The Bubble

The Bubble

 The Bubble by Chris Fleming

On Monday,  February 16, 2015 at approx 11:00 am I witnessed something, one might say, seemingly out of a fairy tale. 


I was on my computer, running an automatic cleanup software on my laptop and iMac. As I did this my attention was brought to a small bubble, yes a bubble that was floating in the air slowly over my desk around my laptop towards my computer and then towards me. It flew over my hand and mouse and seemed to hover, ever so briefly. I was transfixed, wondering where the heck this came from. At first I questioned was it lint, fur…no it was.. a foamy-bubble!  It sped up and ran right into my shirt and (as it seemed) disappeared. I then sat straight up and felt this overwhelming sensation of peace, calm and mindset correction. As if I, myself was wiped clean of all my thoughts for a brief moment. I felt whole, at peace, and in complete control, yet I have never felt for that brief moment so aware of my own self and sense of being. Sadly this didn’t last long, maybe 10 seconds give or take. 


I stopped what I was doing and relished in this moment. Then I began to ponder again. Was that a bubble or was that some dust that looked like a bubble? I patted my shirt, nothing. I lifted it up and shook it, nothing. Then all of a sudden I watched as this bubble came out of my chest (on its own) circled around my hand and arm and then flew very slowly up to the ceiling. I stood up in awe, dumbfounded. 


It was tiny,  half the size of your index nail on your finger. It was not clear, it had substance to it – like foam from a car wash. It seemed to be made up of that same white-slightly grey substance you see in vaporish mists, yet it was almost completely round or oval. It moved with no sound, quietly, smoothly but also sped up with purpose. 


I never saw it come back down from the ceiling. There are no drafts in my office, the heat is off at the moment. I tried rationalizing what it could be. But I had nothing. Nothing I could relate it to, except the videos I caught years ago with flying lights and orbs on night vision. Yeah I know, most of that is dust, but not all mind you. Was this something similar, but seen with my own eyes? 


So, I stood up and looked around the ceiling. I waited. Nothing came back down. I threw my hands in the air and nothing appeared. Where did it go? Up through the ceiling, through the wall, upstairs? I felt uncompelled to check. I was… in the moment of awe. 


What was it? Was it conscious thought? Was it my imagination because I was cleaning my computers? Hell no. I have seen enough in my life to know what is what.  It was clearly not my imagination. I stopped what I was doing. I watched it. I reacted. I sat up. I waved my arms. I felt an internal peace, a realignment of my own thoughts. Even if the sensation was for a brief moment, it got my attention. 


Was it a spirit? Was it? I am not quit sure. I feel it was, I felt this interest, this sense of becoming it had. A sense of love. As if it was making contact but also giving me something as well. 


The timing is interesting on this. 


Friday, February 13th I recorded an interview with Dr. Parisetti on consciousness of my podcast spirit talk. We spoke about our spirit, our mind existing outside of our bodies.  Late last night, February 15th I completed my video “Communicating with the dead Part 1 in Costa Rica” and posted it online. During the editing of that video I witnessed an elongated vaporish mist float across my bookcase towards the hallway out of my office. I jumped up in excitement after seeing that. Yelling, “I saw you, I saw you”…then for some funny reason I began dancing and singing a song of my own making, “I saw spirit, I saw spirit” and began clapping in the old gospel hymns of the old days. 


Were these encounters occurring because of my spiritual experiences I had a day before my trip to Costa Rica? (Jan 28-Feb4th) I have not spoken about this yet. The signs from the universe I continuously received during my trip.  I heavy feeling that I would not come back from Costa Rica. This terrible feeling something was going to happen on my trip and I would not return. It was so strong, that I even texted and told some friends about this. Yet, I felt I had to go anyway. I had to find out for sure, if it is truly written, then it must be done. Obviously, I made it back home, but what happened those first few days led up to a change in  my mindset, which set out to change my path on that trip. If these occurrences did not occur, my trip would have ended with a different story. You see the 2nd to  last night in Costa Rica something scary was happening. I was being followed. I could have reacted one of two ways. The choice I made, changed my future. It could have gone a different way, that would in fact fulfill the dread I had and most likely completed a different path in my life or the end of my life.  The choice was made. (I may write about what occurred in an upcoming blog).


Because of these changes, these “remarkable” things that have been occurring lately, It is with this I look back on the “flower of life” and the truth of the universe that as we (I) increase our (my) awareness, seek and expand our (my) consiousness the universe occasionally chimes in with the “you will find” letting us (me) know we (I) are (am) either on the right path “or” they are making contact lettings us (me) know they are not only listening in, but doing what they can to assist our (my) “spiritual” growth. The universal law of spirit, to grow and become one with the universe, the multiverse and all that is….is actually very simple, we (we all) become one in consciousness with the creator. It is our choice, if we do desire. 


When we are one, we are all seeing and all knowing. Collective in consciousness. We stay on this path, doors to many insights open up to us, over and over again. 


Some may say, “my god you just saw a bubble,  what is with all this spiritual stuff?” Some may see a bubble, but I say to you, the awareness becomes “where did it come from?, where did it go?” and it is a reminder that as small as it maybe, it is a fragmental reminder that we are all a part of the whole. You may stare at yourself in the mirror. Do you see “you” or do you see the billions of cells, nerves and the miraculous consciousness that runs and has created that body of yours? The universal power that has allowed you to manifest into it, for a life long experience? What do you see?


If I asked you have you ever looked into a child’s eyes? What would you say, what did you see? My life, my encounters and  my experiences have taught me to see the following……When I look in a child’s eyes, I see the very soul that occupies that space. I see the creator working through that child to show us love, trust, happiness, compassion, connection, and responsibility. 


If the child is sad, scared and gone through horrible circumstances, I say to you…what has our world done to this child? What have we allowed our world to do to the love, trust, happiness, compassion, connection and responsibility given to us with this soul by the creator himself. 


The gifts we are given and the gifts we give all have meaning. It is our choice to allow them to be for good or bad. 


Like the bubble,  it came from somewhere. It didn’t exist/originate on its own. It went somewhere, it didn’t cease to exist. Some may allow the bubble to float and continue its journey, while others may pop it and say “I have had enough.”


We are all an extension of the creator, we are all on a journey, but we are never truly alone. There are those higher up, that listen and embrace our thoughts. Want us to succeed in spiritual evolution and return to the creator. This world we have created tends to separate way to much regarding who we truly are. Diminishing our beliefs, holding us back from growth. Which is a shame. 

This journey, what occurred was only meant for me, but the message, well that is meant for us all.    It’s time for all of us to embrace and open our awareness to where we come from and where we are going. Not with skepticism, but with faith….belief, create our own bubble to carry us on our journey of truth, and guide us to reunite with who we truly are. 


-Chris Fleming

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6 thoughts on “The Bubble”

  1. Damn,I underestimated you. You helped me cope with some fear I was having, but I didn’t expect more from you. I admit, I put you in the tv person bucket in my mind – Handy connections to people with experience, interesting interviews, but not much more going on than that. I apologize.

    Enjoy your change, and I hope you find what you seek as well as some strength or insight that you didn’t expect. “It’s one thing to believe, it’s another to know.” – I think those were your words, and very similar to what my Mum used to say to me. You will know when you are ready,and I look forward to hearing your story when you are ready to talk.

    1. Thank you, there is way more to me then anyone could ever fathom from what you see on TV. Tv doesn’t cover my background or what goes on in my head. -Chris

      1. Hi, it’s me again. About the Bubble… I’ve seen them too, just not as small, and it was a means of protection for me, put upon me the first time by a “Guardian Angel” for lack of a better word or understanding. No, not imagined like some New Age oomie-goomie “Imagine a bubble or a light…” meditation. This was a real bubble that I could see with my eyeballs, put upon me in broad daylight when I was in a rush to get ready for a date. Long story. I experienced it 2 more times after that, several years apart.

  2. Hi! This has been happening to me also. For the past year, a tiny, random, solitary, perfect “soap-like” bubble has floated toward me (specifically my face) from across the room, it then floats up and disappears after it passes me. I’m not prone to hallucinations and I’m generally very skeptical about unusual phenomenon. This has happened 3 or 4 times. I know it sounds weird to other people who want to explain it away but I don’t think there’s a solidly acceptable, logical answer. I also feel euphoric when it floats to me. It happened to me today actually so I decided to look online to see if others experienced it. The only thing I can think of that’s even mildly related is that I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube for the past year.

  3. Hi , I saw a tiny bubble while at work , I work in evenings alone cleaning and never experienced this ever although I’m a Spiritual person and believe in the afterlife and would like to think this was a passed relative coming to see me. I actually spoke to the tiny bubble as it hovered by me , it came close to ‘look’ at my face, then it proceeded to float out of two doors , along a corridor and downstairs where I left it to do what it wanted . I was totally amazed ! Keep thinking how honoured I am to witness this , it seemed to listen to me asking if I could follow it . Thankyou for your encounter too. Peace & love x

  4. So weirdly enough this happened to me when I lived in Costa Rica, and I know I was not alucinating because my mom and my brother saw it as well.

    It was not one bubble but three and one of them was not floating but sitting on top of our dinner table. I touched it and it popped leaving oily residue.

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