The Mist and Cry

The Mist and Cry

Actual photo of basement- Mist drawn for recreation only.

Just a few days ago I heard a screech, yesterday I saw a mist and last night I woke up to a woman crying.

While cleaning the basement yesterday afternoon, I was looking down at one of my suitcases and thinking to myself, “Well I am probably gonna be needing a new-smaller suitcase for my tour in October since I am traveling everyday and the darn checked bag fees are high” I then instantly in-visioned  myself working on my ghost lecture and updating it. I was wondering should I or shouldn’t I include some of the experiences I have had this year. As that thought was manifesting in my head I noticed to the left something midway in the air between the floor and rafters moving west (left wards). I quickly looked up and for what seemed like three seconds a squiggly shaped mist about 4 feet long glided slowly away from me and de-manifested. Startled I quickly realized, it being only about 7 feet away from me, that it was clearly a ghost that had manifested and de-manifested from where I was standing. I then felt a male presence and a sense of him not wanting to be in my way. I yelled out excited and somewhat shocked, “Ghost…ghost…GHOST!”  Upstairs Rachel heard me as I ran upstairs to tell her with a smile on my face and the bursting energy of a little kid thinking in my head, “I am beginning to see them again.” It is not that hard to see them at night, or at least a fraction of them. TO see in the daytime, well that is something different.  It seems some of the lessons I learned my recent trip to Mexico in meeting with a shaman has begun to open up a part of me that has been dormant since my childhood. At least with the recent experiences in my house, it would seem that way.

That very night…yes, last night, I woke out of a deep dream hearing something in the hallway and what I heard was a woman crying. I woke up Rachel and asked her if she heard what just woke me and in a slumbered reply, “Uh…no, wwhhhhy?” I told her what I heard and she, well quickly went back to sleep. It was around 4am I believe that this occurred. I did not see anything, but felt it may have been similar to the female voice we heard months ago, whisper in the room  ”Come here.” As to which I ignored and Rachel heard and I had to tell her it was nothing, knowing full well If I told her what it was she woudlnt sleep and neither would I. UNfortunately, the spirit would have none of that and a minute later I was pushed on my check, quite hard for a cheek push and I sprung up yelling “Okay!” “I freakin heard you, now can I go to sleep….I am sorry that I pretended that you weren’t there. Now this is my house and as you should know I need to sleep..good nite” Rachel of course laid there startled, “You mean you did hear it?” “Yes, now go to sleep they want bother us.” I am not sure if she slept that night or not.

So what is going on in my house? Well, I know I have always had ghosts no matter where I go. I believe that there is a male, female and a girl ghost in the house. I have recorded all three on EVP in the past. As well as something that I can’t explain…yet.

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