knocked out or worse, I die!? I try to fast forward, nothing! I see myself standing there in the utter darkness looking around. No accident debris, no future images only darkness. Yup, looks like death, it looks like it could be the soul state. But maybe the standing in the blackness means the outcome… that it is not final?! I wasn’t sure at the time, what it exactly meant, but I felt I would either die or be paralyzed – the blackness. Why do I think I would die? Well due to my previous accident in 2009, I am pretty much considered an eggshell patient due to instability. I assume anyone hit from the left side by something large at a great speed could suffer a similar scenario. This vision was serious. 

For days I kept reminding myself to pay attention to my left-hand side while driving. At turns, when pulling out, at intersections and even when I have right of way and crossing an intersection, still I need to look to my left. Just in case. No matter how many days went by I could not shake this feeling. The vision would come without warning. Later I would realize that was also a clue.

As more days went by I kind of forgot about it. You know, you have things to do, so out of sight, out of mind.

It didn’t take long, near the end of the 2nd week this event transpired. My god, when it unfolded it all made sense.

It was a Saturday, I had some errands to run and get through as I only had a few weeks before we were to be off filming again for our final block in the UK. I had some dry cleaning to drop off. I drove to the cleaners and dropped off some shirts and pants. Got in my car and pulled out of the parking lot towards the stoplight. The parking lot has a stoplight with three lanes. One for turning right, one middle lane for going straight and the left lane for turning left.

Since I was in the left turning lane and the light was red I waited for the green arrow to give me the right of way. I decided to look down at my cell phone and skim through some Instagram posts. Yes I know, shouldn’t be looking at my phone. After about what seemed like a minute, I looked up and saw that I now had the famous green arrow, “Shit!” I said, not realizing how long it was green I floored it and pulled out of the parking lot looking straight ahead at the light while I was proceeding to make my left hand turn. It was at that moment I felt a force from my left-hand side, I know that feeling, it’s like a wave, a change in the atmosphere. I get this similar feeling when I feel a spirit move into the room. That shift in the electromagnetic field. That magnetic push feeling usually means someone is affecting the field around me, so I have conditioned myself to react to it. Plus, you may remember, I kept repeating to myself the past few weeks, from the left, from the left, pay attention to the left. So acknowledging this force that I was now feeling from the left, I acted, I quickly turned to see what might be causing it and immediately I slammed on my brakes. My car came to a screeching halt. My eyes widen. My mouth dropped and everything switched into what seemed like extreme slow motion. A large black Escalade was heading towards me, but another thought flashed through my head. It wasn’t slowing down. This made no sense, the stoplight has to be red for them, or at least it was a few seconds ago because I now had the green arrow to turn left. Which is directly in its path.  I watched in seconds as the large black SUV extended cab picked up speed. The male driver, with dark hair, is leaning forward putting the pedal to the metal, the passenger a blonde woman with long hair is sleeping with her head to the passenger side window unaware of her male driver aggressively blowing off the red light. I watch as this black metallic mass moving at tremendous speed races in front of my path (two car lengths) exactly where I would be if I didn’t slam on my brakes. The angle I would’ve been at making a left turn would have exposed the drivers’ side to impact. But now, in that split second decision to look to the left I wasn’t in that spot. With my car sticking only 1/2 of the way into the intersection I watched the SUV go by, never taking my eyes off it. I turned my head to the right and followed it getting smaller and smaller into the distance. I was numb. I looked back to the lane, no cars, no cars behind me. Another car to my left came to a stop at the light. I then pressed the pedal and proceed along my intended path as I was supposed to. 

For two weeks I had this sick and terrifying feeling that overwhelmed my body when I drove – I was going to be in a deadly car accident. I was going to be hit with a heavy impact on the drivers’ side of my car. I saw in my head, the crushing of the door and the glass shattering hitting my face and the force hitting my head and body and then being thrown into complete darkness. And now, this vision just passed before my eyes. It happened and it didn’t happen. I changed the outcome, thanks to the warning. In another reality, the other scenario, I just avoided, played out. It is believed that All points in time are connected. They play out. We sometimes have the ability to choose which path, which scenario we want to be conscious of.  Continue down. Thanks to the repetition over and over again in my head, “From the left, from the left!” I was able to choose the more desirable and life-giving one. 

If it wasn’t for this feeling and recognizing when it happened at that precise moment. Feeling that change of energy of magnetic force to my left I would not have slammed on my brakes and turned my head while making a left-hand turn. Instead, I would have unknowingly driven right into its path and been struck by a black Escalade easily going over 55 mph.

Heightened intuition saved my life. That feeling, that vision, that sensation, comes down to one thing. “The Sixth Sense SAVED MY LIFE and I am alive to tell you about it!”

This is not the first time I have experienced this awareness and it surely won’t be the last. Situations like this happen to many people, every day all over the world. Some people listen to their instinct. Some people don’t.

I stopped having that vision immediately after that. Meaning the event had passed. But, I have been having another feeling, since last year as well. This vision, this feeling is I will be rear-ended. Again. I can feel and see this impact. I had that feeling again today when I was completing this article. I was in my car. I felt it. So what do I do? I listen and recognize future signs. I ask the universe to warn me in time. So I can make up my own decision to not be in that lane, or to pull over when I feel it is upon me or instead of bracing myself, teach myself to relax and go limp, therefore limiting damage to the body. It’s when we tense up that damage can be much worse. Things tear during tension. I tensed up when I was rear-ended back in 2009. Plus my head was turned to the right when it went backward during the whiplash.

Many of us have had that split second feeling that we listened to. Some of us have ignored that feeling and wound up suffering great consequences, later cursing or wishing out loud… “if only I would have listened” While others recognized no warning and cursed out loud, “Dammit, if only I knew beforehand.” There are also some, no longer here today that may have gotten messages but didn’t listen.

Being in touch with your Sixth Sense can help in many ways. It may not prevent everything, but in most cases, as we know, our decisions, our last second actions do in fact determine our fate.

Practice what I discussed her when you get “that feeling.”

 If you want to know more, if you want to learn techniques to increase your awareness of the sixth sense, Then please, come see me May 26th in Wilmette, IL. I am offering a 3.5-hour workshop, to help people use and recognize these signs while also fulfilling your path and destiny towards a greater purpose. This is the only workshop I will be doing this year. A workshop that will teach you techniques to put to use right away.

You may never know when you will need it, but YOU can learn how to recognize it and become aware. The decisions you make after that, well… of course, that is up to you!

Let me help you on your path! 

-Chris Fleming 

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