What Did You Do For Your Fellow Man?

What Did You Do For Your Fellow Man?

“What did you do for your fellow man?”

When I look at the news today and even observe people around me I realize to many people in this world only care about success, money and the illusion of fame or material things revolving around…self and self image. None of this is forever, none of this lasts. Our personalities are eternal, not our possessions. We are all here together, we all have challenges, issues, lessons to learn each and every day. None of us can accomplish “all” these things alone. Nor should we. We are all connected, here, now and even in afterlife.

So when do we accept this?

No pain is to great to suffer alone.

What touches you more – a person who does a good deed, or a group of people that gathered together and did a tremendous deed? These are all miracles, both great and small. Some heroic, some unnoticed. Still, they add up and are collective.

We were taught to “turn the other cheek” but now we do the opposite and even worse, we film it on our cell phones, we broadcast it across the world and we “like” it. We glorify the reactions, even entertain and Viralize the more negative the reaction for all to see. What does this do to our consciousness, and where does it settle in our subconscious? A good seed is replaced with a bad seed. A weed in our thoughts, in our reactions. My God, weeds are growing out of control.

Seth once said that the more we focus, glorify or share something, the more it becomes reality, character and who we manifest into.

What are we feeding each other, what are we feeding the world?

Jesus and others who have died for their spiritual beliefs have taught us what we should do. Yet, do we truly understand or accept it? How many more must live and die to teach us this? Our world is changing. Our hunger has changed.

There will be many blind to this, even those closest to you and yet, there will be those very aware, and even better, those that embrace “truth.”

Which one are you?

Every child, man, woman and animal, as well as every living breathing organism is apart of this same cycle. What is it that keeps it all moving? Keeps it alive.

It is more simple then we think……We all do.

Yet, some continue to choose…and move, in the wrong direction.

So what do we do? Be honest with self is a start, and even more honest towards others pain and sufferings.

Compassion and action are the two things we can do to keep the cycle of life going.

When we “stop” both of these, it will all fall apart.

Look at various aspects in the world today, and you will see the signs. The good things accomplished, as well as the bad.

So where should “you” focus? Well no one is perfect, none of us our. But we can start by first, forgiving self and then forgive others. Then replace it with compassion and action.

This is a “must” for the living…..and the dead (spirits).

For we have all heard the words…”HELP ME”
but what have we done about it?

The most important question in all existence will not be “Where did we come from?,” for it will truly be “What did you do for your fellow man?”

I promise you, with all of my heart and soul, that will be the simple straightforward question everyone one of us will have to respond to when our time comes.

Don’t live or die with guilt or regret, live with compassion and action.

-Chris Fleming 3/24/2105



“A man must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings.”

–from an interview in the New York Times, September 1952.

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One thought on “What Did You Do For Your Fellow Man?”

  1. I really liked this and think Chris is a very deep kind-a guy.

    So, what did I do for my fellow (wo)man today? I shared something I heard Chris Fleming say on an interview… He met a woman who was thinking about suicide and mourning over her boyfriend who was killed in a car accident. This now-deceased boyfriend relayed to Chris that he wasn’t able to move on because his girlfriend was too grief-stricken.

    I shared this story with someone because we recently heard of the death of a co-worker’s child. I’ve had my own share of loss…mourning over the death of someone for far too many years.

    My nice thing I did today was share an important thing about life and death that I learned from Chris.

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