Weeks of Paranormal Occurrences

Weeks of Paranormal Occurrences




1/14/13 – Pre-cognition



The door bell rings; I look out the window UPS truck begins to pull away. No big deal I get packages all the time.

What is it that makes this so special?

Exactly, a minute before the doorbell rang; images popped into my head of an order I placed last week for some herbs I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. Green Tea, Chia seeds, etc. I saw them in my mind and then the act of putting them all away in containers in my kitchen. Now you may be asking why is this significant, why is this odd? Let me explain. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair. I have tons of work to do today and this evening. This was the last thing on my mind. Why did this image, this thought, suddenly appear in my head?

A minute later, the doorbell rings a package is left at my front door. Once dressed I open the front door and retrieve the package from the steps. Bring it into the kitchen and open it. It is the box of herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. I begin to take them out and package them into containers and put them away. It hits me, Deja Vu? Here I am doing exactly what popped into my head when I came out of the shower when I hadn’t even received this package yet. Was this Pre-cognition of an event, now happening, coming to pass?

Now while this is not as significant as say a vision of a car crash, a disaster, or winning a football game, it still has to be acknowledged for what it is. ESP.

The knowing of something destined to occur, without the use of my 5 senses, was being driven down the street with a destination to my home and to me. At that moment of it down the street on its way was enough to affect the field of energy we all have around us, therefore changing our future and mindset.

I have talked about how we are all connected and at times when our environment changes or something comes into it; we can recognize it and pick up on what it is or where it is coming from. This I believe was one of those occurrences.

As well as the act in my mind before the event, of putting everything away. Even though my schedule was already written out for me today to do other things. The truth of the future tends to inform us otherwise.



1/12/13 – The Ghostly Door Bell Rings again



Saturday morning at 8:30am I heard a doorbell. I shot up, looked around the room and glanced at the clock. Who would be ringing the doorbell Sat morning at 8:30am? I then realized, wait a minute, once again that didn’t sound like my doorbell. I got up anyway and looked out the window, no car, no one outside. Then it hit me; this has happened many times before. The sound of a doorbell. I tested it years ago. The sound I heard, at least 10x over the past four years, and quite frankly, eerily around the same time between 8-9:00 am, is not my doorbell I have in this current house. My ex and I tested it a few years ago, having both been woken up by this mysterious door bell sound. A sound that is clearly a doorbell, but is different sound as the doorbell I have in my current house. We have both sat outside pressing the ringer and clearly agreed it is not the same sound that we have heard, not at all.

So where does this doorbell sound originate from? I cannot answer that, but the one interesting thing is, it started occurring after I visited my old house I grew up in and lived in from 1970-1991 and went back to in Jan of 2009. Since then it started later that year.  The doorbell sound is identical to the one I grew up in, even though I don’t live there anymore.

Why does it go off between 8-9am in the morning?

I can’t say with 100% certainty why it does it at that time, the only thing that has any similarity to that time period is that is the time I used to always wake up at years ago between 2000-2009, but more importantly that is also the time period my father was transported from the care center to the hospital when he passed away back in 2009 during the hours of 8-9am on a Saturday morning.

Is it the ghosts from my previous house or is it my father? Or is someone telling me I need to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier? I don’t know for sure, but I have decided to work towards changing my sleeping schedule to go to bed earlier and wake up at that time. Why not? they tend to keep waking me up any ways at that hour.



1/9/13 -The Ghost At Yoga



I went Yoga today. Hot Yoga, felt good getting all the kinks and sore muscles stretched as well as how great it is for the body and sweating out toxins. So what is remarkable about this? Well, after class as I was one of the few left in class, I got up walked out and put the mat in the bin, there was no one else around me nor in the hallway when I heard a loud quick whisper like voice screech out “Chrisssss!” I turned around behind me and there was no one there. Chills race down my spine.

The sound of it, the oddness of it. So similar to voices I have heard in the past. Spirits, ghosts. As soon as I recognized there was no one behind me, I raced towards some of the opened darkened rooms to see if there was anyone visible or present. I then listened from the bathrooms to hear if anyone was talking or whispering to try to place the sound. I could not. I ended up feeling that it was a spirit, someone (female sounding) that was just speaking, letting me know they were there. It was about a month ago that while I was up front of the Yoga center speaking to three people I noticed someone lean over and peak their head around the wall to see what we were doing. Catching it in the corner of my eye, I turned to see who it was, as well as another witness in the corner of his eye. Perplexed as the person quickly pulled their head back behind the wall. We both reacted. I strutted towards the hallway to get a better look to see who it was and to my surprise, as well as my friends, there was no one there. Seconds later a man walks around the corner down the hallway, so I asked him if he saw anyone walk down the hallway to which he responded ” No, just me. ”

I then asked him if he was at this moment up front a minute ago, and he responded ” No; I just came from the training room. ” Realizing he had no idea what I was referring to, I walked past some of the rooms that were closed or had doors open to see if someone was playing a trick. Of course, no one was there.

I walked back to the front, looked at my friend and the receptionist and laughed. ” Yup, you have a ghost! ”

We then began to discuss what just occurred and how two of us standing at different angles recognized a head and shoulders appear around the wall as if leaning over to get a better look and subsequently quickly vanish. Over the next few minutes, other stories came up about people feeling someone or seeing things in the place as well.

So I wonder, the voice that said “Chrisssss ” was it the same spirit that I saw a few weeks before. Maybe, only time will tell as I go back there every week.

The good thing is, I feel it is positive and was just making itself known. Hopefully soon, we will make longer contact. I am curious why they are there.



1/8/13 – The Illumination From Above



As if getting to bed is not hard enough. Around 3-4am I was woken up three times by a strange illumination above my bed. You know when you sleep and someone turns on the light. You open up your eyes and say ” Hey! Turn it off! ” Well, weirdly while I was in a deep sleep, I felt this light and slowly opened my eyes, as I did I witnessed with wonder,  my arms, the sheets and the entire bed illuminated by some hovering source above the bed. It was different though from any other light, I have seen. It was warm almost like it permeated the darkness. Similar to night vision but more like a yellow almost red color at times. As I looked around the bed, I began to look up from where the source seemed to originate from, and as I adjusted to doing that the light quickly vanished, and the room went backward to darkness. I sat up looked around the room, and as puzzled as I was, went back to bed.

This happened three more times, each time it woke me up.

Since this is the first time I have ever witnessed this phenomena in my house, I can only purpose two of the following possibilities;

  • First let me say, it was clearly not a dream, as I was woken up three times, I looked at the clock; I moved about, and I remembered it each time when I was woken up again.
  • It could not be any light from outside as I have blinds and drapes covering the windows. It almost pitch dark in my room except for moonlight illumination coming from the hallway, and the bathroom since I have a sunlight window in the ceiling. Even if light shown through that it would not reach my bed or where I was sleeping.

These are the only two possible things I can think of that have occurred;

  • 1) It was a ghost or angel hovering above the bed coming through the wall or ceiling, glowing and therefore illuminating the bed and me below it. I have seen glowing ghosts before and how they can sometimes light up a room with a greenish blue type glow. This was a slightly different color, but nothing less similar in the way the light bounced off the sheets.
  • 2) I was having an Out of body experience and in my spiritual mind (the mind outside the body and the brain) my soul was capable of seeing in the dark and illuminating the room through a much more increased visual spectrum then our humans’ eyes are allowed to see while in the body. Almost like a night vision. If you think of it, why wouldn’t a soul be able to see in darkness in a home if it wanted to? This may account for the awakening feeling, and as I tried to see it, vanished as if I was coming to awaken conscious instead of sleeping and being out of the body as I may have just been. The only reason I suggest this as a probability is because I have been having some remarkable OBE’s in the past 12 months. I feel my consciousness may be evolving as my awareness and research have been increasing into other frames of thinking about the soul and afterlife.

Either way, whether it was one or two, it was a remarkable experience to have to occur three times that night.



1/5/13- The Famous Angel 



Had a wonderful dream. An angel pretended to be someone famous in the Hollywood industry speaking to me as a friend. We laughed and laughed and then he changed to his true form (an angel) and told me I needed to write. After I said, ” We should do a comedy movie together! ” He turned to me, laughed and said ” Yes, but you have to write it! ” After he said that in the dream, it hit me and the words echoed….”write…write…write”. I took that as a sign, so this entire, year, as I am currently, I will be writing. What will I be writing? Well, you will soon see… I don’t want to give it all away. I have already begun and still have a lot to finish. I feel it was a very prophetic message for me.



1/2/13 – The Growl From An Angry Visitor



A bad thing/Good thing happened two days after new years eve and one crazy night- a night that, let’s just say something happened to where I had to get involved to help a complete stranger and put myself in a dangerous physical situation to save them. A situation where, luckily, I overcame it, stopped what was happening and I am man enough to say, still a bit sore to this day. I felt there was something evil that created that situation, something controlling another person that caused them to do what they did, and then somehow someway, being in the right place at that precise moment on that street, got me involved to cause a change. If it was evil, attempting to do what it was doing, the outcome ended up different than what it expected. A person was saved, and possibly this other person was taught a very important lesson. Heck, I even learned something myself about the situation and how we all need to at times stand up for what we believe in, regardless of the danger, but for what we believe is right for another human being. No matter how great nor how small, no matter how rich nor how poor every single life is worth saving, no matter what the cost to oneself.

Now back to what happened the morning of Jan 2nd. I woke up to a growling sound coming from my closet. A sound, that the only thing I could compare it to would be a wild dog, but a dog that is heavy, big and powerful. It reminded me mostly of the sound I heard and captured during the investigation in New Orleans for the TV show ” The Haunted.” Where I believe we came in contact with a demon.

As I heard this growl coming from my left closet, the whole room began to vibrate and shake. My bed began to shake violently seconds after the growl started, and with it. I sat up, my attention directed towards it- with the bed shaking it slowly stopped vibrating and came to its normal calmness. I looked in the direction of the closet, knowing full well that a demon was present and not happy with me. You could feel it, sense it – a presence, angry, maybe for what occurred New Years Eve. Maybe because I or the other person was not hurt in the way, it had hoped. Perhaps,  because I got involved and stepped in. I am not certain, but I have been attacked before two years ago physically, but this is the first one that has made its presence known by growling in my room, in my house and shaking the room and bed.

As I stood up in bed, I spoke to it ” Yes, I hear you, what do you want? Why are you mad? You are not allowed here. I am sleeping… now go away! ”  While most people would have screamed or raced out of the room, let alone the house, I am way to familiar with their tactics and how they try to instill fear or harm to those who they hate and do what they can to intimidate or instill fear by any means. If they don’t get their way, or you interrupt their evil work or doings, sometimes they strike back. Regardless, I laid down and said out loud ” Jesus…Michael….will you, please escort this demon out. He does not belong here ” and I went peacefully back to sleep. I am no longer a child, shaking in the dark. Those years, almost 40 years ago are long gone.


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5 thoughts on “Weeks of Paranormal Occurrences”

  1. I thought of your ghostly door bell experience a couple of nights ago. I was reading a book about specific types of spirit guides. What do you do when you hear the ringing and you go to the door? Do you laugh? Are you frustrated? I am beginning to think that this writer may be onto something which is that certain guides may do things almost like a child would just to get away from the seriousness of life. I was just curious if you chuckled or if you were too surprised to laugh at it? Or if it bothered you? Anymore I just document my experiences and laugh and go on. I can theorize all day long but I have had to learn to just keep going. As I type this I have documented something this morning that may or may not have a logical explanation to it. There have been too many experiences for me to ignore though so I just do the best that I can with it all.

    1. Sometimes I find it disturbing. As the doorbell is not the sound of my current doorbell, but the sound of the one I grew up in.
      It has been heard by others, not just me. It has something to do with my past- not sure what. Perhaps a ghost or two in my house is from my childhood.

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